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Top 15 best offline mobile games

Top 15 best offline mobile games

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Do you have a weak internet connection or constantly travel but still want to enjoy playing games? Well, we have created an exhaustive list of a dozen offline mobile games that can be played without having an active internet connection just for you. A bit more than a dozen even.

It’s true that online games usually have more features than offline mobile games do. But, there are a bunch of them that provide a good gaming experience without the internet connection and others that have both offline and online gaming features.

One of the best things about offline mobile games is that data is stored on your phone and doesn’t ask for more permissions. Also, you will not have to worry about annoying ads as they won’t appear without the internet.

So, without further delay, take a look at the top fifteen best offline games for mobile and take your gaming experience to whole another level, of course, without the internet.

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The Room: Old Sins

Publisher: Fireproof Games
Available on: iOS + Android
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The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins is a creepy puzzler that has mind-boggling puzzle tasks with a haunting atmosphere that makes it more interesting to play. It’s not just about solving puzzles, but also exploring the place and unravelling its mystery.

There is a dollhouse where the majority of the gameplay takes place. You can transform it into whatever you want and with each transformation unfold a new story with plenty of puzzles to solve.

Download The Room: Old Sins

Plague Inc.

Developer: Ndemic Creations
Available on: iOS + Android + Steam
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
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Plague Inc.

If you want to be evil and enjoy a mix of strategy and simulation at the same time, Plague Inc is one of the best choices on Google Play. You are tasked with the world with a deadly virus and disrupting the research for a vaccine to win the round.

The easiest way to win is by devising a strategy to unleash a deadly virus in different parts of the world. Sounds difficult? The game assists you in each step you make, which makes it less complicated.

Download Plague Inc

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

Do you want to explore and learn more about the medieval period? Then you should try Iron Blade, which features a story that revolves around the events of the 5th to the late 15th century. The game’s plot describes the betrayal of the clans and the story of brave warriors.

In this action RPG, you will learn more about medieval Europe and fight against a demonic army. It has a vast collection of ancient weapons for each purpose including hunting, war and lots more.

Download Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

Shadow Fight 2

Publisher: Nekki
Available on: iOS + Android + Switch
Genre: Fighting
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Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an award-winning action title that works perfectly without an internet connection. The mix of RPG and action elements makes it a well-blended experience. You’ll start off by choosing a character and go against other players and bots too. By winning each match, you can upgrade your weapon and armour and buy new ones as well.

Shadow Fight 2 has multiple modes and each has an interesting story attached to it. Moreover, you can make and add new friends before challenging them to fight in the Underworld mode.

Download Shadow Fight 2

West Gunfighter

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Have you ever fantasized about becoming a cowboy? West Gunfighter delivers that experience and beautifully portrays the Wild West. While playing West Gunfighter, you will take on the role of an ordinary cowboy or a cowgirl and complete missions to earn massive rewards.

It also has a character customization feature where it has dozens of attractive costumes to choose from. Apart from the daily missions and tasks, West Gunfighter has surprise activities that are fun to play.

Download West Gunfighter

Alto's Odyssey

Publisher: Snowman
Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Endless running
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Alto's Odyssey

The sequel to Alto’s Adventure is another excellent action title that runs smoothly on a slow or non-existent internet connection. You will glide across lonely deserts, dodging obstacles and exploring untouched places while performing stunts.

Alto's Odyssey asks you to do combos to complete certain tasks and advance to the next level. It has beautiful diverse landscapes to explore and secrets attached to each new place you find while running across the sands.

Download Alto's Odyssey

World Of Steel : Tank Force

Available on: Android
Genre: Action
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World Of Steel : Tank Force

Action games with offline gaming features are quite fun to play. So, we included World of Steel: Tank Force in this list. It sees you controlling a tank and wreaking havoc by dropping bombs on the battlefield to eliminate enemy tanks.

World of Steel has easy-to-learn controls but without a solid strategy, you won’t last a minute while battling with other tanks. In addition, it tests your aiming skills as you have to shoot other tanks and move around the map without getting hit.

Download World of Steel: Tank Force

Traffic Rider

Available on: Android
Genre: Racing
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Traffic Rider

If you’re confident in your reflexes at high speed, then test your skills in the latest version of Traffic Rider. Traffic Rider is all about cruising your two-wheeler across a busy street without crashing.

After winning each match, you will be rewarded handsomely and you can head to the garage to either buy a new vehicle or upgrade your existing one. However, there is no option to select the difficulty level as it increases with time spent cruising on the roads. After levelling up, you can unlock new destinations and set new records on the streets.

Download Traffic Rider

Crossy Road

Developer: Hipster Whale
Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Arcade, Platform
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Crossy Road

If you love pixel-art games, Crossy Road is worth trying. The graphics look a bit like Minecraft, but you’ll be playing as a chicken instead of a humanoid. It has a multiplayer feature that lets you use the same device to play with friends.

Interestingly, Crossy Road can be played on an Android TV too. With this, you can enjoy the gameplay and control your characters on a bigger screen.

"How to unlock every Crossy Road mystery character?" is the most common question that players have. Of course, our guide will teach you how!

Download Crossy Road

Hitman GO

Publisher: Square Enix
Available on: iOS + Android + Windows Phone + Windows 8
Genre: Stealth, Strategy
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Hitman GO

Square Enix’s Hitman Go is a must-try turn-based title where you strategically join puzzle pieces to win. One wrong move and you might get shot or be unable to take out your enemies.

It features all the iconic weapons from the original Hitman series, including snipers and 47’s Silver ballers. Apart from knocking out enemies, you should also pay attention to their location and always have an alternative strategy to win each level.

Download Hitman Go

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Developer: Gameloft Barcelona
Publisher: Gameloft
Available on: iOS + Android + Windows Phone
Genre: Racing
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Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8’s popularity is increasing with each new instalment from Gameloft. The recent version is known for its realistic graphics and refined game mechanics. Asphalt 8 can be totally played offline as it stores data on your mobile. However, it is advised to link it once to your Play Games account to unlock new perks and bonuses.

The current version brought forty brand new tracks, and competing in a multiplayer race is very easy. You can add new friends and invite them for a race or go against randoms and challenge them to earn in-game cash and unlock new cars in the garage.

Download Asphalt 8

Minecraft - Bedrock

Developer: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
Available on: iOS + Android + Windows Phone + Xperia Play
Genre: Adventure, Brain training
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Minecraft - Pocket Edition

You’ve probably heard of Minecraft: Bedrock if you’re into mobile gaming. It is one of the best-selling games of all time on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Minecraft - Bedrock is all about exploring and creating new impressive structures.

Although it requires an internet connection for a better experience, you can still move around and erect new structures without going online. In addition, the survival mode doesn’t require an active connection to compete against enemy gang members.

Maybe you'd decide it's worth trying it out, and maybe you already did. In both cases, we have prepared the list of Minecraft Bedrock commands and shaders that you should definitely check!

Download Minecraft: Bedrock

Once Upon a Tower

Available on: Android
Genre: Action
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Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower is an epic adventure title by Pomelo Games where you’re trapped in a tower and there’s no one to rescue you. You’ll need to use weapons, craft new ones or use your skills to get out of there. But, it’s not that simple. You’ll face multiple obstacles and challenging situations as you try to escape.

You can easily kill the enemies if you find the Knight’s hammer. Your aim is to reach the ground level of the tower safely to be set free. In addition, the difficulty level increases as you descend the tower, providing a constant challenge.

Download Once Upon a Tower

GRID Autosport

Publisher: Feral Interactive
Available on: iOS + Switch
Genre: Racing
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GRID Autosport

GRID is a renowned racer for mobile devices. Fortunately, it has an offline feature where you can save the progress locally. Then, whenever you have access to the internet, you can seamlessly sync your data to the cloud.

It is a premium title that features more than hundreds of racing cars and circuits that can be unlocked gradually, either by spending cash or grinding. On top of that, it can be fully customized, whether it be the cars, controls or weather.

Download GRID: Autosport

Subway Surfers

Developer: SYBO Games
Publisher: Kiloo
Available on: iOS + Android
Genre: Action
Find out more about Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers needs no introduction as it is arguably one of the best endless runners released to date. The game was released back in 2012 and is still rocking the Google Play Store’s charts.

In this game, you will control a character by dodging obstacles that come in your way when you start the run. The game has a bunch of different versions but the mechanics are still the same. While you're at it, feel free to redeem some of the Subway Surfer codes, and check what high score you'd have to beat to claim the world record! With that, we are closing the list of best offline mobile games. Please add your favourites that we have missed in the comments for others to see, we couldn't fit all of them!

Download Subway Surfers
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