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Cookie Run Kingdom: Cloud Haetae Cookie Beascuits and Toppings guide

Cookie Run Kingdom: Cloud Haetae Cookie Beascuits and Toppings guide
  • Cloud Haetae Cookie is an Epic Cookie that scales with ATK
  • Although they're a Defense Cookie, they rely on dealing damage to survive
  • Find a good balance between DMG Reduction and ATK for their Toppings and Beascuits

With the newest Cookie Run Kingdom update, a couple of new Cookies made their debut: Cloud Haetae Cookie and Mystic Floud Cookie! Today I'll share the best Toppings build for Cloud Haetae Cookie, and which Beascuits you should equip them with.  

Although all the hype of this update is about Mystic Flour Cookie, this adorable Epic Cookie shouldn't be overlooked either. Cloud Haetae Cookie is quite a powerful option, but you will need to pair him up with Mystic Flour to unlock their full potential. This puppy-looking Cookie is able to deal damage, heal, and transform, making them pretty versatile. 

If you want to place Cloud Haetae Cookie into your team, make sure you have Mystic Flour Cookie, since the buff they have together grants Cloud Haetae an additional 100% HP and 50% ATK Speed. That's crucial to them staying alive and healing every 3 attacks. 

Cloud Haetae Cookie story

About Cloud Haetae Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cloud Haetae Cookie is a Defense cookie, but their skill is more like a Charge cookie. They are positioned in the Front, and they are able to transform for additional stats and damage. Cloud Haetae Cookie is an Epic cookie, and you can obtain them from the normal Cookie Gacha. and if you're lucky, you can find their Soulstones in the Arena shop or Rainbow Shell Gallery. 


Haetae Charge Haetae charge skill icon
Takes the form of a Cloud Haetae. After transforming, gains an increased DEF and DMG Resist and grants HP Shields for the entire team. With their regular attacks, Cloud Haetae Cookie charges at the enemies, dealing area damage. Cloud Haetae Cookie will also heal the ally with the lowest HP with Cloud Rolls (except Cloud Haetae Cookie themselves). When the transformation is over, Cloud Haetae Cookie will perform a last forceful charge to deal greater damage and Stun the enemies. Belonging to the Realm of Apathy, Cloud Haetae Cookie can briefly disrupt the Power of Apathy effect when using their skill and grant the Visions of Apathy buff to the team. When in the same team with Mystic Flour Cookie, Cloud Haetae Cookie will gain Haetae's Loyalty buff. Cloud Haetae Cookie will regain HP with each 3 regular attacks in the Cookie form.
  • Haetae Charge DMG: 178.0% of ATK
  • Last Charge DMG: 241.2% of ATK
  • Status Healing Cloud Roll Healing: 27.5% of DEF; capped at 150.0% of target's Max HP
  • Status HP Shield HP Shield: 10.0% of target's Max HP for 5 sec
  • DEF: +20.0% while transformed; stacks up to x1
  • DMG Resist: +30.0% while transformed; stacks up to x1
  • Visions of Apathy: Status ATK Up ATK +30.0%, Status DMG Down DMG Resist +30.0% for 15 sec; stacks up to x1
  • Status Loyalty Haetae's Loyalty: when in team with Mystic Flour Cookie, gains Max HP +100.0%, ATK SPD +50.0%

The best Toppings for Cloud Haetae Cookie 

Cloud Haetae Cookie toppings build

Cloud Haetae Cookie is a Defense Cookie, but their skill scales with ATK (to an extent). Depending on which team you want to place them in, you can either go for offensive toppings or defensive ones. My suggestion would be to go for 5x Solid Almond or 5x Searing Raspberry.

  • 5x Solid Almond with ATK (mandatory), DMG Reduction, Cooldown, or ATK Speed
  • 5x Searing Raspberry with DMG Reduction (mandatory), Cooldown, ATK, or ATK Speed

Depending on the stats you get on your Beascuit, you should then equip the best toppings for Cloud Haetae Cookie. If your Beascuit has good DMG Resist stats, you could go full damage, and choose Searing Raspberry toppings. Otherwise, you can aim for more defensive toppings and go full offense on the Beascuit.

Cloud Haetae Cookie best Beascuit setup

Beascuit setup

Being a rather peculiar cookie, Cloud Haetae can work with many stats. I managed to get a good roll on my Beascuit and rolled a max DMG Resist and Crit Resist, so I decided to choose full Searing Raspberry Toppings to balance out defense and offense. As for the other stats, I was fairly lucky too, rolling ATK and Crit.

If you want a good Beascuit, you can choose any of the following stats for the Legendary Hard Beascuit:

  • ATK
  • Cooldown
  • DMG Reduction
  • Crit
  • DEF

If you're not yet sure where Cloud Haetae Cookie stands in the rankings, read the CRK tier list we've prepared. 

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