In today’s list, we bring you the 25 best gacha games for Android. It contains free as well as paid titles and, of course, we have added only the best games by considering both their content and gameplay.

Gacha games’ main focus is new and evolving content along with decorated items that persuade the players to spend money on them to grab time-limited exclusives.

If you are new to the gacha genre then it is obvious that you will get confused while choosing the best one as there are tons of games out there on the app markets. Or if you are tired of trying or getting bored with your current one, worry not. We have a bunch of games, so one will surely suit your preference. You've probably already seen some of them on our list of best RPG games for Android.

What are the best gacha games for Android?

Any game that follows the gacha mechanics are known as gacha games, obviously. So, what are gacha mechanics you might be asking? In simpler words, gacha is a word derived from the Japanese language that means a toy vending machine, where you put a certain amount of money to grab a toy.

Gacha games for Android also follow the same principle where you have to follow something similar in-game to buy a certain item by spending the games' currency. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 25 best gacha games for Android that you can play in 2021.