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Punch Quest
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We've seen a whole bunch of smartphone games in which your character automatically runs through the level. We've seen it in platformers, puzzlers, and even RPGs. We've seen it with jetpacks, skateboards, and that bloke who drinks his own urine.

Now, RocketCat Games has applied it to the side-scrolling brawler. And boy does it work. In fact, the result is so fun and fresh that you're left wondering why no one else thought of it before.

Final Fighter

Your muscular hero automatically dashes through some dank crypt, which leaves you to focus on punching the monsters inside. You can jab, uppercut, pummel, and block with some simple taps.

It's a minimalist move-set, but it has everything you need to defeat the game's monsters. You jab skeletons, uppercut bats, and block magic attacks from wizards. The uppercut also doubles up as jump, handily.

As you dash through the dungeon, Punch Quest is constantly surprising you with new ideas and off-the-wall changes. You might fight a tough mini-boss, crack a laser-spitting dinosaur out of an egg, or turn into a gnome.

Hit me

It's a game with a lot of personality and character. Which is exactly what you'd expect from the Hook Champ developer. The same goes for Punch Quest's wide array of novelty hats.

There are also little challenges to keep you addicted. Most of these are tied to the game's upgrade system, so you're encouraged to try out all the different moves and upgrades the game has to offer.

But all of that stuff is pretty superfluous, really, when you consider that the basic gameplay of Punch Quest is just a whole lot of fun. It's perilously addictive, and mastering the fighting system is a thrill.

It's a game that you'll keep loading up, whether it's to best your top score, complete an objective, or beat a friend's score.

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Punch Quest

Punch Quest is funny, addictive, and just plain fun. Turns out that the auto-runner and beat-'em-up genres were a match made in heaven