Updated May 12, 2020: New entries added

You can espouse the status of video games as art all you like. The fact remains, some of the best examples are all about blasting or smashing things to pieces. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Such games are often loosely bundled together under the somewhat vague 'action game' header. On the one hand, this really isn't very helpful at all. What common ground does a first person shooter have with a side-scrolling roguelite?

On the other hand, you simply know an action game when you see one - or rather, play one. They're joined by a shared sensibility that finds great delight in virtual violence. We're talking properly cathartic button-mashing mayhem.

Which is why we've assembled a ragtag group of disparate iOS games under the 'action game' moniker. Whatever genre you're partial to, all of these games will give you that distinctly video-gamey thrill.