Updated January 29, 2021: New entries added

Call us shallow (everyone: you're shallow), but we do love a pretty game. Sure, gameplay is of prime importance. But no one wants to play an ugly game.

This is a visual medium we're all dabbling in here, and a game can sell its premise a whole lot easier if it looks the part. Conversely, a game that doesn't nail the visual brief will very rarely win the hearts of gamers.

There are many ways to make your Android games look good, of course. We're not merely talking about the big budget games here.

A game can wow us with its art direction, dazzle with its animation, or stun us with its lighting. We'd take all of the above over a dry photorealistic game that fails to distinguish itself from countless me too examples.

All of the following Android games look great in their own way. But of course, art is subjective, so your favourites will no doubt vary.

Let us know which Android games you find the most visually alluring in the comments below.