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Cookie Run Kingdom: Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings and Beascuits guide

Cookie Run Kingdom: Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings and Beascuits guide
  • Even though she's a Ranged cookie, she is a front liner, so you want to give her some defensive stats
  • Aim for lots of ATK Speed, ATK, and DMG Reduction
  • Try to get her Magic Candy maxed out and a good Legendary Resolute Light Beascuit for plenty of damage

If you want to learn more about Caramel Arrow Cookie, as well as her best toppings and Beascuit setup, keep reading because I've shared everything you need to know about her.

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a favourite of many, and she's been long overdue to receive a Magic Candy - well, she finally did, and she's a lot stronger than before! Since she is a tanky damage dealer, similar to Pinecone Cookie, you want to go for a mix of stats on her, which I've shared below.

caramel arrow cookie story

About Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a Ranged cookie and while she is a main damage dealer, she does reside in the Front line. During her skill, she gains a lot of range, placing her at the back of the team, so while she WILL do damage, she's also fairly tanky. She's an Epic quality cookie, so promoting her will be fairly easy. You can get her from the gacha, from the Arena shop, Mileage Shop Rainbow Shell Gallery, or by clearing Stage 15-15 Dark Mode, and her Soulcores from Master Mode 5-6.


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Few enemies can keep their wits when they see the twin blades turning into a bow! Caramel Arrow Cookie performs a ranged attack (targets Cookies first) and leaves an Arrow Mark on the hit enemy. After the ranged attack, the Arrow Mark explodes when Caramel Arrow Cookie rushes towards the enemy, dealing DMG proportional to the enemy's Max HP (this DMG is capped at 300,000). During the ranged attack, Caramel Arrow Cookie receives a buff that makes her immune to debuffs. While Caramel Arrow Cookie is using her skill, she will become resistant to interrupting effects.
  • Ranged Attack: 8.0 sec
  • Single Hit DMG: 88.3%
  • Consuming Darkness: CRIT% -5.0%, Healing -5.0% for 8.0 sec; stacks up to x3
  • Arrow Mark: 12 sec duration, stacks up to x12
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies): 22.1%
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Others): 2.2%
  • Immunity for 8.0 sec

Caramel Arrow Cookie Magic Candy

Requirements to craft at Magic Laboratory:

  • 3x Purity Crystals
  • 11x Sugar Cubes

Caramel Arrow Cookie's Magic Candy will increase her stats by quite a lot, granting her increased DMG Resist, ATK, Crit, lots of damage, and plenty of  ATK Speed at higher levels. You want to aim to max this Magic Candy if you want to use her on your team.

The best Toppings for Caramel Arrow Cookie 

caramel arrow cookie toppings setup

Depending on the enemy you're facing, Caramel Arrow Cookie could work with two different toppings. She could either go for Solid Almond for more damage resistance (if she can't survive long enough), or with Searing Raspberry for more damage.

  • 5x Solid Almond with ATK, ATK Speed, DMG Reduction, or Cooldown
  • 5x Searing Raspberry with Cooldown, ATK, DMG Reduction, ATK Speed

No matter which toppings you're going for, I suggest you always have some extra ATK Speed. If you go for the Solid Almonds, then you should consider ATK Speed + ATK, and if you're going for the Searing Raspberry I recommend DMG Reduction + ATK Speed, just to balance things out.

Caramel Arrow Cookie best Beascuit setup

caramel arrow cookie beascuits

In her Beascuits, you should try gaining as much ATK Speed as possible. If you hit triple stats (any of the stats below), then try to find a good balance with your toppings, so she won't be a glasscannon or a full tank.

Try to get any of these stats in a Legendary Light Beascuit:

  • ATK
  • DMG Reduction
  • ATK Speed

If you got a Legendary Resolute Light Beascuit:

  • Dark DMG
  • ATK Speed
  • ATK
  • DMG Reduction

This should pretty much sum up everything you need to know about Caramel Arrow Cookie! If you love reading CRK guides, here is the Cloud Haetae Cookie toppings guide.

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