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F1 Clash guide: Here are a couple of tips on how to win races

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F1 Clash guide: Here are a couple of tips on how to win races

Here is our guide on F1 Clash that will help you win

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Our F1 Clash guide will teach you the best strategy in the game and give you some tips and tricks that will come in handy in challenging situations. If you are struggling to beat your opponent, don't worry. You are not alone. F1 Clash looks quite simple, but there are many back-end mechanisms that you should know if you want to go on a winning streak.

Gameplay Overview

F1 Clash (previously F1 Manager) from Hutch games is a real-time management game where you go head-to-head against real-time players trying to gather more racing points than your opponents. It's an officially licensed game, which means the game has all the official cars and drivers which you can use. Be it Lewis Hamilton's W12 Mercedes or Max Verstappen's RB16 Redbull. The choice is in your hands.

The game has only one primary game mode, 'Duels,' where you go against another motorsports manager like yourself. The objective is to place your cars ahead of your opponent's. In addition to 'Duel' time and again, the game gets a 'Grand Prix event,' which follows the real-world F1 schedule.

Overall F1 Clash gives you a feel of being a manager of an F1 Team. The game is quite realistic, and the mechanics are the same as the real-world motorsport event; be it the racing, safety car, types, car updates, drivers, or literally anything else.

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Tip #1 Best strategy to win races

We have been playing F1 Clash since 2019, and have noticed that in almost every race going ahead with the Minimum stop strategy will increase your chances of winning the race. The concept is quite simple - you try to save time spent on a pitstop, meaning you get a 15-20 seconds advantage over your opponents.

F1 Clash strategy

It might look like you are losing places at first, but don't worry. During the second half of the race, when players start pitting, you will overtake most of them. This is one of the crucial tips to remember in our F1 Clash guide!

Note: This strategy might not work in tracks with long tracks and races where it starts raining. Here, you will mostly have to switch to a two-stop strategy.

Tip #2 First corners decide the results

Like in real F1 races, the first corners of the lap will decide the winners most of the time. In the First corners, you can gain 5-8 positions, but at the same time, you can lose so many too.

F1 Clash overtake tip

Our tip for the start of any race is to use a boost at the start and try to gain as many positions as possible in the first 3-4 corners. After that, switch to normal speed as you don't want that tire wearing out too quickly.

Tip #3 Fuel Management

If you do not run out of fuel when you are crossing the finish line, then you have not used 100% of your car. Fuel management is as crucial as tire management in F1 Clash. Here are some of the situations where you should use the boosts:

  • First 3-4 corners on the first lap.
  • When the driver needs help to overtake.
  • When the track ahead is empty.
  • On the straight, to overtake cars getting out of the pitlane.
  • Last two laps of the race. (Especially the final lap)

Avoid using the boosts in all other situations, or else you will end up running out of fuel and getting disqualified from the race.

Tip #4 Choose the right tires

Choosing the right tires is the key to winning races, so we had to mention it in this F1 Clash guide. Your tire selection should be based on your strategy. If you are going ahead with a minimum stop strategy, you want to choose longer-lasting tires - medium tires. If you are aiming for quick laps and a two-stop strategy, then soft tires are the key. Lastly, if it's raining, you should choose wet tires, obviously.

guide - tire selection

Tip #5 Avoid double stacking

Stacking is when you call both your cars to the pit stop, back to back. If you are new to the game, don't do it as the second car coming to the pit will have to wait a long time for its turn, wasting precious time.

If you are new to the game, your car will not be upgraded enough. For example, in Series 1 and Series 2, most players have an average time of 8-10 seconds for a pitstop. In such a long pitstop time, it's impossible to call in both cars without losing time.

You can go ahead and try double stacking when your cars are upgraded and the average pit stop time is decreased to 3 to 3.5 seconds (Stacking is super fun, you should definitely try it once your cars are upgraded enough).

Tip #6 Give your best in the last lap

You don't have to worry about the car's condition or the tires in the last lap. So give everything you have in the last lap. It's your last chance to gain as many positions as you can.

F1 Clash tips for last lap

Tip #7 Keep an eye on your cars

In F1 Clash, you play as a team manager and not a driver. Which means the racing is done automatically. You are responsible for creating favourable conditions for your team. But this doesn't mean that you can sit back and relax once you have set the strategy. Always keep checking what your drivers are doing in the race. Sometimes when they are trying to overtake, they might need a boost to do it successfully. So be aware, and give them the boost when they need it.

first corner guide

Tip #8 Upgrade your car

Nothing can beat a car that is way too fast. Make sure you upgrade your car whenever you have enough coins. You can't lose regardless of what tips and tricks or strategies your opponents use if your car is simply way faster than theirs.

F1 Clash guide - car upgrade

That concludes our F1 Clash guide. Make sure to remember these tips and tricks and implement them in your very next race, and you are sure to get good results. So let those win streaks begin.

F1 Clash is available to download on Google Play Store and App Store.

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