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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Best Teams

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Best Teams

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Updated on July 16th, 2023

There are so many characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Year after year since its release, new units are constantly being added to the game. With so many skill sets and various synergies, putting together a strong team can be a pain, not only for a new player but for returning players as well.

Actually, there are many viable unit combinations, but what are the best teams in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes?

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Currently best teams in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Before we get into our list, keep in mind that they are presented in a random order. That said, teams with Galactic Legends as their leaders are considered to be the strongest in the current meta. Of course, we've included non-legendary teams as well because not everyone will have these units.

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Galactic Republic

Jedi Master KenobiAhsoka TanoCommander Ahsoka TanoGeneral KenobiGeneral Skywalker

Galactic Legends are top tier. That said, they are not equal. Jedi Master Kenobi is arguably the best unit in the game at the moment, and his Galactic Republic team defines the meta. There are other ways to build this team. For example, replacing General Skywalker with Padme Amidala, or even C-3PO, but this is the best variant.

Jedi team

Jedi Master Luke SkywalkerGeneral SkywalkerHermit YodaJedi Knight RevanJedi Knight Luke Skywalker

Another team from the 'Light Side' is, of course, the Jedi. Its leader, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, is probably the strongest Galactic Legends not named Kenobi. There are a few different variants of this team. Grand Master Yoda, Wat Tambor and Jolee Bindo are some of the units that you can use in this comp.

Sith - Dark Side

Sith Eternal EmperorBastia Shan FallenDarth MalakDarth RevanDarth Vader

Even though we already mentioned that the teams are in no particular order, we should note the Galactic Legends teams are in a tier of their own. Once a Sith transforms, all Dark Side allies double their current Master while Deceived status cannot be copied, resisted or dispelled on enemy units. This team counters Light Side enemies as Jedi and Rebel units are unable to gain bonus turn meter.

Resistance team

ReyResistance Hero FinnResistance Hero PoeAmilyn HoldoRey(Jedi Training)

Rey is a Resistance Leader who has the ability to protect and shield her allies and, at the same time, deal high amounts of damage. Every 'Light Side' allied unit, gains bonus protection, critical hit immunity and damage reduction. Sudden whirlwind deals massive damage that can't be countered or evaded.

First Order

Supreme Leader Kylo RenSith TrooperKylo Ren (Unmasked)General HuxFirst Order Stormtrooper

The Destructive Leader of the First Order, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is a unit that can dispel all the de-buffs on himself, dispel enemy units buffs and also deal physical damage that can't be evaded to all enemies. On top of that, Dark Side allies gain all kinds of stacking buffs. This is one of the best team compositions to use in offence.

Empire team

Lord VaderMaulAdmiral PiettDarth VaderRoyal Guard

Lord Vader leads the anti-meta group, as this team excels when facing Galactic Republic enemies. Empire and Dark Side allies gain various benefits based on their current health percentage. From increasing their critical damage chances to making them immune to damage over time, Lord Vader is a force to be reckoned with.

Dark Side

Emperor PalpatineMara JadeStarkillerVisas MarrBarris Offee

Even though he's not a Galactic Legend, Emperor Palpatine is a unit Jedi and Rebel enemies don't want to see in battle. His skill set is focused on inflicting various de-buffs and crowd control effects to enemies, while at the same time buffing Empire and Sith allies. Mara Jade acts as the emperor's hand as she makes this team work.


General SkywalkerCT-7567 "Rex"CT-5555 "Fives"CT-210408 "Echo"ARC Trooper

There are various line-ups for the 501st team, but this one is simply the best. General Skywalker provides a 50% critical damage to every 501st ally, plus a 2% offence stacking buff. That said, if you have different plans for General Skywalker, Shaak Ti is a good choice as an alternative leader for this team.

Imperial Troopers team

General VeersMoff GideonAdmiral PiettDark TrooperRange Trooper

With General Veers as their leader, Imperial Trooper allies have increased offence, speed, and they also gain a 10% turn meter whenever they receive a buff. These buffs can stack up pretty fast, as Veer's whole toolkit is focused on providing various buffs to his Imperial Troop allies.

Bad Batch


A solid team that can be extremely useful in various situations, even if there's no Galactic Legend here. One issue is that you don't really have much of a choice when it comes to units. Hunter is the only viable Leader option. Bad Batch is very effective against Droid and Separatist enemies.


MaulCanderous OrdoBo-Katan KryzeJango FettWat Tambor

A Mandalorian team with Maul as the Leader. Why Maul? Because the Mand'alor buff he provides is extremely useful in many situations. Additionally, Mandalorian allies have +5% Max Health for each Mandalorian ally at the start of battle and +25% offence.

Rebels team

Commander Luke SkywalkerHan SoloChewbaccaThreepio & ChewieC-3po

This Rebel team deals high physical damage while gaining turn meter fast. Commander Luke Skywalker as a Leader provides Rebel allies with 50% additional counter chance, 50% defence, and +15% offence. Also, any time an enemy resists a detrimental effect, Rebel allies gain 5% Turn Meter.

Scoundrel - Bounty Hunters

Boba Fett, Scion of JangoFennec ShandThe MandalorianGreef KargaBossk

There are other units that we could use as Leader for this time. But because we are prioritizing arena, Boba Fett, Scion of Jango seems like the best choice. He synergizes extremely well with both Scoundrel and Bounty Hunter units. Whenever his allies are de-buffed, they gain an extra 40% critical damage. Aurra Sing is another great alternative choice.

Sith Empire

Darth RevanBastia Shan (Fallen)Darth MalakDarth TalonSith Empire Trooper

Bastia Shan is a support specialized in controlling the enemy units by inflicting various de-buffs. With Darth Revan as their leader, Sith Empire allies become immune to turn meter reduction while they are de-buffed. Additionally, they and gain an extra 10% critical chance and 15 speed for each of their own de-buffs. Whenever a Sith Empire allied unit starts their turn, the other tram members gain 5 stacks of ferocity for 2 turns.

Imperial Troopers second team

Iden VersioStormtrooperSnowtrooperMagmatrooperDeath Trooper

Another variation of Imperial Troopers, this time with Iden Versio who is our 'non-Leader', Leader. In fact, this team comp has no unit with a 'Leader' tag. That is because Iden Versio buffs all Imperial Trooper allies, as long as there's no leader. She provides max health and protection, plus recovery and extra turn meter gain.

With this, we conclude our list of best teams in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. For similar content, check out the best teams in ML Adventure, as well as the Hero Wars teams.

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