Updated August 1st, 2021. Added some fresh Android strategy games

Scan down the following 25 best strategy games for Android list, and you'll find several sharp ports of top-notch PC strategy games. And they play really well on the small screen. There's a reason for that and most of the time it comes down to two things: UI and controls. UI, user interface, is totally the core to the experience of most strategy games out there - the genre is synonymous with complicated menus.

But, pivoting these things to use the touchscreen of mobile and controls means that plan and navigation can feel much more natural. 

We like a good casual palette cleanser as much as the next mobile gamer. But when you really want to get your teeth into something on your phone, there are few better genres to tackle than the strategy genre.

Can you enjoy playing strategy games on your Android phone?

Just ten years ago, the very idea of playing a strategy game on your Android mobile phone would have seemed ridiculous. Even in the early days of the smartphone era, Android phones lacked the power and the pixels to encompass all the complexity that the best strategy games bring to the tablet.

But what's interesting about the Android strategy game scene is the sheer variety that's on offer. You'll find all manner of genre hybrids that serve to add an extra dose of excitement and immediacy into this deeply cerebral form of game.

Think we've missed something from our list? Share your own Android strategy games favourites in the comments below.

Original List by Jon Mundy, updated by Cristina Mesesan