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Genshin Impact codes list: free Primogems, giveaways and Mora (December 2021)

Net yourself more Primogems and Mora with these Genshin Impact codes

Genshin Impact codes list: free Primogems, giveaways and Mora (December 2021)
Updated on December 1st, 2021 - Checked for new redeem codes

If you're looking for the latest Genshin Impact codes, you came to the right place. Below you can find all the latest working promos for the game, as well as the previously released ones. If you've been playing the game for a while, then you know just how important Primogems are, especially for f2p players! 

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Active Genshin Impact codes

  • ETNU2DN5NZRR - 60 Primogems, 4x Adventure EXP
  • AS7CJDP4NG7H - 100 Primogems, 50000 Mora 
  • BSNDJC747Z7D - 100 Primogems, 5 Hero’s Wit 
  • KB6DKDNM7H49 - 100 Primogems, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ores 
  • BSPD3ZRXU985 - 60 Primogems, 10000 Mora
  • GENSHINGIFT  - 50 Primogems, 3x Hero’s Wit

Believed expired

  • LBNDKG8XDTND - 100 Primogems,10 Mystic Enhancement Ores
  • NB6VKHQWVANZ - 100 Primogems, 5 Hero's Wits
  • BSNUJGQFUTPM - 100 Primogems, 50000 Mora
  • GenshinEpic - 10,000 Mora, 3 Squirrel Fish, 3 Northern Apple Stew, 10 Adventurer’s Experience, 5 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • GenshinGalaxy - 10,000 Mora, 3 Monstadt Hashbrown, 10 Adventurer’s Experience, 5 Fine Enhancement Ore, 3 Northen Smoked Chicken
  • GS6ACJ775KNV - 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora
  • GC9K7TE7HN
  • 153YuSaenh - 30 Primogems, 5x Adventure EXP
  • TT7BVJNPL249 - Rewards: 60 Primogems
  • GSIMPTQ125 - Rewards: 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora
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  • DSPVUN2BKH5M – 100 primogems,10 mystic enhancement ore 
  • CB7UU6KT2H59 – 100 primogems, 5x Hero’s wit 
  • NTPVU7JTJYPD – 100 primogems, 50,000 mora 
  • PT8SG36HK4X6 – 100 primogems and 10 mystic enhancement ore 
  • UTNBBGSZ3NQM - 100 Primogems, 10,000 Mora
  • 8A6ABHTH2N9Z - 100 Primogems, 5 Hero’s Wit
  • WTNTBYSZJNRD - 100 Primogems, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • SBNBUK67M37Z - 30 Primogems, 5x Adventurer’s Experience
  • Cuupmbjsvd - 50 Primogems
  • GENSHIN1006U - 30 Primogems, 5x Adventure EXP - EU Server
  • GENSHIN1006A - 30 Primogems, 5x Adventure EXP - NA Server
  • GENSHIN1006S - 30 Primogems, 5x Adventure EXP SEA Server
  • GENSHIN0928E - 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora - EU Server
  • GENSHIN0928N - 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora - NA Server
  • GENSHIN0928A - 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora - SEA Server
  • GenshinMHY0O - 30 Primogems - EU Server
  • GenshinMHY0M - 30 Primogems - NA Server
  • GenshinMHY0I  - 30 Primogems - SEA Server
  • Genshin1111 - 60 Primogems, 10,000 Mora
  • GenshinZHB30 - 160 Primogems
  • eATDgIXLD56 - 100 Primogems
  • 5KVeIbSxDUU - 100 Primogems
  • G3tQq6TOqmE - 100 Primogems
  • GOLNXLAKC58 - 50 Primogems

What are Genshin Impact codes?

The game itself has all kinds of promo codes that are being released by developers every once in a while and they enable you to claim valuable rewards. You can bookmark this article and check it every once in a while to make sure you are up to date with the latest promo ones available.

How to redeem Genshin Impact codes step by step

  • Step 1: Create a miHoYo Account and then log into it.
  • Step 2: Head to the Redeem Code page.
  • Step 3: Select the server where you have created your account.
  • Step 4: Select the character nickname where you want your rewards sent.
  • Step 5: Type in the redemption code, and hit Redeem.

You will receive your rewards via the in-game mail shortly!

Are the promo codes safe?

Well, we can only guarantee for the ones that are being released in this article, as they are all being tested prior to updating the page. So, make sure you are using relevant and official sources and you'll be fine!

I want more Primogems!

These Genshin Impact codes are a great way to get tons of free Primogems, Mora, and many other rewards depending on the code. Make sure you claim them before they expire because they also have quite a tight expiration date!

But before we dive into the code list, let me quickly explain how to redeem them, just in case you're new to the game! 

genshin impact codes

Requirement: In order to be eligible for claiming the codes, you need to reach Adventure Rank 10. Otherwise, you can't redeem them.

Where can I find more of the Genshin Impact codes?

As most of them are being part of the events, our advice is to follow the official Facebook page, official Twitter page or the official Discord channel. However, you can just bookmark us, as we are checking their social media daily, and we will have our article updated as soon as the new codes are out!

These are all the Genshin Impact codes currently available in the game! We'll keep you updated as soon as they release new ones, so stay tuned! 

You can download the Genshin Impact from both Google Play Store and App Store, but you've probably done it before, or you wouldn't be here. Right?

And of course, don't forget to visit our character tier list to learn what characters are currently in meta!

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