Dead Cells Gardeners keys and how to acquire them

Dead Cells Gardeners keys and how to acquire them
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Do you need help in the Promenade of the Condemned area while searching for Blueprints? Well, the Gardener’s Keys can help you pass through the area and continue your run. But, it might be tricky to obtain the keys as there are numerous secret locations where they might be hidden.

In order to help you out and save time, we have created this guide that will tell you the undisclosed locations of the Gardener’s Keys. Before you proceed to hunt for the keys, let’s talk about them a little bit.

What are the Gardener’s Keys?

They are a set of three keys that are used to unlock the doors containing the Blueprints. The Gardener’s Keys only function in the Promenade of the Condemned area and, to unlock each door, you will have to combine them.

How to find the Gardener’s Keys?

There are three types of Gardener’s keys:

  • The Tower Key
  • The Background Key
  • The Underground Key

The Tower Key

The tallest tower in the whole of Promenade of the Condemned has the key. In order to obtain the Tower key, you will need the Spider Rune. You will encounter multiple obstacles while making your way to the top. The Spider Rune will enhance your climbing skills and make your movement speed a bit faster.

The Background Key

The Background key is hidden inside a dark rose flower. Search the ground and remember to check the flowers in the corners. These flowers usually grow near the bushes. All you have to do is tap on the flowers three times to find them.

The Underground Key

Your main aim is to find the orange symbol engraved on the wall. Be careful of the floor, they sometimes tend to slip and twist. As you get closer to the symbol the difficulty level increases. Use the Ram Rune to break through the weak floor and help you search for the symbol.

Where to find the Runes that you need?

Spider Rune

Spider Rune can be obtained by defeating Caster in the Slumbering Sanctuary Area. This Rune allows you to gain a firm grip on the walls.

Ram Rune

By defeating Slasher in a random match held in the Ossuary Area, you can grab the Ram Rune. Upon using the Rune on a weak surface, you activate the Ground Pound ability that lets you crack the floor.

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