Updated February 22, 2021: New entries added

The racing game genre is one of those fundamental categories, alongside platformers and puzzlers and beat-'em-ups. Everyone knows what a racing game entails, without the need for explanation.

Still, the racing game genre has become a surprisingly varied genre, especially on mobile. Whether you're after a frenetic kart racer, a hardcore racing simulator, or something altogether more abstract and out there, the Google Play Store will come up with the goods.

Not all of the games on this list involve cars, or even vehicles. Some don't even involve you directly racing, but rather ask you to manage everything around the race.

We'd even go so far as to say that there's something for every gamer in the following list. Oh, you might not think that you like racing games. But like we've just said, not all racing games are about cars and differentials and burning rubber.

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