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How to make the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

How to make the Eye of Ender in Minecraft
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As of the 1.19 update, Minecraft now has over 1000 unique items that can be obtained in survival mode, and the number grows bigger with every update. Still, less than 30% of these items are actually frequently used, one of which is Minecraft Eye of Ender.

Read this guide to make the Eye of Ender in Minecraft. Moreover, we will talk about how to use this item. This information is of particular help to every player who wants to finish Minecraft and kill Ender Dragon.

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Crafting Eye of Ender

Eye of Ender is one of the first items that were to Minecraft. Since then, it has been considered one of the rarest and most desired items in the game.

The crafting recipe for the Eye of Ender is straightforward. You only need one Ender Pearl and one Blaze Powder to make the Eye of Ender. The recipe is shapeless, so you can put these items inside a workbench.

Still, many players have problems with getting Blaze Powder and Ender Pearl. Below you can learn how to get these valuable items.

Blaze Powder

Travel to the Nether and find the Blaze Spawned in Nether Fortress. You need to kill it. The monster is extremely powerful, and you must be highly prepared to do this. Otherwise, you will die and lose all your obtained resources.

After killing Blaze, you will get Blaze Rod, which is required to craft Blaze Powder. With this item, you only need to open Workbench and put Blaze Rod inside it. You will get two Blaze Powders as a result, which can be used for crafting Eye of Ender.

Ender Pearl

To get Ender Pearl, you should find an Enderman and then try to kill it. The trick here is to find a location where you have some blocks behind you. It will prevent Enderman from teleporting behind your back and allow you to take down this monster easily.

Still, Ender Pearl doesn’t drop every time you kill Enderman. There is only a slight chance you will get this item by killing this dangerous monster. So, be ready to spend a lot of time killing Enderman to get Ender Pearl.


Ender portal made of Eyes of Ender in Minecraft

The primary function of the Eye of Ender in Minecraft is to get access to The End World, a dark space-like dimension in which you can find Ender Dragon - the final boss in Minecraft.

You must put 12 Eyes of Ender inside the End Portal to activate it and get permanent access to The End World. It might sound straightforward, but obtaining 12 Eyes of Ender requires much time and effort.

That’s it with making the Eye of Ender in Minecraft. Getting an Eye of Ender as fast as possible is a dream for every speedrunner, but, unfortunately, it's easier said than done! And if you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our guide on how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft.