Updated May 9, 2019: New entries added

The mobile gaming lines have blurred to the point where we don't really know what constitutes an RPG any more.

Oh, sure, you have your JRPGs and your hard core western RPGs filled with ogres and hit points and turn-based battles. Those are easy to identify.

But in recent years we've been receiving strange genre-splices that incorporate elements from action games, boardgames, and even casual clickers. Lots of those, in fact.

So we don't know what precisely constitutes a mobile RPG any more. But if it feels right, and it's awesome to play, it has a chance of making this Top RPG list.

Whatever form they take, the best mobile RPGs can engross and enthral you just as much as their console counterparts - but with the added perk of being able to play them on the bus.

It's always a struggle to narrow this list down to a mere 25 Android RPGs, but here goes.