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Mario Kart Tour kart tier list - The best options ranked

Mario Kart Tour kart tier list - The best options ranked

Best karts to pick in MKT

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Updated on February 17th, 2024  Version 3.4.1

In racing titles such as Mario Kart Tour, skills, experience and outplaying techniques matter a lot. But what matters most is selecting the best kart before heading to the track. To help you choose one, we have made this Mario Kart Tour kart tier list which divides all the available karts into their respective tiers.

Initially released in 2019, Nintendo has consistently added new karts, skills and drivers since. With more than a hundred karts and drivers available, each one has its own unique skills and attributes.

This kart tier list will rank each of the vehicles that are playable and put them in their appropriate tier. We will also pick the three of the best that you should prioritize over others to guarantee yourself a win.

Before we head to the list, let’s take a look at some of the FAQs related to karts.

How to unlock new karts in Mario Kart Tour?

There are various ways you can obtain new karts. At the start of the game, you will receive one that's paired with basic skills and no powerups. After you play a few matches you can collect the in-game rewards and currency to use to buy new ones for your collection.

The game also allows you to exchange rubies for karts. Each one comes with a certain price and is available in the shop. Or if you don’t wish to grind the levels and are happy to use real money, you can do that too. 

On what criteria is the MKT kart tier list made?

While making this Mario Kart Tour tier list of best karts, we have mainly considered the base stats, special abilities and skills of each. The developers periodically update the game which comes with some stats changes, and this list is based on the latest update.

While reading this article, you will go through 5 tiers and the top 3 best picks. We will make sure to update the picks if there are any significant changes.

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S Tier


(Image Credits: MKT Wiki)

  • Coconut 1 kart
  • Wiggler Egg kart
  • Chain Chomp Chariot
  • Pink Comet kart
  • Red Comet kart
  • Green Comet kart
  • Gold 8-Bit Pipe Frame Kart
  • Lunar Cruiser Kart
  • Bronze Cucumber kart
  • Gold Hop Rod Kart
  • Rainbow Taxi Kart
  • Roaring Racer Kart
  • Rainbow Pipe Buggy Kart
  • Tiger Bruiser Kart
  • Flower Kart
  • Dragonfly Kart
  • Prop Kart
  • Cupid's Arrow
  • Watermelon kart
  • Gold Lunar Cruiser
  • Wild Slugger
  • Gold Cheep Charger
  • Silver King
  • Festival Girl
  • Choco Macharon
  • Macharon
  • Silver Bullet Blaster
  • Ribbon Rider
  • Cleanup Hitter
  • Star-Spangled Flyer
  • Offroader
  • Dark Hop Rod
  • Sushi Racer
  • Black Turbo Birdo
  • Gray Cat Cruiser
  • Cat Cruiser
  • Strawberry Soft Swerve
  • Cream Cat Cruiser
  • Ice-Cream Minibus Kart
  • Chocolate Banana Minibus
  • Rambi Runner
  • Wild Black
  • DK Maximum
  • Dark Trickster
  • 8-Bit Pipe Frame
  • Lime Tea Coupe
  • Green Circuit
  • Black Kabuki Dasher
  • Cheep Snorkel
  • Gold Egg
  • Head Honcho
  • Happy Ride
  • Clackety Kart
  • Rose Queen
  • Bright Girl Kart
  • Bright Bunny
  • Carrot Kart
  • Party-Wing
  • Fast Frank
  • Paintster
  • Penguin Slider
  • Jade Hop Rod
  • Pumpkin Kart
  • Bruiser
  • B Dasher Mk. 2
  • Grand Badwagon
  • Warrior Wagon
  • Crimson Hop Rod
  • Inferno Flyer
  • Kamek's Zoom Broom
  • Platinum Taxi
  • Gold Double-Decker
  • Pink Dozer

Best picks in S Tier

Gold Cheep Charger

Due to its Mini-Turbo Plus skill, Charger is the best pick in the entire kart list in Mario Kart Tour. Gold Cheap Charger’s base stats sync with its special skill that gives a short boost in speed.

Festival Girl

If you’re good at using the Jump Boost skill, then make sure you use it with Festival Girl. This skill allows you to extend the performance of the kart’s skill and, in the meantime, you can also collect extra points.

Choco Macharon

Choco’s special skill is also Mini-Turbo Plus, which greatly increases the stock speed and acceleration once you trigger it. Remember to use it when there’s a perfect chance to overtake multiple karts as it will also allow you to nab extra points.

A Tier

Mario Kart Tour kart tier list

(Image Credits: MKT Wiki)

  • Desert Rose Wagon
  • Yeehaw Wagon kart
  • Waluigi Racer Mk. 2 kart
  • Taiko Drum Dasher kart
  • White Fast Frank
  • Tuk-Tuk Kart
  • Combo Cruiser
  • Goo-Goo Buggy
  • Red Vampire Flyer
  • Black Carriage
  • Goo-Goo Black Kart
  • Frosty Bells
  • Red Turbo Birdo Kart
  • Orange Turbo Birdo kart
  • Blue Turbo Yoshi kart
  • Orange Turbo Yoshi kart
  • White Snow Skimmer
  • Camo Tanooki Kart
  • Frost Wing
  • Green Speeder kart
  • Red Taxi
  • Blue Badwagon
  • Flowery Badwagon kart
  • Monarch Kart
  • Brown Offroader
  • Gilded King
  • Yellow Sub Scooter kart
  • Dolphin Drifter kart
  • Gold Wild Slugger
  • Gold Clanky Kart
  • Gold Standard kart
  • Wild Wing
  • Capsule Kart
  • Steel Driver
  • Sakura Quickshaw
  • Bumble V
  • Badwagon
  • Holiday King
  • Rose Taxi
  • Yellow Taxi
  • Jet Cruiser
  • Pinch Hitter
  • Orange Streamliner
  • Cact-Ice
  • Dark Buggy
  • Sneaker
  • Sunset Cloud
  • Decal Streamliner
  • Comet Tail
  • Crawly Kart
  • Ice Dozer
  • B Dasher
  • Gold Pipe Frame
  • Pink Wing
  • Queen Bee
  • Dreamy Egg
  • Ice-blue Poltergust
  • Dark Clown
  • Apple Kart
  • Poison Apple Kart
  • P-Wing
  • Jingle Bells
  • Black Dozer
  • Kabuki Dasher
  • Prancer
  • Dozer Dasher
  • Blue Soda
  • Iron Cucumber
  • White Turbo Yoshi
  • Black Turbo Yoshi
  • Wildfire Flyer

Best picks in A Tier

Happy Ride

As you've probably guessed, the Mini-Turbo Plus skill is one of the most popular and powerful skills in the game as the cars that use it all find themselves placed in the top tiers. Happy Ride also uses Mini-Turbo Plus and the effects of the skill are the same as the previous.

Red Taxi

Red Taxi’s special skill is Dash Panel boost. Use it wisely to bring the best out of it in terms of increasing the kart’s performance and extra points. Although it's worth noting this skill can’t be upgraded.

Blue Band Wagon

This kart also uses the Mini-Turbo Plus which allows it to gain a speed boost. Although the skill might be the same, it works differently when used in this kart.

B Tier

Wild Pink kart

(Image Credits: MKT Wiki)

  • Chocolate Mint Soft Swerve kart
  • Green Turbo Birdo kart
  • Shielded Speedster kart
  • Black Jingle Bell Kart
  • All-Clear Pipe
  • Silver Flower Kart
  • Pink Speeder
  • Jumbo Jetter kart
  • Firefly Kart
  • Tanooki Kart
  • Blue-Green Capsule Kart
  • Black Cat Cruiser
  • Green Cat Cruiser
  • Wild Pink
  • Gold Train
  • Snow Skimmer
  • Trickster
  • Sports Coupe
  • Double-Decker
  • Banana Master
  • Swift Jack
  • Purple Bunny
  • Surf Sailer
  • Purple Dozer
  • Goo-Goo Pink
  • Clanky Kart
  • Gilded Prancer
  • Blue Royale
  • Green Apple Kart
  • Karp Kart
  • Glam Bruiser
  • Gold Snow Skimmer
  • Circuit Special
  • DK Jumbo
  • Green Standard 8
  • Blue Turbo Yoshi
  • Gold Cheep Snorkel
  • Cheermellow
  • Red Standard 8
  • Quickshaw
  • White Royale
  • Coconut 1
  • Yellow Offroader
  • Red Offroader
  • Turbo Birdo

Best picks in B Tier

Wild Pink

If you plan on using the Dash Panel skills, Wild Pink is a good choice in this tier. The best way to earn extra points while using this skill is by activating it when overtaking more than three karts.

Gold Train

Making a good start and leading the race from the beginning can guarantee you an easy win. To help you with that, the Rocket Start Plus skill comes into action and gives you an extra boost in speed at the start of the race.

Snow Skimmer

A jump boost is very essential and helpful in some situations when the contest is about to finish. To utilise it in the best way, use it during the last lap as you approach the finish line.

C Tier

Gold Blooper

(Image Credits: MKT Wiki)

  • Wild Wiggler kart
  • Black Sneeker
  • Gold Blooper
  • Gold Bullet Blaster
  • Radish Rider
  • Vampire Flyer Kartr
  • Cloud 9
  • Para-Wing
  • Tea Coupe
  • Egg 1
  • Sweet Daytripper
  • Soda Jet
  • Black Circuit
  • Black B Dasher
  • Ghost Ride
  • Koopa King
  • Yellow Turbo Birdo
  • Super Blooper
  • Piranha Pipes kart
  • Turbo Yoshi
  • Yellow Turbo Yoshi kart
  • Super 1
  • Black Penguin Slider
  • Pirate Sushi Racer
  • Chrome DK Jumbo
  • Zucchini
  • Cact-X
  • Koopa Clown
  • Red B Dasher
  • Red Streamliner
  • Mushmellow
  • Warship
  • Mach 8
  • Bolt Buggy
  • Cucumber

Best picks in C Tier

Gold Blooper

If you plan to use any kart from this tier, Gold Blooper can be a good choice as it uses the powerful Mini Boost Plus, which - as you know by now - will help increase acceleration.

Radish Rider

Activate Slipstream Plus when you’re drifting on the track. This will allow you to overtake maximum racers while the boost is still active.

Cloud 9

The jump boost might not be much effective when paired with Cloud 9. But considering the tier, it is still viable. There are also many alternatives to Cloud 9 which come with other upgradable skills.

D Tier

Mario Kart Tour kart tier list Sunny Sailer

(Image Credits: MKT Wiki)

  • Sunny Surf Sailer
  • Daytripper
  • Cheep Charger
  • Landship
  • Green Cheep Charger
  • Dasher II
  • Royale
  • Red Turbo Yoshi
  • Birthday Girl Daisy
  • Barrel Train
  • Bull's-Eye Banzai
  • Blue Biddybuggy
  • Birthday Girl Rosalina
  • Rambi Rider
  • Pipe Frame
  • Poltergust 4000
  • Pipe Buggy
  • Light-blue Turbo Yoshi
  • Light-blue Turbo Birdo
  • Flame Flyer
  • Streamliner
  • Birthday Girl
  • Green Kiddie Kart
  • Blue Seven
  • Pink Mushmellow
  • Red Kiddie Kart
  • Koopa Dasher
  • Bullet Blaster
  • Biddybuggy

Best picks in D Tier

Sunny Surf Trailer

It is probably the only kart in this tier that has Rocket Start plus ability. As usual, use it when the race begins to give you an advantage over the other karters.


Daytripper’s Dash Panel boost is enough to give it an advantage over others. But, using the Plus ability on the stock one will allow you to claim more points than usual.

Cheep Charger

The only Jump Boost skilled kart we would recommend to use in this tier. At max, it lets your kart gain 1.15 times boost in comparison to the normal option.

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