Updated August 28, 2020: New entries added

Most of us wouldn't consider ourselves to be 'fighters', whether that's due to a sense of decorum or self-preservation. But we all like a good virtual scrap.

Fighting games permit us to let rip and exorcise the day's demons like no other genre. You might only be beating up pixels and polygons, but boy is it satisfying.

Or it can be, at any rate. As with any genre, there are good fighting games and there are bad fighting games. We're here to talk about the former.

While fighting games used to be the preserve of the arcade, followed by home consoles, we've seen mobile devices join the fray in recent years.

It's now possible to play a wide range of brawlers, one-on-one beat-'em-ups, and side-scrolling scrappers on your smartphone or tablet. What's perhaps most gratifying, though, is the range of hybrid fighting games that have emerged specifically for mobile.

We've represented all of these fighting game strains in the following list. Got a particular favourite that isn't mentioned? Let us know in the comments section.