Updated on September 14th, 2021 - Updated the list and added download links 

Survival games are a relatively recent phenomenon when it comes to gaming, it certainly wasn't around until very recently, but now there are elements of it which are permeating into other genres all the time. As a matter of fact, if you look at some of the most popular current games, even Battle Royale games like Bandlanders or PUBG, you'll find them rife with mechanics which first found their feet in the survival genre. Therefore, we believe they deserve a list of the best survival games for iOS.

That's right, if you're looting, hoarding or crafting stuff in a game then you can probably trace back the inspiration of that game back to the survival genre, and the game which brought the concept into being a household name: Minecraft.

While there were arguably survival games before Minecraft, its combination of randomness, crafting and scavaging - as well as surviving environmental threats - inspired the games industry, and before long lots of other games were honing in on delicate inventory management, and environmental 'picking' even if they had set, defined maps.

What are the survival games, and what can you expect?

With our list of best mobile survival games for iOS, you'll be picking clean the environment and choosing whether you should fight or flee a variety of enemies. The odds will be stacked against you as you explore the zombie-infested USA, an alien filled with dinosaurs, or a deadly radioactive island.

Whether you are surviving the apocalypse or just trying to keep a small island habitable, there is a lot to discover in survival games. Although the majority of survival games currently feature zombies, we’ve compiled the best of them and a few which feature new faces like dinosaurs, dark monsters and mythical creatures.

So, click on the big button below to read on and find out our favourite survival games for iPhone and iPad, and if you think we've missed something then leave us a comment, because we do occasionally revisit our various lists to make sure that we've kept them completely up to date.

Original list by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.