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Genshin Impact tier list [November 2023]

Genshin Impact tier list [November 2023]

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 - Version 4.2.0, Phase 2 - Added Furina, Charlotte

Hello and welcome to our Genshin Impact tier list! The game has been a raging success and continues to offer new content through its many consecutive updates. We have updated our tier list with the latest characters from the 4.1 patch and will continue to add more as and when they are added to the game!

If you're having trouble putting together the best party to conquer Teyvat with or are wondering where the characters you have rank compared to others, this is exactly what you've been looking for.

Take a look below and you'll find our Genshin Impact tier list, including all currently available characters in the game, their elements, rarity, weapon types, and more information for you.

We've organised this list and ranked the characters from SS to D tier. Just take a look below for everything you need to know about what characters are and how they fare...

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SS tier Characters

The SS Tier are some of the best characters in the meta at the moment. You should use them and invest in upgrading them as much as you can because the characters listed below have either received some buffs in the latest patch or have proven to be extremely versatile in various instances.

SS Tier
Yelan 5* Hydro Bow
Yelan is a sub-DPS character that does amazingly well in terms of damage. She provides great Hydro applications and is a truly great choice for any team that needs a little bit more damage.
Furina 5* Hydro Sword
Furina is arguably one of the best sub-dps currently in the game. What makes her unique is her ability to alternate between two alignments, Pneuma and Ousia. Her skills' effects change based on her current alignment.
Alhaitham 5* Dendro Sword
Alhaitham is an amazing DPS unit that can deal great instances of damage to multiple targets. Their skill rotation is rather unique and requires a lot of skill to master, but once mastered, it will greatly pay off.
Wanderer 5* Anemo Catalyst
Wanderer is a unit with powerful charged aerial attacks that can deal massive AoE damage when equipped with the right weapon.
Nahida 5* Dendro Catalyst
Nahida is a powerful character with wide devastating AoE damage that has a low cost and can provide amazing Elemental Mastery Bonus to the characters. She's a top-tier Dendro unit that is worth adding to your team.
Arataki Itto 5* Geo Claymore
Itto is one of the latest additions to the game and one of the best Geo DPS units in the game currently. He has by default a fairly high defense, but he's not lacking in the damage department - quite the opposite rather. That makes him a great SS Geo unit.
Zhongli 5* Geo Claymore
Zhongli has a debuff on his Jade Shield that decreases Elemental and Physical resistance to all elements, which is insane. His shield can also offer primo protection while the pillar created by Dominus Lapidis pillar causes Geo damage, providing extra boosts to his DPS. Zhongli’s Burst causes a Geo meteor to fall down on opponents and also causes Petrify, which disables their movement.
Xingqiu 4* Hydro Polearm
With an elemental skill and Burst that can both provide defense and offensive support, Xingqiu is great for setting up combos. His Burst, Raincutter, can give extra Hydro damage to the active character and has a high elemental reaction. If paired with Pyro, you can set up successive Vaporize reactions, but if you decide to go with Cryo, you’ll be able to freeze assailants instead
Venti 5* Anemo Bow
This love-him-or-hate-him bard is a great archer whose crowd-control techniques and elemental bonuses set him apart from the other characters. Venti can use Skyward Sonnet to lift enemies up into the air and deal constant Anemo DMG. This also allows him and his teammates to dodge attacks and use the glider to lift up over enemies and plummet down into them for additional damage. His Burst attack can use elemental absorption to help boost all other elements and create combinations that deliver unbelievable amounts of damage through minimal effort. It's clear enough why he is in the top position on our Genshin Impact tier list.
Kazuha 5* Anemo Sword
Kazuha is a powerful samurai who can attack in a rapid flurry using his sword. He is powerful for many teams, and many players consider him a must. Therefore, if you like his swift and agile kit, he will make a great addition to many teams
Hu Tao 5* Pyro Polearm
Hu Tao is an incredibly strong DPS character that offers massive Pyro damage with her fierce polearm attacks. Her ability to dash-cancel her charged attack with no cooldown to deliver massive Pyro damage can be paired with Hydro and Cryo to deliver some devastating combinations. Her Burst attack, Spirit Soother, summons forth a spirit to deliver Pyro damage in a large area. It also regens a percentage of her HP and can be triggered up to five times, depending on how many enemies were hit by it. A lot of reasons to put her high on our tier list.
Ganyu 5* Cryo Bow
Carrying a bow that delivers multiple shots and provides excellent Cryo-based sub-DPS with additional AoE damage from charging, Ganyu is a fierce archer not to be trifled with. Her normal attack does up to six consecutive hits with arrows, but her charged shot not only offers icy arrows that deal Cryo damage but if charged enough, the arrows can blossom with AoE Cryo damage, delivering a double-shot of death. Her elemental skill gets her out of danger quickly, and her Burst ability can deliver crazy amounts of AoE damage against multiple enemies, especially when coupled with additional charged shots.
Bennett 4* Pyro Sword
Bennett’s Pyro abilities are absolutely fantastic for support, and he can also boost other Pyro users with resonance. He works well as a solo healer due to his Burst skill, which does Pyro damage and creates an Inspiration Field which heals characters below 70% HP.
Raiden Shogun (Baal) 5* Electro Polearm
One of the latest additions to the game and a powerful one at that, Raiden Shogun (also known as Baal) is a strong Electro character that has not only a mighty arsenal but also the strength to make things happen. Her Musou no Hitotachi allows her to go into a state where she can release powerful attacks based on the amount of Chakra Desiderata's Resolve she gathered. In other words, she's a character that relies on stacks and can work wonders in situations where Electro AoE damage is required.
Ayato 5* Hydro Sword
A powerful Hydro DPS character, Ayato can be super useful even at zero Constellations since his kit already is pretty strong. He works great alongside many characters, but one of the most fun teams is arguably the freeze one, where you pair him up with Diona, Ganyu and Venti.
Tighnari 5* Dendro Bow
A brand-new character belonging to the newly released Dendro element, Tighnari can taunt opponents and deal lots of damage in a flurry of arrows. Can be extremely viable in many teams, especially if you're looking to try out something with both offensive and defensive elements.
Neuvillette 5* Hydro Catalyst
Neuvillette was introduced to the game in patch 4.1.0 and he has proven to be one of the best DPS units in the game if not THE best. He's a Hydro Catalyst user who's best built with Charged Attacks.

S Tier Characters

Characters on this rank of tier list are the second best in the game - if you have a party with four of these in it, you're in an amazing position.

S Tier
Nilou 5* Hydro Sword
Nilou is a powerful character that can scale off of her HP and is a key player of many Bloom teams because of her Elemental Skill
Yae Miko 5* Electro Catalyst
Yae Miko is a character with virtually no cooldown. Her elemental skills can be spammed, and they can also be used to dodge enemy attacks, making her a versatile fighter and a great Electro addition to many teams seeking DPS. The one drawback would be the high Energy cost, but once you find a balance, she's someone to be reckoned with.
Ayaka 5* Cryo Sword
Ayaka is a graceful warrior who can perform attacks in quick succession by consuming stamina. She can also deal AoE Cryo damage and apply its effect to all the enemies within range.
Albedo 5* Geo Sword
A powerful Geo user, Albedo’s sword delivers tremendous secondary DPS with low cooldowns. His Solar Isotoma skill creates an AoE Geo attack that persists and amplifies any attacks with additional Geo damage from Transient Blossoms, and his Tectonic Tide creates huge Geo crystals that deal massive damage in front of him. If both attacks are combined, it can unleash up to seven of these Fatal Blossoms, amplifying the attack. It’s easy to see why this Geo-based character rocks and why it's so high on the tier list.
Diluc 5* Pyro Claymore
Diluc’s skills with a claymore are unmatched. He can slash four times with his normal attack, charge up to deliver additional slashes with a more powerful final slash, and delivers a Pyro-enhanced forward slash as his Elemental Skill. Pair that with his killer Pyro Elemental Burst that both knocks enemies back and then summons a scorching Phoenix that does a large amount of AoE damage, and you have a great Genshin Impact character for your team that delivers the heat
Diona 4* Cryo Bow
This feisty bartender is a great utility character who, like her mixed drinks, can be paired with other elements to really help her shine. Her charged shots with her bow offer Cryo attacks, and her Burst ability provides an AoE healing effect that can help keep your heavy hitters healthy while doing their damage.
Eula 4* Cryo Claymore
The flurry of attacks Eula can put out is only matched by her sheer damage output. She benefits from some hefty resistance to interruption and DEF, which make her kit extremely powerful against pretty much anything. Oh, and she's one cool fella.
Jean 5* Anemo Sword
One of the most diverse characters in the game, Jean can not only do some serious damage but heal and support the rest of your team as well. Her charge attack can launch enemies into the air, doing significant damage, and her skill gives her the ability to throw enemies even further with a burst of Anemo. Her Burst ability Dandelion Breeze instantly gives all party members a burst of HP and then continually provides more healing in the AoE.
Klee 5* Pyro Catalyst
This little firecracker has bombs a-plenty to bring an explosive conclusion to any string of attacks. Klee’s passive talent, Pounding Surprise, has a chance to create an Explosive Spark from her normal attacks. This will not only give extra oomph to her next charge attack, but it also eliminates the stamina cost. If you see a glowing flower that indicates her Explosive Spark being active, you’re in for a treat.
Cyno 5* Electro Polearm
Cyno is a combo-based DPS unit that relies heavily on fast movement, constant attacks and a flurry of well-executed moves in order to shine. He has fairly short cooldowns, and the Electro damage he can do makes him a great unit in combination with Fischl, Dendro Traveler and Zhongli.
Mona 5* Hydro Catalyst
Mona is a great crowd-controller Hydro Support character whose Burst ability provides many useful tactics, allowing you to play in many different ways. She is one of only a few characters that have a taunt skill, which draws enemies to fight against her magical apparition, allowing her some space to dodge out of harm’s way. When using her Burst, she has one of the highest multipliers in the game, as it does its explosion damage, and it can be used to completely immobilize foes for eight seconds.
Sucrose 4* Anemo Catalyst
Specializing in crowd-control and elemental reactions, Sucrose gives some Anemo boost to your party’s attacks. Her skill summons a wind spirit that does Anemo damage and pulls them close. Her Elemental Burst can then release a torrent of Anemo wind from a larger wind spirit which pulls and launches enemies with Anemo damage. If the larger spirit comes in contact with other elements, it will boost their damage as well.
Tartaglia 5* Hydro Bow
With his bow in hand, Tartaglia dishes out an insane amount of Hydro damage from a distance, thanks to his scaling skill multipliers for his Elemental Burst ability. His normal attack can do six consecutive shots, but when charged, a torrent of Hydro will build up at the tip of his arrow, and then it creates AoE damage that can spread the damage of Riptide after it defeats a weak enemy. His elemental skill allows him to attack enemies with melee attacks, and his Burst ability can do both ranged or melee damage, depending on his stance.
Xiangling 4* Pyro Polearm
A renowned chef from Liyue, Xiangling, and her fire-breathing panda pal, Guoba, do major Pyro damage as they prance around the battle area. Xiangling’s polearm attacks are fast, and her agile movement allows her to quickly dash around and get some hits in while her skills are able to assist in attacking foes in a swinging circle of fiery death. She is great for DPS and supporting other characters that pair up with her for elemental combos such as Melt and Overload.
Xiao 5* Anemo Polearm
With a polearm that allows for a lot of plunge damage, Xiao is an excellent DPS main for use in nearly any party. As he dons his Yaksha Mask, Xiao is able to jump up high and plunge down for great amounts of Anemo damage. His skill allows him to dash through groups of enemies, doing Anemo damage which also gives him elemental particles, and generally allows him to quickly move around, helping him avoid damage.
Yoimiya 5* Pyro Bow
Yoimiya is a powerful unit that can easily fall under the S tier in optimal conditions or A tier with a less-than-ideal team. Her kit is decent, and the Pyro resonance can be a great buff to her damage output.
Heizou 4* Anemo Catalyst
Heizou is a character fairly similar to Sucrose, except specialising in Anemo damage type and focusing mostly on attack and crit. He can be extremely viable in certain instances of the game and depending on which team/role he fills.
Layla 4* Cryo Sword
Layla is able to provide shields and energy to allies. She is a support that is HP-focused and works amazingly with Ayaka, Shenhe and Kazuha.
Wriothesley 5* Cryo Catalyst
Wriothesley was released during the second phase of the "To the Stars Shining in the Depths" update (4.1) . He brings big sustained cryo damage to the table to go along an interesting punching mechanic and access to various catalysts.

A Tier Characters

These are all incredibly strong and capable Genshin Impact characters you will be happy to have in your party.

A Tier
Shenhe 5* Cryo Polearm
Shenhe is a Cryo character specifically tailored to fit mono Cryo teams and she offers a lot of Physical Resistance shred.
Freminet 4* Cyro Claymore
Even though Freminet can be overshadowed by other team members, he wields the Claymore and can use any Claymore reactions well, making him an important part of the team.
Yaoyao 4* Dendro Polearm
Yaoyao is a fun character to play which can pair really well with other Dendro units and provide all the healing and utility needed.
Lynette 4* Anemo Sword
Described as a "multi-function magic assistant," Lynette can be a great assistant to Lyney, her brother. With her rapidly striking sword and magical abilities, she can be a great addition to the team.
Gorou 4* Geo Bow
Gorou is a good support unit for Geo units, since he can buff up their defense even further.
Aloy 5* Cryo Bow
Aloy is a pretty solid and simple character to understand. She deals Cryo Damage with her bow and works great in team comps that rely on burst damage and one-shots. She's not a highly mechanical character, thus landing her in A tier.
Faruzan 4* Anemo Bow
While Faruzan could perform exceptionally well as a support, she is heavily reliant on unlocking all of her Constellations in order to truly shine. She can debuff enemies as well as buff the allies on her team, making her a top tier support if all of the requirements are met. .
Barbara 4* Hydro Catalyst
A Hydro-healing wonder, Barbara may not deliver on the damage, but she can pair with other Genshin Impact characters to boost her abilities. Her basic attacks do water splash attacks that can take down Pyro enemy shields quickly, but her charged attack can generate four times the amount of healing power.
Beidou 4* Electro Claymore
Even though Beidou’s skill, Tidecaller, can do a significant amount of Electro damage, she is unable to move during its execution, which leaves her open to attack. Her Burst, however, provides a good offensive attack that deals Electro damage while also reducing incoming damage. She also so happens to be an excellent swimmer and can reduce Stamina costs during swimming by 20%.
Chongyun 4* Cryo Claymore
Dashing across the water is merely a neat trick that allows Chongyun to travel to unexplored areas, but it’s the Cryo shared attack that makes him great. When you activate Chongyun’s skill, Spirit Blade, all melee attacks are then converted to Cryo element attacks. This allows you to quickly set up elemental reactions with characters and boosts their damage into high numbers.
Fischl 4* Electro Bow
Pairing hard-hitting Electro damage with her raven, Oz, Fischl is a strong adventurer who loves supporting other characters as much as she loves lace. While her regular and charged attacks do a significant amount of ranged damage, when she unleashes Oz upon enemies, it provides some localized AoE damage that will boost any barrage. Fischl’s Burst can be used to quickly move Oz to another location so you can swap and add an Electro boost to other character’s DPS.
Kaeya 4* Cryo Sword
Keeping enemies frozen is a good benefit to a supporting character like Kaeya, but his skill, Frostgnaw, has a limited distance to its effect. In almost a polar opposite to Xiangling’s fiery swirls, Kaeya can create a rotating belt of ice that revolves around him and does Cryo damage to anyone unlucky enough to be in the way. The Burst persists after switching characters, so it’s great to set up some elemental combos with.
Candace 4* Hydro Polearm
Empowering the auto attacks of the other units on the team is what Candace excels at, as well as scaling off HP. This is just partly why she's such a great support on many teams. Her shield can be pretty good at times, and the passive talent To Dawn's First Light works amazingly in her kit. .
Keqing 5* Electro Sword
The critical damage attacks that you can build with Keqing is the sole reason she works so well. Her single target charged attack creates staggering amounts of damage, plus both her skill and Burst ability can provide Electro AoE damage that combines multiple attacks for some hefty blows.
Kokomi 5* Hydro Catalyst
Kokomi's ability to heal and ease of use makes her a character ideal to most of the team compositions seeking a powerful party healer. Besides that, her ability to resist interruptions and negative effects is another great feature that allows Kokomi to be a decent unit overall.
Ningguang 4* Geo Catalyst
Useful for more than just giving you some constant Geo damage, her Jade Screen is the most effective for dishing out and protecting from damage. Jade Screen is an elemental skill that can both protect from projectiles and deal AoE Geo damage, creating a versatile use case for most parties.
Noelle 4* Geo Claymore
Noelle’s shield is easily one of her best features, which allows not only constant damage defense when active, but automatically triggers if another active character drops below 30% HP. Her Elemental Burst can be used to turn her normal attacks to spread out to wider Geo damage. Not bad for a character that's in the middle of the tier list, huh?
Qiqi 5* Cryo Sword
This cute little zombie provides the ultimate healing support with her ability to offer heals while delivering damage to enemies. Qiqi’s support comes from using her Elemental Burst to target an enemy with the Cryo attack, then as it does damage to the enemies, whichever character you use to attack the enemy with will regenerate HP. She not only provides a solid way to deliver damage but is by far the quickest way to recover precious HP in the middle of a fierce battle.
Razor 4* Electro Claymore
Razor has a wolf spirit within, summoned by his Elemental Burst, who helps him create a barrage of Electro-based attacks. This high DPS comes with a cost, however, as it vanishes upon switching characters. That being said, Razor can dish out significant damage all by himself with his Burst and proper use of his skill which boosts his energy recharge and recovery.
Rosaria 4* Cryo Polearm
Rosaria has a polearm that she uses to do Cryo damage with and she can move faster at night. Her elemental skill, Ravaging Confession, will let her warp behind an enemy and attack them, which will increase her CRIT rate will increase if you manage to attack the foe’s back. Rites of Termination is Rosaria’s Burst ability, and it allows her to summon a gigantic ice lance that deals Cryo damage to enemies, including an AoE that does additional damage to enemies in that area.
Sara 4* Electro Bow
Sara is an Electro Bow wielder who focuses mainly on rapid attacks and Energy restoration for the entire party. When maxed out, she's a solid character that could be considered the slightly weaker version of Bennett. While she is not as powerful as him, she can pretty much fulfil the same role in any Electro team you place her
Sayu 4* Anemo Claymore
Sayu is a versatile unit, that can be used for healing the team and dealing Anemo DMG with her Burst Skill. She can use the skills in her kit to apply various debuffs to enemies while acting as a solid healer.
Traveler (Electro) 5* Electro Sword
The Traveler’s Electro form is actually a very good character with consistent DPS numbers. With lightning-fast attacks that can knock enemies back and apply solid chunks of damage, it's a unit that can easily make its way onto many teams.
Yanfei 4* Pyro Catalyst
Yanfei can quickly chip away at an enemy's HP with her Pyro DoT and that can result in constant DPS over long periods of time. With great AoE in her kit, Yanfei can be a pretty good unit if you're lacking some AoE damage.
Thoma 4* Pyro Polearm
Thoma looks like a character with a lot of potential, but because he's not exactly the best fit for any team, he swiftly falls under the A tier. Being able to inflict and take plenty of damage, he is a well-rounded character that can be pretty decent into most teams when you miss a better Pyro unit.
Kuki Shinobu 4* Electro Sword
Kuki is a fairly decent electro healer, scaling off of HP and having some burst damage in her kit to make her even more viable for clearing content.
Kirara 4* Dendro Sword
Kirara is the latest character in Genshin Impact as she was introduced to the game in patch 3.7. She's a support character and currently the only one in the game that can speed up climbing. A trait like that makes Kirara a great character for exploration.

B Tier Characters

While these characters certainly aren't the strongest, they will happily fill the gaps in your team build.

B Tier
Collei 4* Dendro Bow
Collei can work well sometimes, but she relies heavily on the damage over time caused by the Trump-Card Kitty skill as well as requiring good team composition to really shine..
Dori 4* Electro Claymore
She is great for providing some regen, and it's really nice to see a character that has a skill such as Unexpected Order (which has a chance to refund a portion of the materials used when crafting), but in combat, it's nothing to write home about..
Yun Jin 4* Geo Polearm
Yun Jin is great for boosting the Normal ATK damage, but sadly she is not a great addition to mono elemental teams. She has a lot of burst damage, making her fall under a rather odd spectrum of "good but not really useful".
Lisa 4* Electro Catalyst
Even though Lisa’s skill is great against mobs of enemies, it takes perhaps too long to charge up. That, paired with her low HP and base damage, and you begin to understand why she falls lower on the character tier list. However, if you’re looking for a great supporting character for chaining some elemental reactions, the massive Electro damage from her Lightning Rose Burst will also push back enemies with lightning strikes.
Traveler (Geo) 5* Geo Sword
The Traveler’s Geo form is a great and somewhat unexpected support character to archers. With a quick summon of their elemental skill, a Geo pillar juts up from the ground, which can provide a platform for archers to safely pick away at foes, as long as there isn’t any magic or ranged attackers currently aiming at you.
Xinyan 4* Pyro Claymore
As a Pyro user, Xinyan offers a lot of options. Her skill creates a Pyro shield, which both attacks with Pyro while absorbing damage - the amount depends on how many enemies are hit by it. Xinyan’s Burst can quickly light mobs ablaze, as it has a huge AoE and does physical damage and Pyro damage in the surrounding area.
Charlotte 4* Cryo Catalyst
Charlotte is a 4-Star Cryo Catalyst character that was released in patch 4.2. She can be valuable to her team thanks to her investigative skills which can help out with puzzle-solving and uncovering secrets. Thanks to her talents, she can debuff the enemies' defense and also mark them. Marked enemies take increased Cryo damage for a short period of time.

C Tier Characters

These characters are admittedly a bit basic, and with some gacha luck, you'll be able to ditch them before long.

C Tier
- Dehya 5* Pyro Claymore
Dehya is a character with one of the highest base HP pools in the game, but while she's pretty decent at tanking and resisting interruption, she's not all that great when it comes to buffs and synergy with other characters.
- Mika 4* Cryo Polearm
Mika is a support character that can grant allies attack speed and healing effects, being extremely effective alongside characters like Eula, Fischl and Rosaria.
Amber 4* Pyro Bow
Oh God, what happened to you Amber? She is good for exploring and solving puzzles, and while she can offer some chances to snipe enemy weak spots from a distance, she otherwise is relatively weak. Her low base damage and HP are a huge problem, and with the long cooldowns for her skills, you basically need to fully unlock her to get her to decent stats. We are so sorry Amber, but someone has to be at the bottom of our characters tier list, Let's hope that developers will save you in the future!
Traveler (Anemo) 5* Geo Sword
Easy to pick, as it’s the primary character of the story, the Traveler’s Anemo powers provide a lot of benefits. Palm Vortex is a great skill that provides a quick way to bring enemies to you, but it also can spread other elements to enemies in the way, which creates Swirl most often. Their burst carries enemies away from you and also spreads elemental damage, which can be helpful with crowd control.

That's the Genshin Impact's tier list of all of the best characters! Feel free to use some of our Genshin Impact codes, or check some of the character guides!

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