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Subway Surfers codes - Free coins, keys and characters (April 2024)

If you've been scouring the internet looking for redeem codes for Subway Surfers, look no further.

Subway Surfers codes - Free coins, keys and characters (April 2024)
Updated on April 01, 2024 - Checked for new Subway Surfers codes

When you're busy running non-stop trying to reach crazy high scores, it might be easy to forget that Subway Surfers has a redeem codes option. From the codes, players can get anything from Keys to characters and character skins, and that's definitely a nice way to save yourself a couple of bucks or a few hours of running (it already sounds exhausting!).

So, if you want to get yourself some nice freebies, these Subway Surfers codes will most definitely come in handy! Below we're going to check out all the available codes in the game, and you should redeem them ASAP because they are not typically available for a very long time!

Before we take a look at the codes, let me give you a quick walkthrough of how to redeem them in case you're new to the game!

subway surfers codes

How to redeem codes in Subway Surfers?

In order to redeem the codes all you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Head on to the Settings menu in the top right corner of the screen. (the cog icon)
  • Step 2: Scroll down until you see the Unlock Codes option, and select it.
  • Step 3: Type in your redeem codes and hit confirm (the green tick button).

That's it! You should receive your rewards right away!

Currently working Subway Surfers Redeem Codes

Make sure you type in the Subway Surfers codes just like you see them written here - if it's in caps, then make sure you type in the caps. They are case-sensitive, so if you don't write the codes correctly they might not work.

Active Codes

  • No active codes momentarily. 

Expired Codes

Here we're going to type in all the codes that have expired. Feel free to try and redeem them, but chances are they won't work.

  • 200designs
  • giftDiscord2124 (Redeem this code to get 7,000 Coins, 7 Keys, and 1 Mystery Box)
  • thebest9
  • RunnerUp888 (Redeem this code to get 8,000 Coins and 8 Keys)
  • hellochangan (Redeem this code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • 9yearsrunning (Redeem the code to get 9,000 Coins, 9 Keys and 1 Mystery Box)
  • 2infinity (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins. 3 Keys, 1 Score Booster and 1 Mega Headstart)
  • houstonkeys (Redeem the code to get 6 Keys)
  • springtime (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • hoppyfriday (Redeem the code to get 5 Keys and 1000 Coins)
  • eggstremecoins (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins)
  • fridaycheers (Redeem the code to get 1,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • instalove200k (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins and 4 Keys)
  • sybotv5milion (Redeem the code to get a Mystery Box)
  • funfriday2 (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins and 3 Keys)
  • happyfriday3 (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins and 3 Keys)
  • HappyHolidays2020 (Redeem the code to get Mimi)
  • luckyday2021 (Redeem the code to get 8,000 Coins)
  • singaporedollars (Redeem the code to get 5,555 Coins)
  • instalove100k (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins, 6 Keys and 1 Hoverboard)
  • funkyfriday1 (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins and 3 Keys)
  • sybotv5million (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • Diablo60 (Redeem the code to get Diablo and 5 Keys)
  • DiabloNow (Redeem the code to get Diablo)

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