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How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft

We all know that growing mushrooms requires specific conditions that don't apply to most plants or animals. Here is what you need to grow them in Minecraft.

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft
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Even in games that offer a whole world full of action and fantasy, the mini-games and sim-like elements always appeal to me. Maybe it's because I enjoy the mellow gameplay experiences or I just wanna play a game that doesn't put artificial pressure on me. While Minecraft does look like it revolves around making an incredible model out of 3D pixel blocks, it throws dangers at you left and right. Exploding bushes roam freely, the dead rise every night, and mining for valuable minerals comes with a world of hurt. That's why it's a challenge to create a small patch of peace where you can do things like farming.

There's a surprising number of crops and plants you can grow in Minecraft. In fact, you can spend the whole game farming and always have something to do. While it's fun to diversify your crops, there's a simple joy that comes from focusing on just one kind. Of all the plants that you can grow, Mushrooms are one of the more colourful and unusual. With a little time and effort, you can have fields of shrooms as far as the eye can see. You can even make your own shroom forest if you're up to it.

What do mushrooms do?

Minecraft brown mushroom

At first glance, it may appear that Mushrooms don't do much compared to other plants. They're also pretty small and have some unusual growth conditions. However, once you figure it out, you can grow them quickly. They also come in several varieties, including the tree-like Huge Mushrooms and the light-emitting Brown Mushrooms. Aside from looking cute and colourful, they can also be used as a key ingredient in several food items, such as the Suspicious Stew. Be warned though as they can grow and spread out of control if they're not tended to properly.

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft?

Red mushroom with white spots in Minecraft

To master the art of growing Mushrooms, you first need to get the conditions right. Much like in real life, Mushrooms don't grow well in direct sunlight. They need to be in the dark or, at the very least, dimly lit areas. They also won't grow if you place them directly underneath a clear view of the sky. Fortunately, Mushrooms can grow on a multitude of surfaces but can't be planted on slabs or stairs.

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Once planted, Mushrooms are largely self-sufficient. If you don't feel like creating the appropriate growth conditions, you can plant Mushrooms in Mycelium, Nylium, or Podzol so they can thrive in any amount of light. Keep in mind that Mushrooms have a chance to spread to adjacent blocks when left unattended. To prevent this, you can surround their growing space with slabs, alternate levels of lights, or the use of Pots.

When planted, Mushrooms have a chance to either be Red or Brown, which is something that can't be controlled. If you want to get Huge Mushrooms, you'll need to use Bone Meal on them and they'll grow to the large versions of their corresponding colours. They can grow as big as the average trees, so make sure you have plenty of space if you're planning a Mushroom Forest.

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