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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis tier list of all weapons

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis tier list of all weapons

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Updated on February 5th, 2024 - Version: 1.50.10 - To be added: Yuffie (Playable character)

If you are a newcomer to the world of FFVII, it's crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every character and every weapon the game has to offer. Below you can find our complete Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis tier list where we rank every weapon in the game and break down all playable characters. 

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Before we go on, I'd like to remind you that we are mostly going based on our closed beta test (CBT) experience. That means that future re-balance updates might change a few (or a lot) things, and so, we will have to revisit this tier list. With that out of the way, let's get right into our FFVII Ever Crisis tier list!

FFVII Ever Crisis weapons tier list

At the moment, there are 9 playable characters that you can acquire for free. Every one of them can equip up the following weapons:

  • Primary Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon
  • Sub Weapons (3)

Something important to point out is that characters inherit stats from their primary, secondary weapons, and sub-weapons (100%, 50%, and 50% respectively). The only exception to this is the C.Ability of the sub-weapons.

With that said, let's take a look at each character:

Best matching weapons for each character


During the CBT, Aerith was a staple in almost every team. The reason is simple -she's the best healer in the game. Because of it, she can be useful in every situation. On top of that, she provides a lot of earth and lightning area damage. You can't really ask for more.

Recommended Weapons: Sun Umbrella / Wizard Staff (DPS) - Fairy Tale / Mythril Rod (Healer)


Barret excels in long-range non-elemental attacks and he can be very useful thanks to his wave clear abilities. He has access to certain weapons that allow him to reduce enemies' physical defense. If you need a physical team, he's your guy.

Recommended Weapons: W Machine / Assault Gun


When we talk about FF, Cloud is one of the first characters that comes to mind. In Ever Crisis, he's the best Lightning-damage carry in the game hands down, and that's enough to make him S-Tier.

Recommended Weapons: Murasame / Apocalypse


Glenn brings a lot of physical single-target damage. Actually, he probably has the highest in the game. Later on (once he reaches limit break 2), he gets an AoE ability. The problem is that lightning and earth damage are simply more useful, at least for now.

Recommended Weapons: Jiggy Fam / Piece of Cake


Lucia is a primary damage-carry hero that can also provide some crowd control in the form of silence which makes enemies unable to use any skills for a period of time. She deals water and wind damage.

Recommended Weapons: Pulse Gun / Serpent Gun


Matt is a single-target damage carry who can also be used as a pseudo-healer in some team comps. He's especially useful against certain bosses as he provides debuffs and high-damage output.

Recommended Weapons: Any S-Tier weapon pairing


Red XIII is a character that can heal his allies with his regen abilities and also provide some debuffs (MDEF, MATK). With that said, he's not as effective as Aerith as flat healing is simply better at the moment. If you want to use him, his ideal role is support.

Recommended Weapons: Gold Collar / Noble Collar


Young Sephiroth is the latest character to be added in the world of FFVII Ever Crisis. He's the strongest ice DPS in the game currently.

Recommended Weapons: Edged Wings/Aonibi or Shinra Blade.


Tifa is the only character with an ability that allows her to remove certain ailments. She has access to various weapons that allow her to become a pseudo-healer, but she can also provide good enough damage. She's usually used as a secondary damage unit.

Recommended Weapons: Tiger Fangs / Leather Gloves


Zack is a single-target damage nuker with the ability to debuff his enemies. Even though he's primarily used as a primary DPS character, he can be built as a secondary DPS/Debuffer.

Recommended Weapons: Cutlass / Arc Sword

In the next few pages, you can check out our complete FFVII weapons tier list to find out what the best weapons to equip your heroes are. 

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Weapon Type Unit
Wizer Staff Earth Aerith
Jiggy Fam Earth Glenn
Edged Wings Ice Sephiroth
Flame Projector Fire Barret
Rage Collar Fire Red XIII
Crewkicker Fire Glenn
Crystal Sword (Z) Fire Zack
Enhance Sword Ice Cloud
Silver Staff Ice Aerith
Absolute Royal Ice Matt
Murasame Lightning Cloud
Wizard Staff Lightning Aerith
Shockbuster Lightning Glenn
Crystal Gloves Lightning Tifa
Noble Collar Water Red XIII
Orthodox Raven Water Matt
Serpent Eater Water Lucia
Prototype Crimson Blade Fire Sephiroth
Maritime Sword Water Cloud
Falchion Wind Zack
Motor Drive Wind Tifa
Pulse Gun Wind Lucia
Sonic Striker Non-Elemental Tifa
Enemy Launcher Non-Elemental Barret
Mythril Saber Non-Elemental Cloud
Powersoul Non-Elemental Tifa
Mad Minute Non-Elemental Lucia
Powersoul Non-Elemental Tifa
Apocalypse Non-Elemental Cloud
Zweihander Non-Elemental Zack
Arc Sword Non-Elemental Zack
W Machine Non-Elemental Barret
Broadsword: Axis Non-Elemental Zack
Rest in Peace Non-Elemental Glenn
Cutlass Non-Elemental Zack
Type-99 Longsword Non-Elemental Zack
V39 Non-Elemental Lucia
Black Riffle Non-Elemental Lucia


Weapon Type Unit
Ifrit's Sword Fire Zack
Inferno Grave Fire Zack
Shiva Cannon Ice Barret
Shiva's Blade Ice Cloud
Rifle of Levin Lightning Lucia
Ramuh's Staff Lightning Aerith
Hardedge Non-Elemental Cloud
Personal Style Non-Elemental Glenn
Apology in Hell Non-Elemental Glenn
Tiger Fangs Non-Elemental Tifa
Piece of Cake Non-Elemental Glenn
Buster Sword Non-Elemental Cloud
Leather Collar Non-Elemental Red XIII
Gattling Gun Non-Elemental Barret
Striking Staff Non-Elemental Aerith
Junk Collar Non-Elemental Red XIII
Full Metal Staff Non-Elemental Aerith
Leather Gloves Non-Elemental Tifa
Barn Swallow Non-Elemental Lucia
Kaiser Knuckles Non-Elemental Tifa
Gold Collar Non-Elemental Red XIII


Weapon Type Unit
Hardcore Squad Healing Glenn
Rubber Collar Healing Red XIII
Esper Rapiere Next-G Healing Matt
Enhance Sword (Z) Healing Zack
Iron Blade Non-Elemental Cloud
Stingray Non-Elemental Matt
Slick Beetle Non-Elemental Matt
Solid Bazooka Non-Elemental Barret
Max Ray Non-Elemental Barret
Organics Non-Elemental Cloud
Hardcore Squad Healing Glenn
Rubber Collar Healing Red XIII
Esper Rapiere Next-G Healing Matt
Enhance Sword (Z) Healing Zack
Iron Blade Non-Elemental Cloud
Stingray Non-Elemental Matt
Slick Beetle Non-Elemental Matt
Solid Bazooka Non-Elemental Barret
Max Ray Non-Elemental Barret
Organics Non-Elemental Cloud


Weapon Type Unit
SSR1976 Healing Lucia
Butterfly Edge Healing Cloud
Sleek Collar Healing Red XIII
Core Defender Healing Matt
Mythril Rod Healing Aerith
Defender Healing Zack
Assault Gun Healing Barret
Heavy Vulcan Healing Barret
Guard Stick Healing Aerith

With that we conclude our Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis tier list. As I've mentioned earlier, our rankings are based primarily on our experience. Future balance updates might shake things up so we will make according changes to the list.

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