Updated December 15, 2020: New entries added

Whether you're dragging out the family classics on Boxing Day, or hitting a rented out back room with a bunch of likeminded buddies, board games play a major part in a lot of our lives.

There's a thriving board game scene that runs well beyond Monopoly and Ludo - two words that are considered offensive in certain purist quarters.

Even if you wanted to get into this deeper board game scene, though, there's a considerable barrier to entry. From simple logistics to having the right friend(s) to show you the ropes, it can be a little intimidating.

That's why the emergence of a similarly vibrant digital board game scene has been such a plus. Now you can learn the rules of the deepest, most nuanced modern board games without feeling self conscious.

And even if you're already well versed in board games, the ability to play on your phone, wherever you are, solo or multiplayer, is a massive plus.

Here, then, are 25 iOS digital board games to get you started. You might not be coming up for air any time soon.