Updated July 19, 2019: New entries added

Blasting or bashing everything that moves is one of the big guilty pleasures of the videogame format. There's little more satisfying than making like an action hero and pulling the trigger on a virtual target.

So how do you define an action game? Like falling in love, you kind of just know. But it definitely helps if you've got lots of guns and explosions, and maybe a little melee violence.

Whether you're talking about first person shooters, third person blasters, old school bullet hell, twin-stick shooters, or good old hack and slashers, if there's chaos and explosions and projectiles you're generally in action heaven.

All of these varied forms and more are represented on iOS. Narrowing it down to just 25 - which can seem like a generous selection with some better defined genres - was a task in itself.

Let's give it a shot.