Most creative Minecraft tower ideas for patch 1.19

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Most creative Minecraft tower ideas for patch 1.19

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It can be pretty hard to surprise people with houses in Minecraft even if you show them the most beautiful mansion in this video game. Therefore, a lot of people have recently started choosing more creative buildings as their homes. Undoubtedly, one of the best things you can build in Minecraft is towers.

They can contain everything you need for comfortable survival in Minecraft. Plus, there is nothing challenging about building towers, which is another advantage. We have created a list of the most creative tower ideas in Minecraft 1.19 that will open up some new frontiers for you.



Before we begin, it would be best to know that this guide is divided into 2 parts. The first one includes decorative towers that are not suitable for survival mode. You can use them to boast about your building skills or when you want to participate in some competitions.

The second part of our guide includes towers suitable for survival mode. Generally, such towers are way smaller. Also, they have some furniture elements and essential blocks inside, such as the chest, workbench, furnace, enchantment table and so on. So, there's no time to lose - let’s get started with our list! 

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Tower of Pisa

Video Guide: Link

The Tower of Pisa is one of the most fascinating buildings in world history. It is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, and it's a privilege to copy this masterpiece in Minecraft. Moreover, the creator of this video has copied the leaning effect of the legendary Tower of Pisa, making it one of the most beautiful buildings in Minecraft.

Sears Tower

Video Guide: Link

Sears Tower is a modern-style tower made of dark colours. Even though building it requires plenty of resources, it's nothing too challenging - you can easily make it even if you are a beginner.

Burj Khalifa

Video Guide: Link

Burj Khalifa is the largest building not only in real life but also in Minecraft. It is over 50 blocks high, which is pretty insane. So, if you want to test out your building skills in Minecraft, constructing Burj Khalifa is one of the best things you can do.

World Trade Center

Video Guide: Link

It's pretty hard to find individuals who don't know about the World Trade Center. It is one of the most important buildings in the world, and you can reconstruct it in Minecraft. Of course, it will take a lot of time and resources, but it will undoubtedly prove your building skills.

Hunter Tower

Video Guide: Link

You should know that Hunter Tower is the best decorative tower for beginners in Minecraft. Even though it looks very cool, building it only requires a small number of resources. Moreover, there is a lot of free space inside the tower. So, if you want, you can update it and use it in survival mode. You can be sure that such a tower will protect you from any monsters.

Clock Tower

Video Guide: Link

The clock tower is the simplest and one of the most beautiful decorative towers in Minecraft. If you put in all your effort, you can construct this tower in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this tower is too narrow inside, so it's impossible to fill it with furniture and use it as a house.

Fantasy Tower

Video Guide: Link

This is one of the most expensive towers on our list of the best Minecraft tower ideas. It has a significant size and includes various resources that require a lot of effort to be obtained. Plus, this tower has a pretty complex structure - you should be skilled enough to be able to build it. Of course, once you overcome all these problems, you will have one of the most exciting Minecraft towers.

Ender Tower

Video Guide: Link

If you want to transport some End World elements into Minecraft’s world, you should consider building the Ender Tower. It is made in black and pink colours, which are the main attributes of End World in Minecraft. Another advantage of this tower is that it's pretty straightforward, so you can easily construct it even if you are a beginner.

Wizard Tower

Video Guide: Link

Now, let’s talk about the best survival tower ideas in Minecraft 1.19. The Wizard Tower is the most significant tower for survival in this list. The entire construction includes 2 separate towers and a bridge between them. You can easily live with friends here.

Medieval Tower

Video Guide: Link

It is nearly impossible to imagine a more classic Medieval Tower than this. The Medieval Tower is one of Minecraft’s best replacements for an ordinary house. Building it doesn't require a lot of resources and time, so you can have a ready-to-use tower just in 30 minutes. Moreover, you can quickly adapt the furniture inside this house for your purposes.

Fantasy Medieval Tower

Video Guide: Link

If you would like to see the medieval tower with some fantasy elements, this tower is one of the best options. It's only partially suitable for survival mode, but you can place a chest, bed, furnace, and other essential blocks on the top layer. Also, you can build a second mini tower and enjoy more free space.

Survival Tower

Video Guide: Link

Even though this tower looks less attractive than other towers in this list, it was created especially for survival mode. Here you will find chests, beds, a Nether Portal and other important stuff. The creators made sure that the Survival Tower would be as cheap as possible. Plus, you can slightly modernise this tower and use it on a daily basis.

Tower House

Video Guide: Link

Building a Tower House is the perfect option for players who are used to living in an ordinary house but want to try something new. Generally, nothing is challenging about building a Tower House. It's pretty small, and even beginners can build it easily. But keep in mind that it has many small interior and exterior elements, so you should be pretty attentive while building this house.

8x8 Tower

Video Guide: Link

The 8x8 Tower is the perfect building for those who want to try to live in the tower for the first time. It includes a bed, chest, workbench, furnace, and other necessary furniture. Sadly, the 8x8 Tower doesn't have enough space for when you are in the late stages of the game or if you want to live with friends. In such cases, it would be best to choose from the other towers in this list.

Enchanting Tower

Video Guide: Link

The enchanting tower is just an ordinary tower in Minecraft. It doesn't have a significant size but it contains everything you need for suitable survival in Minecraft. Also, this construction is pretty straightforward, so even beginners can build it within an hour.

In conclusion, there are tons of exciting towers that you can build in Minecraft 1.19. With the linked YouTube guides, you can construct exciting buildings even if you are a beginner. Therefore, feel free to build any tower from our list. Also, while you are here, make sure to check our article about house design in Minecraft!

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