Updated January 30, 2021: New entries added

We've passed the Christmas holiday period when board games would ordinarily be played by families and friends. But these aren't exactly ordinary times.

For most of us, being stuck indoors with nothing to do is becoming an everyday occurrence thanks to the global pandemic. In these circumstances, every day isa potential board game day.

The trouble is, most of us have limited space, not to mention being inhibited from actually going to out to a shop to buy a new physical board game. Online orders aren't exactly at their snappiest or most reliable right now, either.

If we might venture a possible solution: digital board games. They're great, and custom made for mobile play.

Not only do you get to experience a whole breed of physical games that you might not ordinarily be exposed to - in depth strategy games, casual multiplayer games, solo games etc. - but you also get the benefit of streamlined UIs and graphical embellishments.

We haven't yet met a physical board game that can be played online, either. With many digital board games, that's a distinct possibility.

It's a wide and varied field, so the following top 25 list covers digital board games of all shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity.