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Cookie Run: Kingdom: Stormbringer Cookie Beascuits and Toppings guide

Cookie Run: Kingdom: Stormbringer Cookie Beascuits and Toppings guide
  • Stormbringer Cookie is a Legendary Cookie that scales with Crit Rate
  • You want her to deal damage, but you also want her to survive
  • Aim for the perfect balance between Crit and ATK in Toppings and Beascuits

In this guide, I'll share the best Toppings build for Stormbringer Cookie, as well as some of the best Beascuits you can forge for this powerful little cookie. 

With the newest addition of the Electric element in Cookie Run: Kingdom, we also met the newest Legendary Cookie, Stormbringer Cookie. She is a fun character to play around with, but since there aren't too many Electric cookies to buff her, you need to find a way around it.


About Stormbringer Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Stormbringer Cookie is a Charge cookie, which means she's a sub-damage dealer. She is positioned in the Front, and is of Legendary quality. At the moment, you can only obtain her from the gacha and the limited-time gacha, as well as from the Arena shop, if you're lucky (her Soulstones). 


Lightning Blitzstorm lightning-blitzstorm-skill-icon
Stormbringer Cookie, the ruler of the skies and lightning, becomes Supercharged when her CRIT% exceeds a certain percentage at the start of the battle, granting Supercharge buffs to Electricity-type ally Cookies. When Stormbringer Cookie becomes Supercharged, her regular attacks trigger Chain Lightning after a certain number of hits. Upon using her skill, she swings her Heaven Splitter, dealing damage to enemies and inflicting Zap. Whenever ally Cookies deal Electricity-type damage, it activates Stormbringer's Aura and inflicts Stormbringer's Punishment upon a certain amount of stacks. Stormbringer's Punishment deals damage and inflicts Overcurrent on enemies. If enemies are inflicted with Zap, they receive extra damage and their status changes to Overcurrent. Stormbringer's Aura resets when Stormbringer's Punishment is activated.
Heaven Splitter
  • Single hit DMG: Electricity Element 37.5% of ATK + 0.70%
  • True DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies)
  • Final hit DMG: Electricity Element 652.3% of ATK + Electricity Element 1.0% per 1% of CRIT%; capped at Electricity Element 200.0%
  • DMG Resist Bypass: 35.0%
  • Zap: Electricity Element 75.0% DMG every 1 sec for 10 sec; stacks up to x5, nullifies HP Shield
  • Stat boost for every 1% when CRIT% exceeds 30%:
  • DMG Resist on self: +1.2%; capped at 60.0%
  • Max HP on self: +5.0%; capped at 250.0%
  • Electricity-type Cookies: DMG Resist +1.0%; capped at 50.0%
  • Electricity-type Cookies' Max HP: +2.5%; capped at 125.0%
Supercharge Chain Lightning
  • Regular Attack when Supercharged: activated every x3, chain DMG up to x8 times
  • DMG: Electricity Element 269.0% of ATK + Electricity Element1.0% per 1% of CRIT%; capped at Electricity Element 200.0%
Stormbringer's Aura
  • Electricity-type ATK: gain x1 stack every x10 hits + gain x1 stack every 5 sec at the start of the battle
  • Stormbringer's Aura: ATK +5.0%; stacks up to x7, activates Stormbringer's Punishment upon max stacks
Stormbringer's Punishment
  • Electricity Element 1,097.2% of ATK + Extra DMG Electricity Element 40.0% of ATK per x1 Zap stack
  • Petrified: 1.5 sec
  • Amplifies Zap to Overcurrent
  • Stormbringer's Punishment Cooldown: 13 sec
  • DMG: Electricity Element 126.7% every 1 sec for 8 sec
  • Status Stun Stun: 0.5 sec with 70.0% chance
  • Electricity-type DMG: +30.0%, nullifies HP Shield

The best Toppings for Stormbringer Cookie 


Since she is more of a damage dealer than a tank and scales off of Crit, you want to buff that stat as much as possible. Therefore, the toppings I'd recommend for Stormbringer Cookie are either 5x Juicy Apple Jelly or 5x Searing Raspberry.

  • 5x Juicy Apple Jelly with Crit Rate, ATK, DMG Reduction, or Cooldown
  • 5x Searing Raspberry with Crit Rate (mandatory), Cooldown, ATK, DMG Reduction

I recommend that if you have a good Chewy Beascuit with a lot of ATK or Cooldown, you go for Juicy Apple Jelly toppings. However, if you have a Beascuit (just like the one I have in the image below) with a lot of Crit, then go full ATK, Cooldown and/or DMG Reduction. After all, Stormbringer Cookie is a front-liner.

Stormbringer Cookie best Beascuit setup


I managed to hit a very good roll on my Beascuit, which grants 3x Crit + ATK, so I went for Searing Raspberry toppings with additional Cooldown and DMG Reduction stats. This Beascuit setup is perfect for Stormbringer Cookie, because of her scaling. 

Aim for any of the following stats in a Legendary Chewy Beascuit:

  • ATK
  • Cooldown
  • DMG Reduction
  • Crit
  • Crit Res Bypass

Make sure you check out our CRK tier list too, because Stormbringer Cookie quite literally took the entire ranking by storm. You should also redeem all the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes, because they will help you gather up Crystals for summoning the latest Treasures.

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