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Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list - Every cookie by rarity

Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list - Every cookie by rarity

Sweetest tier list ever!

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Updated on November 22nd, 2021 - Updated the tier list, added Cotton Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom is a new, free-to-play mobile game where you battle in a world full of monster cakes and sweet treats! Sugar gnomes, wild cakes, and cookies much like yourself all live and fight in this world. You are building up the cookie kingdom, which has long fallen to a world full of evil cakes and other desserts.

Cookie Run Kingdom and all of its sweet characters!

The world has been taken over by evil cakes, as the cookies have long been dormant. That is until you came fresh out of the oven. Playing as GingerBrave, teaming up with cookie friends, this fantasy RPG adventure has so many story elements, characters, and sweet treats to enjoy - it’s truly a fun game.

Back at your little base, you are able to rebuild your world, gathering resources and creating a sort of village, gathering resources to build up new structures, that can then help you produce items and make the village much more livable. Some of these items are just decorative, to make your land look better, while others have a use as long as you have a cookie there to work.

cookie run tier list

In the game itself, you will find yourself battling against monsters, defeating cakes, using powers that each cookie has, and trying to get rid of the evils that live in the world. When it comes to having the best team, you might want to know about all of the cookies that are there! In the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list, you will find every single cookie type, listed by rarity, along with their powers. Hopefully, this helps you have the strongest team out there!

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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Below you can find a complete Cookie Run Kingdom tier list of all the Epic, Legendary, Special and Ancient Cookies currently released in CRK. We've listed them from SS Tier to S tier, with the very best ones sitting at the top. Underneath you can find some detailed information on why each cookie sits at the current rank they do, so make sure to read that if you're curious.

TierCookie Name
SS Frost Queen Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie
S Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Mango Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Cotton Cookie
A Rye Cookie, Latte Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Herb Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie
B Milk Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Almond Cookie
C Madeleine Cookie, Sparkling Cookie
D Tier Kumiho Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Fig Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie

SS Tier

Pure Vanilla Cookie - The best healer in the game, hands down. This cookie is one of the two Ancient ones currently released, so their stats are above average.
Sea Fairy Cookie - She is the only Legendary Cookie in the game at the moment, and she can deal great amounts of damage. In her kit, she has a 5-enemy stun that you can use at specific stages, which is OP for both PvE and PvP.
Licorice Cookie - This is a cookie that fits in any team comp and can never go wrong, be it PvP or PvE. If you have it, make sure to invest in it as much as possible and try to upgrade it to max ASAP - it can't go wrong.
Dark Choco Cookie - Dark Choco is a fun and powerful front-line cookie that can also be viable in both PvE and PvP. It has DEF Break, making it a great choice against bosses and op front-line units. (as a debuffer)
Hollyberry Cookie - Hollyberry got a great buff to her DEF and HP, and is a great cookie for any PvE team. Plus, her stats are above average since she's an Ancient rarity Cookie.

S Tier

Strawberry Crepe Cookie - Has great shields, making it a great investment for both PvP and PvE content. In PvP, this cookie is op especially because of the built-in pushback and plethora of CC and buffs.
Vampire Cookie - The best single target Cookie, has very high Evade and self heal.
Black Raisin Cookie - She's got op AoE damage that is always great, no matter the content. Furthermore, she can fit into any team comp easily.
Mango Cookie - Mango has powerful AoE damage that has the ability to hits anyone, thus making it good in probably any team out there. Furthermore, it has a buff that increases the team's dmg, and can interrupt enemy's skill using the knock up
Sorbet Shark Cookie - Sorbet Shark is a meta cookie at the moment, and its dmg is op especially against a frontline (tank)
Parfait Cookie - Healing is one of the best in the game, and is an arguably better Cookie than Herb right now. Parfait is also able to offer debuff resistance, making it a must-have for both PvP and PvE.
Moon Rabbit Cookie - Is a good tank that's meta right now, but Strawberry Crepe Cookie is still arguably better in terms of stats.

A Tier

Rye Cookie - Rye has decent damage and is good in PvE (and PvP, of course) in certain situations where you need OP single target damage.
Latte Cookie - Latte is exceptional for inflicting silence and also for her AoE damage over time.
Pastry Cookie - Pastry has powerful damage that is built around attack speed. That makes it a somewhat decent cookie - while it's not the worst, it also isn't the best.
Tiger Lily Cookie - Is actually a very good unit for certain stages, and in PvP where you can use her stun.
Mint Choco Cookie- Is good for buffing the cookies' attack speed, but not for its healing (Herb or any of the above-mentioned ones are still better).
Herb Cookie - Herb has been and still is one of the best healers in the game. However, there are a couple of units that are better.
Poison Mushroom Cookie - Has decent damage over time.
Raspberry Cookie - It's a decent front-line damage dealer.
Sonic Cookie - Has decent damage, one of the two Special cookies - definitely worth adding to your collection since it's unclear when we would get them again.
Tails Cookie - Has decent damage, one of the two Special cookies.

B Tier

Most B tier Cookies are good, and as many players may well know, Espresso used to be a top-tier cookie. However, with the addition of so many more cookies, he started to fall short. As for the others, they are pretty decent - however, they don't come close to the ones in the higher ranking. Therefore, I would suggest not bothering with them much unless you keep getting them from the gacha.

C and D Tiers

While it's sad to see, these cookies aren't really all that great in the long run. They can do well at the start, but if you have the means make sure to invest into the cookies at tiers B and above. If you'd like to check all of the cookies sorted by their rarity continue scrolling through our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list!

Common Cookies

Common cookies are very common! You can find these quite easily in the game.

  • GingerBrave - Power: Charge
  • Muscle Cookie - Power: Charge
  • Strawberry Cookie - Power: Defense
  • Wizard Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Ninja Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Angel Cookie - Power: Healing
  • Beet Cookie - Power: Ranged

Rare Cookies

Rare cookies are harder to find than the common cookies, and they have a few new powers too.

  • Princess Cookie - Power: Charge
  • Knight Cookie - Power: Defense
  • Avocado Cookie - Power: Defense
  • Cherry Cookie - Power: Bomber
  • Alchemist Cookie - Power: Bomber
  • Gumball Cookie - Power: Bomber
  • Pancake Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Adventurer Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Carrot Cookie - Power: Support
  • Blackberry Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Custard Cookie III - Power: Healing
  • Onion Cookie - Power: Support
  • Devil Cookie - Power: Magic

Epic Cookies

You might not be able to easily get these cookies, but they are out there and can bring a lot to your team!

  • Cotton Cookie - Power: Support
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie - Power: Ranged
  • Mala Sauce Cookie - Power: Charge
  • Chili Pepper Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Black Raisin Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Vampire Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie - Power:Defense
  • Licorice Cookie - Power Magic
  • Snow Sugar Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Espresso Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Latte Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Mango Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Squid Ink Cookie - Power: Magic
  • Herb Cookie - Power: Healing
  • Sparkling Cookie - Power: Healing
  • Parfait Cookie - Power: Support
  • Pomegranate Cookie - Power: Support
  • Lilac Cookie - Power: Support
  • Fig Cookie - Power: Support
  • Mint Choco Cookie - Power: Support
  • Cream Puff Cookie - Power: Support
  • Almond Cookie - Power: Support
  • Kumiho Cookie - Power Charge
  • Red Velvet Cookie - Power Charge
  • Werewolf Cookie - Power Charge
  • Dark Choco Cookie: Power - Charge
  • Purple Yam Cookie - Power Charge
  • Tiger Lily Cookie - Power: Range
  • Pastry Cookie - Power: Range
  • Rye Cookie - Power: Range
  • Milk Cookie - Power: Defense
  • Madeleine Cookie - Power: Defense
  • Raspberry Cookie - Power: Charge
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie - Power: Defense
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie - Power: Bomber

Legendary Cookies

This cookie is pretty difficult to get and might be available for a limited time. It's a great addition to any team, so try to get it.

  • Sea Fairy Cookie - Power: Bomber (available from Tide Shard Gacha)
  • Frost Queen Cookie - Power: Magic (available from Frost Crystal Gacha)

Special Cookies

The following cookies are only available through very limited means, as they are event collab cookies.

  • Sonic Cookie - Power: Ambush
  • Tails Cookie - Power: Ambush

Ancient Cookies

This cookie is the rarest in the game at the moment. You have a very low chance to obtain it, but it's a powerful one that is worth seeking.

  • Pure Vanilla Cookie - Power: Healing
  • Hollyberry Cookie - Power: Defense
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