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How to unlock every secret in Vampire Survivors

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How to unlock every secret in Vampire Survivors

We have included each item, stage and character that's secret and tricky to unlock in Vampire Survivors.

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Vampire Survivors is technically an arcade game: It has simple inputs, and a simple objective, the difficulty ramps up fairly fast, and the main goal is to see how far you can make it. However, consistent playing reveals the game has much more to offer than meets the eye. I know I was surprised when I somehow ended up in glitch limbo looking for a way out of the madness. Turns out this means you've stumbled onto something interesting, a secret that was definitely hidden in an obscure way but that you can find with some curiosity, perseverance, or dumb luck.

You can unlock most of what the game has to offer simply by playing. Surviving for a long time, upgrading certain weapons, killing certain enemies, collecting special items, and the like, will open up other elements of the game. In terms of unlocking the secrets, the methods can be a bit roundabout, like how some Pokemon only evolve at certain times of day when you're standing in a specific spot. Despite the headache you may get trying to figure them out, these secrets can net some interesting characters, items, and even game mechanics to expand your gameplay. In order to help, we have gathered all the secrets and requirements to unlock them into this article for your convenience.

Keep in mind that some of these secrets will only be available after you've "beaten" the game. This is indicated by reaching The Eudaimonia Machine and defeating The Directer.

List of secrets


Name Type Description


Avatar Infernas Character A fiery demon who starts with the Flames of Misspell weapon.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Defeat the Directer
  • Turn on inverse mode
  • Enter the Inlaid Library
  • Travel east past the Gold Ring until you see the Trickster
  • Defeat the Trickster and enter the following keys on the piano (2nd white key, 6th white key, 5th black key, 5th white key, and 1st black key)
  • Search coffins in the new area until the character appears
  • Defeat him to unlock
Big Trouser Character A character resembling the Merchant who starts with the Candybox weapon.   Costs 5000 Gold.
  • Fully upgrade all 16 standard stage items
Boon Marrabbio Character A shadowy figure who starts with the Thousand Edge weapon.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Collect the Yellow Sign
  • Go to Mad Forest and collect the Skull O'Maniac and Pummarola
  • Follow the items that appear and defeat the enemy at the end of the path
Cosmo Pavone Character A colorful bird that starts with the Peachone and Ebony Wings weapons.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Collect the Yellow Sign
  • Unlock Zi'Assunta Belpaese
  • Enter Cappella Magna with a character that has collected 0 Eggs
  • Collect Peachone and Ebony Wings
  • Go north until you reach a balcony and collect the Nduja Fritta Tanto
  • Collect the character after it spawns
Exdash Exiviiq Character A ghost-like character that starts with the Ebony Wings weapon.   Costs 777 Gold.
  • Enter "x-x1viiq" on the main menu or as a Spell in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morgane
Gains Boros Character A bone dragon character that starts with the Heavenly Sword weapon.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Enter the Bone Zone
  • Go north past the Silver Ring
  • Find a ring of flowers and stand in it for 10 seconds to unlock the character
Gyorunton Character A flying hydra character that starts with the Bracelet weapon.   Costs 5,000 Gold.
  • Enter Boss Rash and survive for 15 minutes with only one weapon
Leda Character A large spherical character that starts with the Holy Wand weapon.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Enter Gallo Tower (speedy characters or Hyper Mode recommended)
  • Travel south until the area darkens
  • Search for Leda in the darkened area and defeat to unlock
Mask of the Red Death Character A grim reaper character that starts with the Death Spiral weapon.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Kill Death in any stage (Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud combo recommended)
Minnah Mannarah Character A werewolf character that starts with the Bloody Tear weapon.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Get the Yellow Sign
  • Enter the Dairy Plant and collect the Cheese item
  • Defeat the werewolves that spawn to unlock the character
missingN# Character A glitchy distorted character that has a chance to start with either the Axe or Death Spiral weapon.   Costs 66,666 Gold.
  • Get the Yellow Sign
  • Enter Green Acres with both Hyper Mode and Hurry Mode on
  • Go south 18 tilesets and then west 18 tilesets
  • Kill 128 of the winged-eyes that spawn to unlock the character
Peppino Character A festive-looking tree that starts with the Soul Eater weapon.   Costs 666 Gold.
  • Enter Il Moloise
  • Heal the plants using the Celestial Dusting weapon until a jingle is heard
Random Character A chance to select one of several characters with various bonuses and weapons.   Costs 5,000 Gold.
  • Reopen any coffin you've previously opened
Scorej-Oni Character An ogre-like character that starts with the Lightning Ring weapon.   Costs 5,000 Gold.
  • Enter the Tiny Bridge
  • Walk 20 tilesets to the east until you encounter the character
  • Defeat to unlock
Smith IV Character A ghost-like character that starts with the Vandalier weapon.   Costs 7,777 Gold.
  • Unlock Exdash Exiviiq and Toastie
  • Enter "spam" on the main menu (this will start a 30-second timer)
  • Quickly, enter "spam" in character selection and then in stage selection
  • Enter any stage and enter "humbug" to unlock character
Toastie Character A ghost-like character that starts with the Peachone weapon.   Costs 777 Gold.
  • Cast the Spell to unlock Exdash Exiviiq
  • Defeat either the Stalker, Drowner, or Trickster
  • The character will flash briefly, so be ready to press DOWN ARROW + ENTER when that happens
Il Moloise Stage A bonus area full of plant life with a 15-minute time limit.
  • Unlock the Hyper Mode for one normal stage
Moongolow Stage A bonus area full of cool tiles with the Merchant and a 15-minute time limit.
  • Unlock Hyper Mode for four normal stages
Holy Forbidden Stage A hidden area full of distortion that holds the Yellow Sign.
  • Run out the time limit in Moongolow
Eudaimonia Machine Stage The last area of the game where the final boss awaits.
  • Unlocked by collecting all the standard relics from their respective stages
Arcanas Gameplay Mechanic An element that allows you to add modifiers prior to starting a stage.   A majority of Arcanas can be unlocked by reaching level 50 with a specific character, while the rest require you to survive certain stages for 31 minutes alternatively, kill Death.
  • Collect the Randomazzo in the north of Gallo Tower
  • Upon pickup, automatically grants you the Sarabande of Healing Arcanas
Glass Vizard Relic An item that causes the Merchant to appear in all stages.
  • Buy it from the Merchant in Moongolow
Mindbender Relic A gag-like item that lets you change character appearances.
  • Fill all 50 entries in the Collection
Yellow Sign Relic A mysterious symbol that allows you to detect hidden items.
  • Look for it in the far east of the Holy Forbidden
Great Gospel Relic A bright tome that lets you level up items past their limits.
  • Get the Yellow Sign
  • Enter Capella Magna and defeat the final enemy
Forbidden Scrolls of Morgane Relic A scroll that gives you access to the cheat menu where you can cast Spells
  • Get the Yellow Sign
  • Enter the Bone Zone
  • Go south and defeat Sketamari
Greatest Jubilee Weapon A weapon that launches fireworks around the field.
  • Enter the Eudaimonia Machine
  • Defeat the Directer to unlock
Candybox Weapon A weapon that lets you choose any weapon you've already unlocked.
  • Unlock all standard evolutions and unions for all weapons
Victory Sword Weapon A weapon that uses close-range combo attacks and counterattacks.
  • Unlock Queen Sigma
  • Enter any stage and 100,000 enemies in one run
Fuwalafuwaloo Weapon Union A combination of two weapons that have explosive effects.
  • Obtain both the Bloody Tear and Vento Sacro
Phieraggi Weapon Union A combination of several pistols that fire a lot of projectiles.
  • Obtain the Tiragisú, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight the Sparrow
Vandalier Weapon Union A combination of two birds that bombards the area.
  • Obtain both the Ebony Wings and Peachone
Torrona's Box Item A cursed object that raises Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, and AoE by 4 percent.
  • In any stage, have 6 weapons maxed out at once during a single run

Unlocking The Secrets Menu

Harking back to some of the earliest retro games, Vampire Survivors offers a bounty of Secret Codes, referred to as "Spells". To unlock the Secrets Menu where the codes can be entered, you need to collect the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. It's a Relic that can be collected by following these steps.

  • Unlock Moongolow by unlocking Hyper Mode for 4 other stages (done by defeating special enemies that appear around 25 minutes)
  • Survive in Moongolow for 14 minutes and then defeat the special angel enemy that appears
  • Travel to the Hidden Ground and reach the end of the corridor to collect the Yellow Sign
  • Go to The Bone Zone (by this point, it should already be unlocked)
  • Travel South to the question mark to encounter a special enemy called the Sketamari
  • Defeat the Sketamari to collect the Scrolls

Once this is done, you'll be able to access the Secrets Menu from the Main Menu and enter codes to unlock almost all other game features.

Base Game Character And Equipment Secret Codes

After a few minutes of playing Vampire Survivors, you'll quickly see that it has a huge roster of characters to play and unlock. Before you can play certain characters, you need to meet their requirements and then purchase them with gold. Alternatively, you can cast the following spells.

Code Unlock(s)
noneladonna Arca Ladonna
vivaladonna Porta Ladonna
superladonna Lama Ladonna
strongestcharacter Poe Ratcho
faschiuma Suor Clerici
bioparco Dommario
accidenti Krochi Freetto
crystalmakeup Christine Davain
flymetothemoon Pugnala Provola
thetwoassassins Giovanna Grana
feldschlacht Poppea Pecorina
ifeellovevenus Concetta Caciotta
yattapanda Yatta Cavallo and Cherry Bomb
carramba Bianca Ramba and Carréllo
reset O'Sole Meeo and Celestial Dusting
languorino Sir Ambrojoe and La Robba
waitreaction Iguana Gallo Valletto
quandolodicelui Divano Thelma
paradigmshift Zi'Assunta Belpaese
x-x1viiq" (also works in main menu) or "exdashexoneviiq Exdash Exiviiq
tramezzini Toastie (Exdash Exiviiq must be unlocked)
maybeimastallion Smith IV
igottagettotheedgeofsoul Random
fettinepanate Boon Marrabbio
kalvasflam Avatar Infernas
foldinthecheese Minnah Mannarah
iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme Leda
lhovistoio Cosmo Pavone
pinociampino Peppino
earrivatolarrotino Big Trouser
rightninetyseven missingN?
highfive Gains Boros
secondevolution Gyorunton
ablasphemousmockery Mask of the Red Death
allatonce Queen Sigma
rescuefromtheshadows Rose De Infernas
notsureitsthunder Scorej-Oni
everything Weapons and Passive items (except those unlocked with the Yellow Sign)

Base Game Stage Secret Codes

Vampire Survivors has a mix of stages, ranging from classic to challenges. There are also hidden stages and many have an associated Hyper Mode. You can unlock them by playing through the game, hitting milestones, and completing achievements. To save time, you can also just enter the following spells.

Code Unlock(s)
everywhere Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, and Cappella Magna (Inlaid Library achievement must be completed)
relaxenjoylife Il Molise
honesty Moongolow
dotgogreenacres Green Acres
rottingpizza The Bone Zone
peakgamedesign Boss Rash
recycletheforest Bat Country
recyclethelibrary Astral Stair
recyclethetower Tiny Bridge

Relics Secret Codes

Relics are unique items that are found in specific locations in designated stages. Their location is indicated in-game by large arrows pointing to their positions. If you don't feel like collecting them, try out these spells.

Code Unlock(s)
thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault Grim Grimoire
thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault Ars Gouda
leadmetothecheese Milky Way Map
thankelrond Magic Banger
timecompression Sorceress' Tears
eggseggseggs Glass Vizard
ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit Yellow Sign
teleportustomars Mindbender
icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet Great Gospel
freezearrow Gracia's Mirror
dootdoot Seventh Trumpet
gottagofast Chaos Malachite
coldwaterhotwater Chaos Rosalia
tengillesbalm Apoplexy
haeralisploy Trisection
randomazzami Randomazzo and Sarabande of Healing (VI)

Arcanas Secret Codes

Arcanas are game modifiers with access being unlocked in-game by collecting the Randomazzo Relic. These spells will unlock different Arcanas which can be selected before and during runs.

Code Unlock(s)
ilmatto Game Killer (0)
ilbagatto Gemini (I)
lapapessa Twilight Requiem (II)
limperatrice Tragic Princess (III)
limperatore Awake (IV)
ilpapa Chaos in the Dark Night (V)
randomazzami Sarabande of Healing (VI)
ilcarro Iron Blue Will (VII)
laforza Mad Groove (VIII)
leremita Divine Bloodline (IX)
laruota Beginning (X)
lagiustizia Waltz of Pearls (XI)
lappeso Out of Bounds (XII)
lamorte Wicked Season (XIII)
latemperanza Jail of Crystal (XIV)
ildiavolo Disco of Gold (XV)
latorre Slash (XVI)
lastella Lost & Found Painting (XVII)
laluna Boogaloo of Illusions (XVIII)
ilsole Heart of Fire (XIX)
ilgiudizio Silent Old Sanctuary (XX)
ilmondo Blood Astronomia (XXI)

Random Secret Codes

Like many traditional video games, Vampire Survivors has a few spells that can cause various effects when entered. These are meant to change the game experience in unusual ways or just for amusement.

Code Unlock(s)
spinnn Spin the UI
popthecorn Enter Green Acres with a lot of corn
iwanttoseeitagain Enter Holy Forbidden
kamiki Play as O'Sole with Celestial Dusting, Greatest Jubilee, Cherry Bomb, and Clover, attract 10 Little Clover
onjupiter Increases the gravity of the game, light sources and pickups accelerate downwards, -40% Projectile Speed, +25% Movement Speed, and double the Magnet radius
andmars Decreases the gravity of the game, light sources and pickups accelerate upwards, -40% Projectile Speed, +25% Movement Speed, and double the Magnet radius
spoopyseason Halloween theming for Mortaccio, Yatta Cavallo, Bianca Ramba, O'Sole Meeo, and their weapons
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Secret Codes For Legacy Of Moonspell

The following spells unlock the characters and weapons associated with Legacy Of Moonspell.

Code Unlock(s)
shounenheroine Miang Moonspell and Silver Wind
youngatheart Menya Moonspell and Four Seasons
itsnotaneclipse Syuuto Moonspell and Summon Night
vogue Babi-Onna and Mirage Robe
ionicoionico McCoy-Oni and 108 Bocce
elamadonna Megalo Menya Moonspell
takeashower Megalo Syuuto Moonspell and Night Sword
chevolano Gav'Et-Oni and Mille Bolle Blu

Secret Codes For Tides Of The Foscari

The following spells unlock the characters and weapons associated with Tides Of The Foscari.

Code Unlocks(s)
spellsomething Eleanor Uziron and SpellString
animeismypassion Maruto Cuts and Eskizzibur
oopsistoleoneagain Keitha Muort and Flash Arrow
deusexmachina Luminaire Foscari and Prismatic Missile
basicwitch Genevieve Gruyère and Shadow Servant
theworldeater Je-Ne-Viv
happybirthday Sammy
souloftheparty Rottin'Ghoul and Party Popper
spellwhatever SpellStream
spellwhichever SpellStrike
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