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Top 10 Terraria seeds for your next adventure

Top 10 Terraria seeds for your next adventure

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Terraria is one of the most popular sandbox games, and although it does not have a 3D world like Minecraft, the game has a lot more content. It has several modes that have different enemies and items you can find. Moreover, you can survive 10 worlds and not even see half of all Terraria content, as some items may simply not spawn when the map is created. Fortunately, you can use Seeds to make the game world better or harder. That's why we've compiled the top 10 Terraria Seeds for your next adventure.

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Seeds in Terraria are certain codes that determine the world you create. Using them, you can play in worlds where useful and rare items can lie right under your feet. Or, if you like hardcore experiences, you can create a world with increased difficulty with the help of certain Seeds. So, read on to find out about the best Terraria seeds.

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Double Jump Seed

Double jump seed

We start our list with a fairly simple, but very useful Seed. As the name states, Double Jump Seed allows you to master Double Jump at the very beginning of the game. Right after spawning, find a pyramid to the west and grab one of the best Double Jump accessories - and, of course, we're talking about Sandstorm in a Bottle.

The Constant

The Constant seed in Terraria

It is a unique Seed created in collaboration with Don't Starve. The Constant lets you take a fresh look at Terraria. Now, you will have to watch not only your health and mana but also your hunger. Moreover, in this world, Light is your best friend. And if you lose it, then most likely you will die. The Constant is a challenge to all players who think Terraria is no longer difficult for them.

Beginner's Paradise

Beginner's Paradise seed

Completing challenges in Terraria is very fun. But sometimes, you just want to relax and enjoy the measured life in the game. And for such players, we have a special Seed. When you spawn in the Beginner's Paradise world, you can find a lot of great items and resources nearby. So, you can immediately build a good house and start enjoying life in Terraria.


Muramasa seed

As we said, there are a lot of items in Terraria, and some of them are very hard to get. And if you've ever tried to find Muramasa, you know how time-consuming it is. Although it is a great sword, it is the material to create one of the strongest swords called Night's Edge. Therefore, Muramasa Seed is something that we can call a perfect start. In this world, you can simply go down into the dungeon and find a golden chest behind one of the walls that will definitely contain Muramasa.

Not The Bees

Not the bees Terraria seed

This Seed will suit players who love Bees, but perhaps people with a fear of bees can also use it, for example, to get rid of a phobia. And yes, as is evident, Not The Bees Seed creates a world in which Hives, Bees, and Honey are everywhere. Surviving in such a world is quite fun and challenging, so be sure to try it.

For the Worthy

Terraria seed for the worthy

This is another Seed for players who find Terraria easy or casual. Enter the For the Worthy Seed, and you will spawn in a world that is hostile to you. You will take more damage from enemies and they also have increased health. Everywhere around the world, there will be rivers of lava, and all the Rabbits will be mined.

Drunk World

Drunk world seed

It is a seed created for the anniversary of the game. Luckily, it doesn't make the game harder. However, everything in the generated world will be a little different than what you are used to seeing in Terraria. Some textures will become brighter, NPCs will switch places, and some structures will spawn more often. It really does feel like a slightly drunk world. If you want an unusual gaming experience, then Drunk World is what you need.

Ocean Caverns

Terraria seed Ocean Caverns

By playing randomly generated Terraria, you can find different biomes and structures, but ocean caves are a very rare biome. Fortunately, by creating a world using the Ocean Caverns Seed, you are guaranteed to find caves with various loot in the ocean in the east.


It is another Seed created to celebrate the anniversary of the game. In this world, players will have a holiday every day. You will be able to find chests more often and get better rewards from them. Moreover, the chance of encountering Golden Slimes will be increased.

This Is A Very Good Seed

And last on our list is a Very Good Seed. It does not complicate the game but gives you an incredible weapon at the very beginning, namely the Finch Staff. What's more, you can find a lot of Life Crystals near the Living Tree.

That's all you need to know about the top 10 Terraria Seeds for your next adventure. We recommend that you try each of them for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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