Updated December 31, 2020: New entries added

What's a roguelike, what's a roguelite, and what's nothing of the sort has become rather a tiresome debate in recent times.

What do we even mean by roguelike and roguelite? Both are references to the classic '80s game Rogue, which introduced the concepts of procedurally generated levels that never repeated themselves, as well as a punishing state of permanent death (or perma-death).

With these two core components, each run of Rogue was both unique and uniquely challenging.

Many games have adopted these concepts over the years, but the past decade or so has seen an explosion of rogue-like efforts in the overlapping indie and mobile gaming scenes.

Games that stick closely to the Rogue template (which also featured a turn-based movement and combat system) tend to get called roguelikes. Those that adopt some of its attributes, but combine them with other elements and genres, often earn the roguelite label.

We're not going to get too pedantic about this. The following iOS games are all vaguely rogue-ISH in some way or other. And we love all of them for it.