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Fire Emblem Heroes, FEH tier list - The best heroes and a reroll guide

Fire Emblem Heroes, FEH tier list - The best heroes and a reroll guide

Every Fire Emblem hero and their merited tiers

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Updated on February 17th, 2024 - Version: 8.2.0 - Latest Addition: Safy, Tina, Rearmed Reinhardt, Nabata Juno, Mythic Lumera, Emblem Marth, Nabata Igrene, Nabata Altina, Nabata Hawkeye, Valentine's Lyon, Valentine's Selena, Valentine's Ephraim, Valentine's Myrrh - To be added: Mauvier: Penitent Knight

With so many heroes, you might think that a FEH tier list should be easy to determine - but given that all the heroes (okay - maybe not all, but most) are good for a specific task, then you'll understand why there are so many different tiers (to give you an example: SS, S, S-).

When traveling between the worlds to free the heroes held captive, a question might pop into your mind - who are the best units in Fire Emblem Heroes? That is indeed a very good question, that I started wondering about ever since I unlocked my first couple of heroes. While this game is extremely addictive, you might easily get lost in the plethora of characters presented to you.

What are the best characters in FEH?

There are so many you'll unlock along the way, that a new player might easily get overwhelmed by this alone. But fear not - below we've prepared a Fire Emblem Heroes tier list to help you choose some of the best heroes to aid you in battle. And to be completely honest, it wasn't easy at all. There are literally hundreds of heroes, and if you're trying to remember all of them, it might take quite a while.

Also, before we dive in, you need to know that I've split the heroes according to their colour (Red, Blue, Green, and Grey), and divided them each into a separate list. So if you're looking for a colour-specific FEH tier list, that's exactly what we've got for you.

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FEH tier list - Blue Heroes

FEH tier list

Blue Heroes in FEH are mainly known to use the Lance as their main weapon. There can also be heroes using the Blue Breath, Blue Tome or Blue Bow, but most often than not you will find them with a Lance, since these are the most common weapons for the Colourless Heroes.

Ascended Idunn - this unit has amazing base ATK and DEF and that's ideal for most situations. It basically makes the unit a pretty decent unit that can withstand a hit while also dealing damage as well. Valentine's Rudolf - the unit can mitigate quite a bit of damage while also maintaining the ability to inflict some back. The Thorn Lance makes it fairly simple, yet super effective.
SS Winter Edelgard, Winter Cordelia, Ascended Idunn, Young Palla, Valentine's Rudolf, Brave Hector, Brave Dimitri, Legendary Dimitri, New Year Alfonse, Halloween Tiki (Young), Legendary Azura, Seiros, Legendary Chrom
S New Year Seiðr, Ratatoskr, Tea Sigurd, Brave Gullveig, Rearmed Plumeria, Rearmed Ingrid, Young Mark, Vanessa, Legendary Shez (F), Halloween Corrin (F), Brave Chrom, Summer Thorr, Legendary Myrrh, Bridal Lilina, Fallen Dimitri, Hatari Karla, Legendary Fae, Kris (F), Ullr, Duo Ephraim, Brave Lucina, Brave Eirika, Summer Ingrid, Forsyth, Duessel, Legendary Julia, Ophelia, Fallen Corrin (M), Legendary Tiki (Young), Ninja Navarre, Pirate Surtr, Brave Eliwood, Picnic Lukas, Winter Ephraim, Lilith, Gatrie, Peony, Guinivere, Plegian Katarina, Reinhardt, Young Tana, Tsubasa, Selena, Legendary Lucina, Nifl, Ronan, Apotheosis Anna, Soiree Berkut, Masquerade, ldigan, Hardin, Summer Laegjarn, Petrine, Dimitri, Legendary Ephraim, Melady, Perceval, Naga, Summer Lyn, Spring Est, Sirius, Masquerade Quan, Winter Nino, Naesala, Nailah, Jorge, Nils, New Year Velouria, Winter Felix, Winter Hilda, Halloween Ilyana
A Halloween Timerra, Ninja Zelgius, Freyr, Arion, Febail, Eitr, Summer Shamir, Summer Shez (M), Fallen Anankos, Spring Bernadetta, Gilliam, Sage Byleth (M), Alfred, New Year Ash, Caeldori, Monica, Flame Tribe Lyn, Jeralt, Thief Cath, Valentian Est, Summer Claude, Sain, Fallen Ninian, Ascended Ishtar, Spring Delthea, Legendary Caeda, Valentine's Owain, New Year Reginn, Winter Mirabilis, Marcia, Ninja Corrin (M), Halloween Sothis, Seteth, Valentine's Lyn, Altena, Brunnya, Kana (M), Geese, Rinea, Ferdinand, Ishtar, Ilyana, Gwendolyn, Fjorm, Kjelle, Est, Valentine's Eliwood, Adrift Corrin (M), Corrin (F), Cordelia, Spring Narcian, Clair, Fallen Delthea, Fallen Berkut, Camus, Summer Camilla, Petra, Summer Lute, Panne, Hoshidan Summer Ryoma, Summer Norne, Robin (M), Fiora, Selkie, Nowi, Bridal Ninian, Halloween Niles, Rafiel, Micaiah, Hapi, Veyle
B Mycen, New Year Kana (F), Noah, Bridal Say'ri, Vigarde, Geoffrey, Valentine's Takumi, Chloé, New Year Yarne, Matthis, Cervantes, Karin, Spring Luthier, Miriel, Roshea, Halloween Sophia, Mae, Lute, Lukas, Scion Lewyn, Linde, A'Arachel, Kliff, Death Knight, Hinoka, Cormag, Florina, Abel, Finn, Cynthia, Galle, Ephraim, Effie, Donnel, Delthea, Sigrun, Ylgr, Summer Corrin (F), Summer Cordelia, Valter, Tanith, Ursula, Pent, Tana, Spring Catria, Catria, Tailtiu, Spring Marisa, Sumia, Berkut, Silas, Shiro, Azura, Shigure, Performing Shigure, New Year Laegjarn, Sharena, Shanna, Hostile Springs Ryoma, Mordecai, Saias, Heath, Roderick, Winter Robin, Travant, Quan, Peri, Oscar, Olwen, Valentine's Soren, Oboro, Ninian, Conrad, Nephenee, Thea, Valbar, Morgan (F)
C Phila, Bridal Larum, Mathilda, Spring Lucina, Jagen, Spring Xander, Clive, Bridal Charlotte, Sully, Subaki, Bridal Caeda, Summer Robin (F), Oliver, Odin

FEH tier list - Red Heroes

Artwork of FEH characters

The most obvious characteristic of the Red Heroes is their use of bladed weapons, such as daggers and swords. As a rule of thumb, they have a slightly small range than the rest, but that depends on each individual character. Swords are typically melee-ranged, but it doesn't apply to every single character on the list.

Brave Seliph - with Holytide Tyrfing, this unit is a beast. Not only will he receive a boost in damage based on the number of tiles moved, but also greatly increase the defense. Idunn - her weapon will reduce the penalties on her while also reducing the first attack damage of any opponent. She also has a pretty solid stat boost, which makes her a top tier unit.
SS Legendary Elincia, Ninja Sanaki, Summer Shez (F), Fallen Chrom, Fallen Byleth (F), Felix, Legendary Veronica, Rearmed Líf, Brave Seliph, Valentine's Chrom, Spring Idunn, Reginn, Summer Byleth (F), Young Caeda, Winter Altina, Legendary Lilina, Valentine's Lif, Idunn, Fallen Ike, Fallen Julia, Masquerade Sigurd, Legendary Sigurd, Brave Lysithea, Hoshidan Summer Micaiah, Halloween Myrrh
S Perne, Attuned Triandra, Winter Byleth (M), Tea Ayra, Brave Robin (M), Diamant, Legendary Hinoka, Young Eliwood, Legendary Yuri, Syrene, Sage Nino, Sage Linde, Alear (F), Lumera, Embla, Rearmed Ophelia, Ascended Tiki (Young), Halloween Duma, Summer Edelgard, Young Ike, Yen'fay, Brave Alm, Kiria, Halloween Hector, Valentine's Ike, Plegian Dorothea, Tibarn, Shannan, Kris (M), Larcei, Summer Freyr, Plumeria, Picnic Flora, Lif, Aversa, Sothis, Young Marth, Igrene, Altina, Mareeta, Byleth (F), Byleth (M), Lysithea, Soiree Ishtar, Say'ri, Mirabilis, Catherine, Summer Tiki (Young), Sword Catria, Itsuki, Dheginsea, Flying Olivia, Sword Reinhardt, New Year Kaden, Brave Roy, Winter Zephiel, Lethe, Keaton, Brave Marth, Summer Joshua, Ninja Zihark, Brave Aim, Celica, Phina, Fallen Celica, Winter Tharja. Brave Celica, Fallen Mareeta, Astram, Legendary Seliph, Zelgius, Legendary Erika, Eliwood, Nah, Midori, Iago, Hrid, Legendary Ike, Brigid, Legendary Eliwood, Legendary Roy, Duo Eirika
A Severa, Wind Tribe Dagr, Alear (M), Ascended Fir, Lucia, Winter Dorothea, Gregor, Shez (M), Thief Leila, Bridal Sophia, Fallen Lilith, Hilda (Genealogy), Young Mia, Legendary Nanna, Ascended Mareeta, Hugh , Hatari Nailah, New Year Fafnir, Winter Manuela, Flavia, Priam, Legendary Marth, Volke, Ninja Shinon, Malice, Constance, Muspell, Mia, Brial Oboro, Kempf, Ena, Owain, New Year Gunnthra, Roy, Seliph, Ewan, Ares, Ayra, Sigurd, Black Knight, Sophia, Caeda, Adrift Camilla, Spring Palla, Pelleas, Tharja, Bantu, Exalt Chrom, Tiki (Young), Xander, Draug, Red Tome Eirika, Elincia, Eyvel, Flora, Alm, New Year Anna, New year Eir, Karla, Laevatein, Lilina, Miranda, Veld, Nemesis, Marth, Ashnard, Ninja Camilla
B New Year Kana (M), Validar, Cyril, Fee, Groom Robin (M), Bridal Flavia, Valentine's Hana, New Year Panne, Holst, Flame Tribe Rinkah, Kamui, Bridal Cecilia, Scathach, Salem, Galzus, Halloween Kurthnaga, Aelfric, Morgan (M), Scion Julia, Pirate Naesala, Knoll, Halloween Nowi, Olivia, Hostile Springs Elise, Palla, Nyx, Valentine's Titania, Ryoma, Legendary Ryoma, Saber, New Year Hrid, Sanaki, Arden, Seth, Arvis, Athena, Hubert, Siegbert, Silvia, Soleil, Cain, New Year Camilla, Summer Tana, Bridal Tharja, Tiki (Adult), Chrom, Bridal Sigrun, Summer Lilina, Spring Bartre, Summer Flora, Bertram, Zephiel, Eirika, Eldigan, Alfonse, Garon, Gharnef, Gray, Summer Helbindi, Hana, Henry, Hinata, Ike, Joshua, Julius, Valentine's Conrad, Katarina, Rutger, Laegjarn, Laslow, Leif, Lene, Summer Lorenz, Lon'qu, Lucina, Luke, Lyon, Masked Marth
C Selena (Fates), Ogma, Stahl, Navarre, Raigh, Canas, Tobin, Corrin (M), Fir, Karel
Summer Leo, Leoo, Lloyd, Lyn, Marisa

FEH tier list - Green Heroes

Two Fire Emblem Heroes about to kiss

Most of the Green Heroes are Axe wielders, which should not be confused with the Lance or Sword. The Green heroes are great combatants and can make a neat addition to any team if deployed in the right position.

Hatari Azura - can provide plenty of buffs to allies, while being one of the only few movement refreshers in the game. Winter Sothis - she is a decent unit that can work well with Snow's Grace as weapon. She has the ability to counterattack and can fit into many teams easily thanks to her versatility.
SS Attuned Nino, Young Hector, Brave Tiki (Adult), Hatari Azura, Ninja Corrin (F), Valentine's Alm, Brave Ike, Brave Ephraim, Legendary Edelgard, Young Merric, Winter Sothis, Thrasir, New Year Peony, Valentine's Gustav, Bridal Catria, Legendary Celica, Brave Edelgard, Freyja. Surtr, Shamir, Legendary Dagr, Bridal Nailah, Mamori
S Halloween Anna, Attuned Peony, Rearmed Lucina, Brave Soren, Wind Tribe Claude, Legendary Alear (F), Legendary Robin (M), Spring Karla, Winter Black Knight, Seior, Ganglöt, Legendary Ninian, Ascended Hilda, Ymir, Summer Dimitri, Groom Roy, Valentine's Lucina, New Year Dagr, Thorr, Ninja Shamir. Ascended Fjorm, Halloween Robin (F), Summer Caeda, Winter Bernadetta, Fallen Robin (M), Hel, Summer Selena, Reyson, Picnic Felicia, Ninja Laevatein, Fallen Lyon, Triandra, Nagi, Dieck, Yarne, Jill, Rinkah, New Year Lethe, Soiree Reinhardt, Pirate Veronica, Performing Azura, Azura (Young), Scion Larcei, Ninja Hana, Gatekeeper, Young Minerva, Myrrh, Plegian Tharja, New Year Keaton, Deirdre, Ced, Winter Jaffar, Winter Fae, Gerik, Hilda, Yune, Masquerade Lachesis, Brave Micaiah, Spring Fir, Kaden, Osian, Fae, Edelgard, Valentine's Hector, Legendary Hector, Annette, Flame Emperor, Julia, Asbel
A Rearmed Sonya, New Year Kvasir, Winter Dimitri, Ascended Ced, Citrinne, Summer Ephraim, Murdock, Heiðr, Bridal Anna, Fallen Linus, Ludveck, Sage Ursula, Céline, New Year Elm, Halloween Corrin (M), Shez (F), Flame Tribe Mordecai, Flame Tribe Tana, Summer Eirika, Legendary Xander, Letizia, Limstella, Spring Sonya, Spring Maria, Winter Artur, Walhart, Eitri, Astrid, Otr, Wolf, Halloween Rhea, Groom Hinata, Sue, Python, Flying Nino, Charlotte, Nino, Valentine's Greil, Green Tome Olwen, Rhajat, Robin (F), Hostile Springs Hinoka, New Year Fjorm, Flegian Kris (M), Ranulf, Amelia, Sheena, New Year Azura, Barst, Boey, Spring Veronica, Cecilia, Cherche, Wolt, Adrift Corrin (F), Dorcas, Hoshidan Summer Elincia, Echidna, Gunnthra, Ross, Summer Laevatein, Hector, Pirate Hinoka, Halloween Henry, Halloween Kagero, Kana (F), Legion, Lewyn, Summer Sylvain, Valentine's Effie
B Ninja Heather, Sylvain, Bastian, Valentine's Leo, Hans, Brigand Boss, Fallen Gustav, Cath, Gonzalez, Basilio, Sedgar, Vyland, Caellach, Michalis, Orochi, Minerva, Lugh, Halloween L'Arachel, Valentine's Mist, Raven, Bridal Sanaki, Anna, Arthur, Spring Sharena, Bartre, Beruka, Sonya, Soren, Haar, Camilla, Spring Camilla, Winter Chrom, Titania, Halloween Dorcas, Summer Elise, Frederick, Spring Alfonse, Gerome, Summer Ylgr, Hawkeye, Helbindi, Performing Inigo, Summer Innes, Darros, Mustafa, Libra, Valentine's Lilina, Linus, Winter Lissa, Legendary Lyn, Groom Marth
C Merric, Narcian, Picnic Leo, Summer Tiki (Adult), Spring Chrom, Summer Xander, Gunter

Fire Emblem - Grey/Colorless Heroes tier list

Colorless Heroes or Grey Heroes are mostly represented by Dagger users and Bow users, which means you should always pay attention to how you deploy them. As you may be aware, Archers are unable to attack the enemies in the spaces next to them - it's always good to pay close attention to where you deploy them.

Legendary Leif - one of the absolute monsters in the game, Legendary Leif works great with Meisterbogen and Njörun’s Zeal for outstanding damage output. Fallen Edelgard - with the defense debuff applied by her exclusive Twin-Crest Power, the unit is able to be quite tanky, while inflicting a decent amount of damage with the attacks.
SS Gullveig, Brave Corrin (F), Bridal Tiki (Adult), Fomortiis, New Year Askr, Brave Byleth (F), Askr, Legendary Leif, Ninja Lyn, Fallen Edelgard, Winter Marth, Bridal Micaiah, Legendary Corrin (F), Fallen Tiki (Young), Legendary Micaiah, Summer Freyja, Legendary Alm, Bramimond, Veronica, Pirate Tibarn, Valentine's Faye
S Winter Yunaka, Tea Lysithea, Wind Tribe Kagero, Spring Triandra, Rearmed Tana, Ascended Elincia, Valentine's Elise, Rearmed Robin (F), Ascended Celica, Ascended Florina, Fallen Rhea, Elimine, Winter Lysithea, Ash, Eleonora, Ashera, New Year Plumeria, Spring Myrrh, Leila, Caineghis, Summer Mia, Brave Camilla, Fallen Corrin (F), Mila, Shinon, Bernadetta, Brave Claude, Sara, Flayn, Dozla, Winter Sephiran, Winter Cecilia, Brave Marianne, Julian, Masquerade Ethlyn, Bridal Fjorm, Eir, Young L'Arachel, Claude, New Year Selkie, Halloween Jakob, Young Innes, Soiree Nephenee, Duma
A Veronica: Brave Princess, Halloween Flayn, New Year Nerþuz, Alcryst, Fallen Maria, Cornelia, Rhea, Young Rebecca, Young Lucius, Gotoh, Arval, Ascended Eir, Flame Tribe Muspell, Thief Nina, Summer Nifl, Medeus, Tine, Valentine's Robin (F), Winter Ignatz, Ascended Laegjarn, Ninja Igrene, Halloween Robin (M), Halloween Mia, Brave Lyn, Rolf, Winter Eirika, Legendary Robin (F), Velouria, Scion Leif, Leanne, Norne, Louise, Hoshidan Summer Xander, Elise, Larum, Kronya, Gordin, Bow Hinoka, Klein, Summer Dorothea, Loki, Mirabelle, Yuri
B Patty, Summer L'Arachel, Saul, Dorothy, Etie, Kiragi, Halloween Naga, Young Soren, August, Spring Henry, Niime, Valentine's Lissa, Hatari Deen, Hatari Xane, Natasha, Nanna, Silque, Niles, Nina, Performing Olivia, Hostile Springs Camilla, Priscilla, Hostile Springs Sakura, Valentine's Roy, Lena, Saizo, Halloween Sakura, Tethys, Picnic Genny, Summer Rhys, Setsuna, New Year Laevatein, Mercedes, Sothe, Spring Bruno, Fallen Takumi, Spring Loki, Summer Takumi, New Year Takumi, Emmeryn, Clarine, Summer Ursula, Clarisse, Bridal Cordelia, New Year Corrin (M), Chad, Merlinus, Tanya, Ethlyn, Faye, Felicia, Gaius, Forrest, Summer Gunnthra, Jaffar, Eremiya, Kagero, Spring Kagero, Valentine's Slique, Kaze, Legault, Gangrel, Summer Linde
C Dwyer, Nyna, Mikoto, Mist, Summer Noise, Rebecca, Sakura, Serra, Azama, Takumi, Virion, Wrys, Brady, Summer Frederick, Summer Gaius, Genny, Innes, Jakob, Jamke, Jeorge, Lachesis, Leon, Lissa, Lucius, Bridal Lyn, Maria, Matthew

We'll make sure to update the tier list every week or so, so make sure you check what's new after the updates roll out. There will probably be some shifts in ranks. Check the reroll guide below in case you haven't gotten the characters you'd love to have. The start is very important in gacha games.

Fire Emblem Heroes Reroll Guide

FEH heroes summer time

Here we'll give you a short guide on how to reroll in Fire Emblem Heroes. The process is very simple and straightforward, and it should help you pull some decent 5* heroes to make things easier in the long run. But let's skip straight to the FEH reroll guide:

  • Step 1: Start the game on a guest account/without linking.
  • Step 2: Skip the video and play through the tutorial to earn the 15 orbs.
  • Step 3: Do one fire heroes summon (pull 5 times) since the first one is free.
  • Step 4: Pull 1 time from each summon focus. At this point, if you like the heroes you got, keep playing otherwise continue with Step 5.
  • Step 5: To reroll, uninstall the game, re-install it and start over from Step 1.

Now that you've got a clear grasp of the rerolling process, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly, you want to go for some heroes that will help you in the late game and are not easy to obtain all the time. Here are some more tips to keep in mind when you want to reroll:

  • You should keep rerolling if you pulled a lot of 4* heroes but they're mostly bad.
  • Aim for a variety of heroes, not just Staff heroes or so. Go for some tanks, CC and single target boss killers too.
  • Most importantly, you should try to get 5* Heroes instead of 4* heroes that can get Unlocked Potential. It's better to get 5* straight up.

In case you haven't got the game yet, follow the links below.

Download FEH from Google Play | Download FEH from the App Store
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