Updated December 16, 2020: List entries tweaked

Thankfully, the App Store does not have a problem with original content. Hundreds of fresh, bespoke games are deposited onto our iPhones and iPads ever month.

That's why we're quite sanguine about the fact that there's also a thriving market for ports and conversions of existing console and PC games. It just means that we get the best of both (or rather all) worlds.

It used to be that people would grumble about the prospect of a mobile conversion. Smartphones weren't powerful enough, their screens weren't big enough, and the games simply weren't suitable for touchscreen controls.

All of those concerns have gone out of the window now. Smartphone processors are ridiculously capable, display sizes (and resolutions) have ballooned, and it's easier than ever to hook up a wireless joypad to your iPhone.

That's why we haven't just included the following console and PC conversions because they were great games in their original iteration. We've done so because they play great on iOS.