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Cookie Run Kingdom: Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings and Beascuits guide

Cookie Run Kingdom: Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings and Beascuits guide
  • You should prioritise stats such as Cooldown and DMG Reduction for Dark Cacao Cookie.
  • He can work wonders alongside other Darkness-type Cookies, like Dark Choco Cookie.
  • It's almost mandatory to use a Legendary Tainted Chewy Beascuit on him.

Dark Cacao Cookie's Awakening is now live, and if you're curious how to make the most of him, I'm here to show you. I noticed that in the Arena, he's more or less on par with Stormbringer Cookie, but if paired with the right cookies, he can be a monster. 

His Awakening is different from the normal Ascension, and it will require different materials, but in a way, it works similarly to the Crystal Jams (grants additional powerful effects). Since there is a lot of information that I am sure you're eager to check out, let's not waste another second and dive right in!

dark cacao cookie story

About Dark Cacao Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Dark Cacao Cookie (not to be mixed with Dark Choco Cookie) is a Charge cookie, who goes in the Front line. Prior to his Awakening, he wasn't used much, but now he can be a force to be reckoned with. He's an Ancient cookie, so obtaining him is not especially easy.

How to get Dark Cacao Cookie 

  • Soulstones/Soulcores (used for starring up and Ascension): Gacha, Medal Shop, event
  • Soulprisms (used for Awakening): Rainbow Shell Gallery, Gacha, event

When you have successfully Awakened Dark Cacao Cookie, he will become Dragon Lord Dark Cacao Cookie.


Solemn Judgment solemn judgment skill icon
Swings the Grapejam Chocoblade with great force, causing thunder and lightning to inflict damage upon foes in range. This mighty attack reduces enemies' ATK, DEF, and inflicts Zap and Injury. Injured foes will have reduced Max HP, and the Injury debuff ignores immunity and dispelling effects not mentioning Injury specifically. While Dark Cacao Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
Dark Blade
  • First Hit DMG: 46.9%
  • Second Hit DMG: 265.8%
  • Consuming Darkness: CRIT% -5.0%, Healing -5.0% for 8.0 sec; stacks up to x3
  • Target DEF: -15.0% for 9 sec
  • Target ATK: -10.8% for 9 sec
  • Injury: Max HP -12.5% for 30 sec, Max HP can't go below -25%
  • Zap: 3.0% DMG every 1 sec for 9 sec; nullifies HP shield 
Ancient Cookie
  • Passive: Debuff Resist +30.0%

Dark Cacao Cookie Awakened - Awakened King effect

You can Awaken Dark Cacao Cookie by collecting his Soulprisms, and you don't need to have him 5* Ascended to Awaken him. Once he gets the effect of Awakened King, he will get a Rally Effect, which works similarly to Frost Queen Cookie's (a.k.a. a "Leader" buff).

He will get a lot of buffs that increase the team's DMG Resist, and additionally increase his own stats by quite a lot. In short, he will become pretty much unstoppable with the right team, especially in the Arena, alongside Dark Choco Cookie, Mystic Flour Cookie, and Cloud Haetae Cookie.

The best Toppings for Dark Cacao Cookie 

dark cacao cookie toppings build

If you want to make the most of your Awakened Dark Cacao Cookie, you want to go for a lot of Cooldown. The more he hits, the better. You should always aim for Cooldown + DMG  Reduction in his Toppings, and even if that requires a lot of topping crafting, trust me - it's better to give him his perfect Toppings.

  • 5x Swift Chocolate with Cooldown (mandatory) DMG Reduction (mandatory), ATK
  • 5x Solid Almond with Cooldown (mandatory), DMG Reduction (mandatory), ATK
  • 5x Searing Raspberry with Cooldown (mandatory), DMG Reduction (mandatory), ATK

Dark Cacao Cookie best Beascuit setup

dark cacao cookie best beascuit setup

For Dark Cacao Cookie, you should have a Legendary Tainted Chewy Beascuit, because that is his ideal Beascuit. As for stats, aim for a combination of these:

  • (Dark. DMG + 20% is automatically fixed if you use a Legendary Tainted Chewy Beascuit)
  • Cooldown
  • DMG Resist Bypass
  • DMG Resist
  • ATK

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