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Star Trek Fleet Command best crew combinations

Star Trek Fleet Command best crew combinations

Deploying the right officers for your ships can be the difference between failure and victory. But what are the best crew combinations in Star Trek Fleet Command? The answer is below.


Before we go into the best crew combinations, we should talk about the Officers and their mechanics. Similar to how ships are in the game, officers also have stats (Health, Attack, Defense) and abilities.

By collecting the required number of shards, they can be promoted and you can increase their maximum level cap. Higher level means better stats and improved abilities.


ST factions

Officers belong to factions, and based on that, they share some general characteristics and abilities as follows:

  • Federation: Officers of this faction are defense-oriented.
  • Ability: Morale
  • Klingon: Klingon Officers are mainly focused on attack.
  • Ability: Hull Breach
  • Romulan: This faction's Officers offer utility and health growth.
  • Ability: Burning


Regardless of their faction, each officer can be one of the following three classes:

STFC officer classes
  • Command
  • Science
  • Engineering

In addition, they are also members of various groups.

Like ships, their rarity varies from 'Uncommon' to 'Epic'. Based on that, they have a set number of traits that can be used on 'Away Team Assignments':

  • Uncommon: 0
  • Common: 1
  • Rare: 2
  • Epic: 3

Captain's Maneuver

Captain maneuvers

Every Officer has two skills. One is the 'Captain Maneuver' and the other is 'Officer Ability'. The maneuver can only be activated if they are assigned as the Captain of the ship.

Crew Synergy

Crew synergy bonus

Deploying crew members of the same group, will provide a synergy bonus to the Captain's Maneuver ability, increasing its effectiveness.

Diverse experience provides the most benefit to the Captain. Putting an officer of each class (but of the same group) on the bridge, will grant the maximum synergy bonus.

Scan the enemy man

Best Crews in Star Trek Flee Command

Depending on their abilities and traits, various crew combinations excel in certain aspects of the game compared to others.

For example, a crew that increases the mining rate of gas is great for mining gas, obviously, but it's not beneficial when it comes to battle.

Additionally, each faction complements the strengths of a certain ship type as follows:

  • Federation: Explorer
  • Klingon: Interceptor
  • Romulan: Battleship

Synergy bonus, as powerful as it is, it's not everything in some cases. There are Officers abilities that work extremely well against a certain type of enemy, or compliment another officer, regardless of their group.

So in that sense, we can't say that there's one crew that's the best at everything. For better or worst, that's not how Star Trek Fleet Command works.

With that being said, let's see some of the best crew combinations in Star Trek Fleet Command for different game content.

Fighting Hostiles

Pike Moreau crew combination

If you have these two, even at lower levels, you are set, at least when it comes to farming hostiles. Pike and Moreau are the core, but the 3rd member of your crew can be either Chen or T'Laan depending on the enemies you are facing. 

But of course, especially as a new player, it's more likely not to have Epic or even Rare officers. In that case, you can go with high level Cadet or Next Gen combinations. 

Cadet Uhura and Cadet McCoy, with Chen or T'Laan as the 3rd member.
Another solid combo is Cadet Uhura with T'Laan and Instructor Spock if that's all you have. 

A Next Gen crew would look something like this:

Next Gen La Forge and Next Gen Troi as the core members. The last member of the crew can be Next Gen Crusher, T'Laan, Instructor Spock

Siege Crew

When it comes to taking down stations, going with the 'Khan's Crew' is your best choice.

  • Khan 
  • Joachim 
  • Marla McGivers
A 'cheaper' alternative would look something like this.
  • Joachim
  • Otto
  • Kati


When it comes to mining operations, combinations of these Officers are the most efficient.

Best mining crew combination Ore Mining
  • Stonn
  • Tpring
  • 10 of 11
Gas Mining
  • Tpring
  • 10 of 11
  • Stonn
Data Mining
  • Joachin
  • 10 of 11
  • Tpring
Crystal Mining
  • Barot 
  • Tpring
  • 10 of 11

These are just some examples of great crew combinations against certain game content. Hopefully, with the information we've provided here, you can figure out on your own which of your available officers are the best for the ships that you have.  

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