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RAID: Shadow Legends Champions - The best heroes sorted into a tier list

RAID: Shadow Legends Champions - The best heroes sorted into a tier list

Best RAID: Shadow Legends champions sorted by tiers

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Updated on November 23rd, 2022 - Updated the RAID: Shadow Legends Champions tier list to patch V6.00

Having some of the best champions in the game on your team can make a huge difference when challenging bosses and other monsters. This RAID: Shadow Legends tier list contains all the heroes in the game, and it will help you pick the best ones in terms of usability and rarity.

Of course, as you might already know, there are quite a lot of champions in the game. They are divided by rarity, role, affinity and faction, but don't let that discourage you - choosing the best ones is quite simple.

First, you should learn some of the basics of the game from our game guide. Then, you should focus on just a few - it really doesn't matter which rarity (as long as it's not Common or Uncommon, of course) if they are considered S-tier. Finally, if you want to quickly upgrade them all you should do is stay active in the game. By logging in daily, doing all your quests, you'll end up levelling up and upgrading all of the heroes to max rank sooner or later!

raid shadow legends champions tier list

Ultimate RAID: Shadow Legends tier list

Since many of these heroes have multiple uses, this tier list will reflect their overall rating. I am well aware that some of the heroes might do better than others in Clan Boss, for example, while others will be completely terrible for Clan Boss but S-tier for PvP Arena.

Legendary  |  Epic  |  Rare  |  Uncommon & Common

Below are all the heroes released in the latest V6.00, but their ranking is still relatively temporary - we need to test them out a little bit more! So if you feel like some heroes need to be adjusted, let us know why! 

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.
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RAID: Shadow Legends Legendary champions tier list

best champions Raglin

These are the heroes you want on your team. If you manage to get a few of these, then you're probably set. Make sure that you stick to the S-tier or A-tier Legendary champions, because these will greatly outshine every other hero in the game.

Chaagur can inflict Sleep upon the enemy and has AoE attacks in his kit that can also inflict a Poison effect. He's an overall decent unit that also benefits from some self sustain from the passive skill.

Lyssandra is a great character that will transfer all of her debuffs upon the target and fully drain their turn meter. She will also buff allies' SPD, allowing them to attack more often by filling up their turn meter

Tier Characters
S Acrizia, Arbiter, Bad-el-Kazar, Big ‘Un, Cardiel, Chaagur, Dracomorph, Duchess Lilitu, Gomlok, Skyhide, Hurndig, Jintoro, Krisk the Ageless, Kyoku, Leorius the Proud, Lydia the Deathsiren, Lyssandra, Ma’Shalled, Martyr, Mighty Ukko, Mithrala Lifebane, Nekhret the Great, Nekmo Thaar, Nethril, Prince Kymar, Raglin, Riho Bonespear, Royal Huntsman, Septimus, Sethallia, Sigmund the Highshield, Siphi the Lost Bride, Sir Nicholas, Teodor the Savant, Tuhanarak, Turvold, Ultimate Deathknight, Underpriest Brogni, Urost the Soulcage, Ursuga Warcaller, Valkyrie, Venus, Visix the Unbowed, Warlord, Wythir the Crowned, Zavia
A Abbess, Ailil, Altan, Angar, Archbishop Pinthroy, Ba Satha, Belanor, Black Knight, Blind Seer, Bloodgorged, Boragar the Elder, Brakus the Shifter, Candraphon, Cillian the Lucky, Countess Lix, Cupidus, Elva Autumnborn, Fu-Shan, Genzin, Ghostborn, Gurgoh the Augur, Harvest Jack, Helicath, Helior, Iron Brago, Kalvalax, Khoronar,
King Gallcobar, Kreela Witch-Arm, Lady Kimi, Lanakis the Chosen, Longbeard, Maulie Tankard, Michinaki, Minaya, Morrigaine, Ninja, Rae, Ragash, Ramantu Drakesblood, Rhazin Scarhide, Richtoff the Bold, Roric Wyrmbane, Rotos the Lost Groom, Roxam, Saito, Scyl of the Drakes, Shamrock, Shemnath, Sicia Flametongue, Skartorsis, Sniktraak, Soulless, Staltus Dragonbane, Suzerain Katonn, Teumesia, Tomb Lord, Tormin the Cold, Trunda Giltmallet, Tyrant Ixlimor, Varl the Destroyer, Vlad the Nightborn, Yumeko
B Aleksandr the Sharpshooter, Arix, Astralon, Baron, Basileus Roanas, Bivald of the Thorn, Bystophus, Cleopterix, Crohnam, Cruetraxa, Crypt-King Graal, Danag Skullreap, Deliana, Drexthar Bloodtwin, Drokgul the Gaunt, Elder Skarg, Elegaius, Elenaril, Errol, Foli, Fortus, Gaius the Gleeful, Gamuran, Gliseah Soulguide, Goffred Brassclad, Greenwarden Ruarc, Grohak the Bloodied, Gronjarr, Gurptuk Moss-Beard, Guurda Bogbrew, Hakkorhn Smashlord, Hegemon, Hephraak, Holsring, Ignatius, Inithwe Bloodtwin, Ithos, Kantra the Cyclone, Karato Foxhunter, Keeyra the Watcher, King Garog, Little Miss Annie, Lonatharil, Lord Champfort, Lord Shazar, Lugan the Steadfast, Maranix, Mortu-Macaab, Mother Cybele, Nari the Lucky, Narma the Returned, Norog, Pyxniel, Queen Eva, Rakka Viletide, Robar, Roshcard the Tower, Samar Gemcursed, Shirimani, Skull Lord Var-Gall, Tatura Rimehide, Teela Goremane, Thea the Tomb Angel, Truath, Vasal of the Seal, Vergumkaar, Versulf the Grim, Vizier Ovelis, Walking Tomb Dreng, War Mother, Warchief, Wurlim Frostking, Yakarl the Scourge, Yannica, Yoshi the Drunkard
C Astralith, Cromax Moonblood, Ginro the Stork, Jingwon, Konstantin The Dayborn, Mountain King, Nobel, Nogdar the Headhunter, Opardin, Clanfather, Raf-Matab, Ruel the Huntmaster
D -

RAID: Shadow Legends Epic champions tier list

RAID Archmage Hellmut

The Epic heroes can be upgraded a lot faster than the Legendary ones, so you will probably end up maxing out some of these heroes first. Try to stick to the S-tier and A-tier Epic champions if possible - in certain situations, they could even be better than the Legendary ones.

Archmage Hellmut is a unit obtainable from the Doom Tower, and he's one of the best Epic characters in Raid: Shadow Legends you could get your hands on. His attacks fill up his turn meter by a lot more than they usually do for most of the other units, and his normal attacks can inflict Stun upon enemies.

Ursala the Mourner is a decent support that can reduce the enemy's DMG dealt and can also revive allies - it's super handy if you need a support unit with various debuffs in their kit

Tier Characters
S Archmage Hellmut, Deacon Armstrong, Demytha, Dhukk the Pierced, Giscard the Sigiled, Inquisitor Shamael, Madame Serris, Melga  Steelgirdle, Miscreated Monster, Peydma, Psylar, Rector Drath, Rugnor Goldgleam, Runekeeper Dazdurk, Sinesha, Stag Knight, Tayrel, Ursala the Mourner, Uugo, Zargala
A Alure, Anchorite, Basher, Battlesage, Chancellor Yasmin, Dark Kael, Doompriest, Fahrakin the Fat, Genbo the Dishonored, Ghrush the Mangler, Godseeker Aniri, Golden Reaper, Gorgorab, Hotatsu, Klodd Beastfeeder, Kunoichi, Lightsworn, Luria, Maneater, Nazana, Oathbound, Old Hermit Jorrg, Pestilus, Quargan the Crowned, Rearguard Sergeant, Royal Guard, Ruella, Sachi, Sanguinia, Seeker, Seer, Sepulcher Sentinel, Skimfos the Consumed, Skraank, Skullcrown, Skullcrusher, Steelskull, Thenasil, Toragi the Frog, Tuhak the Wanderer, Urogrim, Vergis, Vogoth, Vrask, White Dryad Nia
B Achak the Wendarin, Akoth the Seared, Anax, Andryssia, Aothar, Aox the Rememberer, Armina, Arndulf, Atur, Azure, Baerdal Fellhammer, Balthus Drauglord, Bonekeeper, Broadmaw, Burangiri, Cagebreaker, Canoness, Captain Temila, Cardinal, Carlinia, Conellia, Corpse Collector, Crimson Helm, Crypt Witch, Dark Athel, Dark Elhain, Delver, Djamarsa, Duedan the Runic, Duhr the Hungerer, Erinyes, Excruciator, Exemplar, Fang Cleric, Fayne, Fenax, Fenshi, Fodbor the Bard, Fylja, Galkut, Geomancer, Grimskin, Grizzled Jarl, Grunch Killjoy, Haarken Greatblade, Hellgazer, High Khatun, Hoforees the Tusked, Hope, Hordin, Husk, Infernal Baroness, Jarang, Jareg, Jinglehunter, Jizoh, Juliana, Kaiden, Kallia, Lady Annabelle, Lady Quilen, Lich, Lodric Falconheart, Lordly Legionary, Lua, Luthiea, Magnarr, Marksman, Masamoto, Mausoleum Mage, Missionary, Mistress of Hymns, Mistrider Daithi, Mordecai, Myciliac Priest Orn, Necrohunter, Oboro, Old Ghrukkus, Pharsalas Gravedirt, Phranox, Pitiless One, Prundar, Reinbeast, Relickeeper, Rian the Conjurer, Romero, Rowan, Sandlashed Survivor, Scabrius, Seneschal, Shaman, Shatterbones, Siegehulk, Sikara, Sir Artimage, Skathix, Skytouched Shaman, Snorting Thug, Spider, Suwai Firstborn, Tainix Hateflower, Taya, Teshada, Theresc, Thylessia, Towering Titan, Ultimate Galek, Umbral Enchantress, Ursine Ironhide, Venomage, Visionary, Warcaster, Warden, Whisper, Wuji, Yelagirna, Zelotah
C Adriel, Aina, Alaric the Hooded, Alika, Baroth the Bloodsoaked, Basilisk, Bergoth the Malformed, Bloodfeather, Broodlord, Bushi, Catacomb Councilor, Chani, Chonoru, Cormac the Highpeak, Deathless, Defiled Sinner, Dirandil, Drake, Faceless, Flesh-Tearer, Frostbringer, Gala Longbraids, Gerhard the Stone, Gorlos Hellmaw, Gory, Gwynneth, Hexia, Jurojin, Karam, Knight-Errant, Krakarth, Kytis, Lady Etessa, Liburga, Masked Fearmonger, Nogoryo, Occult Brawler, Rock Breaker, Scion, Souldrinker, Tallia, Tarshon, Taurus, Terrorbeast, Tomoe, Torturehelm, Ursine Icecrusher, Urticata, Valla, Woad-Painted, Yaga the Insatiable, Zii Ixchi
D Jotun, Kinagashi, Lady Eresh, Maeve, Ripper, Tolf the Maimed, Umetogi, Vildrax

RAID: Shadow Legends Rare champions tier list

Raid Shadow Legends tier list - Abyssal

Rare heroes can be okay, if you don't have anything better. You can upgrade some Rare champions until you get Epic or Legendary ones.

Tier Characters
S Apothecary, Athel, Coldheart, Warmaiden
A Bellower, Dilgol, Kael, Kurzad Deepheart, Soulbond Bowyer
B Abyssal, Banshee, Bogwalker, Boltsmith, Bone Knight, Cagebound, Chevalier, Coffin Smasher, Conquerer, Dagger, Diabolist, Doomscreech, Draconis, Drowned Bloatwraith, Elhain, Executioner, Fellhound, Fleshmonger, Furystoker, Galek, Gator, Geargrinder, Gladiator, Grappler, Graybeard, Guardian, Halberdier, Haruspex, Heiress, Hexweaver, Ironclad, Magus, Marked, Marquis, Metalshaper, Mother Superior, Mycolus, Pain Keeper, Panthera, Penitent, Purgator, Reliquary Tender, Renegade, Runic Warder, Scrapper, Seducer, Sentinel, Skirmisher, Spirithost, Templar, Theurgist, Veteran, Warpriest
C Acolyte, Adjudicator, Amarantine Skeleton, Anointed, Arcanist, Avenger, Avir the Alchemage, Berserker, Bloodbraid, Bloodpainter, Bulwark, Candleguard, Castigator, Centurion, Channeler, Chaplain, Chopper, Confessor, Corpulent Cadaver, Courtier, Crimson Slayer, Cudgeler, Daywalker, Deathchanter, Dunestrider, Elder, Eviscerator, Fanatic, Fencer, Flesheater, Frozen Banshee, Gnarlhorn, Grandmaster, Gravechill Killer, Grinner, Grumbler, Harvester, Hatchet Slinger, Hellborn Sprite, Hellfreak, Hill Nomad, Hollow, Hospitaller, Hurler, Hyria, Ifrit, Itinerant, Judge, Justiciar, Lamellar, Lifetaker, Master Butcher, Medicus, Myrmidon, Mystic Hand, Odachi, Ogryn Jailer, Ox, Pathfinder Cait, Pigsticker, Pounder, Preserver, Prosecutor, Raider, Retainer, Ripperfist, Rocktooth, Rotting Mage, Ruffstone, Skink, Skullsworn, Slitherbrute, Sorceress, Steadfast Marshal, Stitched Beast, Stout Axeman, Temptress, Tigersoul, Tormentor, Valerie, Vanguard, Wagonbane, Wanderer, Witness, Wretch, Wyvernbane
D Arbalester, Ashwalker, Assassin, Beast Wrestler, Bloodhorn, Bloodmask, Bombardier, Cataphract, Crossbowman, Dolor Lorekeeper, Flailer, Flinger, Fortress Goon, Ghoulish Ranger, Gloril Brutebane, Goremask, Harrier, Headsman, Hellfang, Honor Guard, Hound Spawn, Huntress, Interceptor, Judicator, Lamibur, Lumberer, Madman, Magister, Magmablood, Maiden, Malbranche, Marauder, Marquess, Misericord, Muckstalker, Ordinator, Painsmith, Paragon, Perforator, Quaestor, Ragemonger, Renouncer, Rockbeast, Sanctum Protector, Siegebreaker, Slasher, Slayer, Solaris, Spikehead, Spymaster, Steel Bowyer, Totem, Treefeller, Trugorr, Twinclaw Disciple, Vagabond

RAID: Shadow Legends Uncommon & Common champions tier list

Dhampir from RAID Shadow Legends
Tier Characters
S Armiger, Dervish, Dhampir, Outlaw Monk, Outrider, Satyr, Saurus, Shieldguard, Skinner, Zephyr Sniper, Death Hound
A Archer, Brute, Commander, Elfguard, Fireblade, Pilgrim, Sniper, Spiritwalker, Suntribe, Vigilante, Windtalker, Hellhound, Sister Militant, Yeoman
B Crusader, Duelist, Frostskin, Herald, Outlander, Ritualist, Sergeant, Skellag, Skullsquire, Vulpine, Warchanter, Word Bearer, Pikeman, Swordsman
C Aristocrat, Battle Sister, Chemist, Conscript, Crusher, Drillmaster, Frontline Warrior, Hardscale, Hungerer, Intercessor, Line Infantry, Militia, Pit Fighter, Pitspawn, Redeemer, Squire, Tunnel Steward, Vilespawn, Bandit, Deathknight, Lurker
D Admonitor, Cultist, Dead Crusader, Head Taker, Heartpiercer, Icebound Prospector, Incubus, Infiltrator, Jaeger, Lemure, Oldbeard, Pit Cur, Sandbow, Slicer, Stalker, Stalwart, Thrasher, Throatcutter, Tracker, Axeman, Bully, Knecht, Magekiller, Novitiate, Preacher, Ranger, Thrall, Troglodyte, Warboy
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