Updated November 8, 2019: New entries added

Board games hold a special place in our hearts. When you mention board games to most people, it tends to conjure images of rainy family holidays and cosy Christmas Eves.

But what such common impressions fail to acknowledge is the existence of a thriving board game scene. Those who know their onions will realise that the board game field is far more rich, varied, and downright interesting than the cliched view would have you believe.

Running parallel to that exciting physical board game scene is a burgeoning market for digital board games. It's now possible to play many of the best board games on your smartphone or tablet - often with enhanced features.

The sheer convenience of these digital board game conversions also opens them out to a whole new audience. You might not have the time, space, inclination or friendship group to get into the 'real thing', but it's a small matter to download an app.

But where do you start? Check out the following digital board games for starters. There's potentially hours of enjoyment to be had here.