Updated Aug 9, 2020: Article wording revisited.

Mobile games are often associated with shallow, fluffy, free to play time fillers. You just try levelling that accusation at the following RPGs.

Wait, an RPG on a mobile phone? Yep, that nerdiest of genres has made its way to Android phones. It's been there since the beginning, in fact.

Not that you can always recognise a mobile RPG. Sure, there are plenty of Final Fantasy conversions and other traditional role playing experiences.

But in recent years we've also seen lots of curious RPG hybrids. There are games on the Google Play Store that fold in elements of deck-building, roguelike dungeon crawling, strategy, and yes - even a few more casual elements.

The point is, the mobile RPG now covers multiple genres. As a result, the following list gets more eclectic by the update.