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Eversoul guide for beginners

Eversoul guide for beginners
| Eversoul

Eversoul is a complex game that requires solid effort if you want to master it. Like any other collectible mobile RPG, it includes various aspects you should know to play the game effectively. Therefore, our Eversoul guide for beginners might be helpful even for experienced players. This guide will explain certain terms, and these Eversoul tips can definitely help you progress in the game.

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You'll be faced with various gaming terms from the first few seconds of playing Eversoul. Even though most of them are widely known among RPG fans, it might be pretty challenging to learn all the necessary terms for beginners. So, below is a list of all terms you need to know as a beginner in Eversoul.

  • Buff - a positive effect that increases the stats of your Soul.
  • Debuff - a negative effect that decreases the stats of your Soul.
  • CC or Crowd Control - a group of effects that makes enemy characters stop fighting.
  • DOT or Damage Over Time - a special effect that makes Soul lose health points during the specified amount of time.
  • Cleanse - a positive ability that allows you to remove debuffs from your characters.
  • Dispel - a positive ability that allows you to remove buffs from enemy characters.


The most important part of Eversoul is the characters, which are divided into 6 classes. Every class has its unique abilities that decide your in-game role and other stuff associated with gameplay. Below, you can discover a small guide on every class in Eversoul.


If you have experience in other RPGs, Casters might remind you of mages. They should be played far away from the frontline, casting powerful spells on the enemy from a distance. Generally, Casters are the most effective damage dealers in Eversoul.


Defender is the complete opposite of Caster. Defender should be played only at the frontline, absorbing over 80% of the damage that should be dealt to your team. Having a potent Defender guarantees good results for your team.


Like Casters, Rangers are played at the backline, acting most of the time as damage dealers. Even though some Rangers might appear even more effective than Casters, Casters are a way more appropriate option for beginners.


Strikers are the analogue of Defenders and Warriors. They are agile frontline characters who can boast more significant damage than the 2 other tank classes. The only disadvantage of Strikers is that you might suffer from the lack of health points when playing against powerful enemies.


Underestimating the support class is one of the most common mistakes newbies make in most RPGs, and Eversoul is no exception. Even though some people consider Supporters useless, it is impossible to win the fight without a potent Supporter at the heart of your team. Supporters not only provide essential buffs but also heal your team members.


Warrior is the third and the last tank class in Eversoul. Generally, Warrior is the perfect balance between Defenders and Strikers. They are not aimed at particular stats and should be played in the middle line creating significant protection for mages and supporters.


Another essential aspect of Eversoul that should be covered in this guide is team building. Even though most beginners undervalue this part of Eversoul, creating an appropriate team is necessary, especially in the game’s middle and later stages.

Therefore, the best option is to use powerful Souls combinations like Naiah and Mephi or Mica and Seeha. Also, take into account that you need to opt for Ranged, Assault, Defense, and Basic formations depending on your goal.


Now that you know more about the basic aspects of Eversoul, it's time to discover the particular tips that can improve your chances of survival in the game. Most of them are basic, but they might be helpful even for an experienced player.

Use Reroll

If you haven't started playing Eversoul yet, or you've only just created your account a few days ago, be sure to use Reroll to get a powerful Epic character in a few minutes. Make sure to check our Eversoul tier list and try to get a Tier S Soul by rerolling. 

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Use Counter Souls

There are 6 types of Souls in Eversoul: Humanlike, Beast, Fairy, Undead, Angel, and Demon. Every Soul has a unique counter that deals 25% more damage. Beasts deal 25% more damage to Fairy Souls, Undead Souls deal more damage to Humanlike, Humanlike souls have increased damage against Beasts, and Fairy deals more damage to Undead. The only exception is Angels and Demons, which have increased damage against each other.

Just make sure to check your opponent’s Soul and then adapt your team to use counter Souls. It might seem like a minor improvement, but it significantly impacts your battle results.

Practice a Lot

The most straightforward and practical advice for beginners in Eversoul is to practice. First, check the tier list and learn more about every hero in the game. Then, you can continue discovering their skills and in-game mechanics. After that, you need tons of practice to reap the best results.

A good option is to watch how more experienced players play. You can learn appropriate timings, skill usage, and how professional players think during a match. Remember that playing the game requires skill, and the only way to learn is to spend a lot of time on the game.

That’s it with the Eversoul guide for beginners. Of course, this guide covered only a tiny part of the game, but hopefully, it'll be enough to help get your feet wet!