Updated: March 25, 2021: New entries added

Original games are the lifeblood of any platform. You can guarantee that the winner of the console war in any given generation will be the machine with the best unique titles in its roster.

But a good port can be just as persuasive. If your console lacks a bone fide third party classic that can be found on another platform, you can bet your bottom dollar that questions are going to be asked.

We're always cautiously happy when a big game comes to iOS, even if initially came out years earlier, or was built with a TV and physical controls in mind.

The best ports tend to be those that capture the purity of the original, but smartly retune things for a mobile phone or tablet. They don't have to function well with touchscreen controls - Bluetooth controller support means that's not strictly necessary - but it certainly helps.

Basically, though, we just want playable versions of our favourite PC and console games on our iPhones and iPads. Is that too much to ask? Not judging by these 25 prime examples.