Last Day on Earth: Survival tips and tricks - survive the zombie hoard!

It might be the last day on earth, but you'll survive thanks to these tips!

Last Day on Earth: Survival tips and tricks - survive the zombie hoard!

Surviving in a zombie infested apocalyptic wasteland can’t be easy. That is, unless, you have helpful tips and cheats from us.

Last Day of Earth: Survival is the latest survival and crafting game for mobile and if you want to survive the zombie hoard, you should follow our tips.

Things can get hectic in the effort to survive, but use your head and follow our advice and you’ll level up fast.

Collect everything

As soon as you jump into the world of Last Day on Earth: Survival you’ll basically want to collect everything in your immediate environment. Plants, seeds, rocks, wood, everything you can grab.

All of these are valuable resources you’ll require for the crafting system, which will help you clothe yourself and survive.

For quick collecting, you can tap the Automate button in the bottom left, which will have your character collect everything in the nearby area.

A tool for the job

There’ll be larger rocks containing ore and trees near your location that you won’t be able to use immediately, but once you’ve got the right tools they’re no problem.

Open the crafting window and use the wood and rocks you’ve picked up to create Hatchets and Pick axes. You can use these to collect more wood from trees, and extra ore or limestone from rocks.

If you’re feeling lazy, you can automate these actions too!

Home sweet home

In your crafting window there’ll be items of furniture you can only place inside a house, so let’s get one built; tap the hammer and saw icon under the minimap to get building.

A single piece of lumber is required for each action. You’ll need to lay down a floor, and then walls, and also a section of wall with a door for an entrance.

Once you’ve built that, you can place things like crafting benches inside your house.

The zombie invasion

Of course, one thing you need to constantly be aware of in your effort to survive is the encroaching zombie hoard that’ll head straight to your base. Combat and fortifications are the best way forward.

For the small clusters of zombies in your area, build weapons such as Spears or scavenge weaponry like Meat Cleavers, and despatch them with gusto. That’ll do for small groups, but larger ones will require property fortifications, such as thick walls, doors and traps.

Watch out for bigger enemies, such as Bloaters, and watch for the large red zones which telegraph attacks.

A pirate’s life

Of course, if you ever run out of resources, you can steal some. Leave your area by walking out of the boundaries, and simply tap on another player’s base to invade. It’ll require energy to move there quickly, but it’s worth it.

You can use Hatchets to destroy weak walls and loot things from inside buildings, but of course, their fortifications and traps will work on your as well as the zombies.

If you’re not the thieving type, you can always wait for air drops, but they might be few and far between…

Dave Aubrey
Dave Aubrey
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