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Not sure which weapons and equipment to wear in Don't worry - we searched through all the gear currently available in the game and ranked all of it into a tier list.

In the game, there are 6 types of gear a player can go for: Weapons, Chestpieces, Necklaces, Belts, Gloves and Boots. Each one will provide certain stats, but more often than not, players will go for whatever is available to them from the very start.

How to get more equipment in

All equipment can be obtained from the chests (which are available for free or in exchange for Gems and watching ads), and all of it can be merged into higher quality ones.

The lowest quality equipment will be grey, while the highest one will be red. It evolves this way:

Grey -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Yellow -> Red

Gray, Green and Blue rank equipment have no sub-tiers, but the rest can be upgraded to + tiers, as follows:

  • Purple
  • Purple +1
  • Purple +2
  • Yellow
  • Yellow +1
  • Yellow +2
  • Yellow +3
  • Red
  • Red +1

In order to achieve the + quality, the gear can be merged with the same quality gear (and the same type), but in order to get from one colour to the next quality colour, you will need duplicated items. For instance, if you want to evolve your Yellow Kunai into a Red Kunai, you will need 3x Yellow Kunai, one of which is Yellow Kunai +3 (so Yellow Kunai + Yellow Kunai + Yellow Kunai+3 to result in a Red Kunai).

Weapons go hand in hand with Evolutions

Keep in mind that weapons are closely tied to evolutions. You can read more about the evolutions in our skills and evolutions guide, where we also share which evos go with each weapon type. If you played the game for a while, you might have noticed that the Kunai and Ninja Scroll can result in a pretty good weapon - so, make sure you always choose the evolutions that will affect the weapon as well. 

How to pick the best equipment in

Honestly speaking, there is no such thing as the "best equipment" in when you're just starting out. You will most often equip the gear that is the highest quality, and keep that until you can get something better. However, once you reach a point where you have to decide between two or more red-quality gear or yellow-quality gear, you can use the equipment tier list we wrote below.

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1 Weapons tier list

Weapons are arguably some of the most important since they can also have evolutions. The Void Power and the Kunai have some of the most powerful evos, which make them automatically top tier in the weapons tier list as well.

S Void Power, Kunai
A Revolver, Lightchaser
B Shotgun, Baseball Bat
C Katana

2 Chestplates tier list

In the Chestplate category, there is not a lot going on aside from the two atop of the tier list. The Army Uniform is slightly better than the Traveller's Jacket and Protective Suit, but - in the late stages of the game - not by a lot.

S Eternal Suit, Full Metal Suit, Voidwalker Windbreaker
A -
B Army Uniform, Traveller's Jacket, Protective Suit
C Carapace

3 Belts tier list

In the Belt category, you should go for one of the two top-tier pieces - otherwise, they all fall off pretty quickly. The Stylish Belt and the Eternal Belt are both top-tier, while the rest are pretty average at any rank.

S Eternal Belt, Stylish Belt
A Voidwalker Sash
B Broad Waistguard, Waist Sensor, Army Belt
C Leather Belt

4 Necklaces tier list

Eternal Necklace is by far the best. It goes hand-in-hand with all the other Eternal pieces of gear, and it can be quite OP from a low rank.

S Eternal Necklace
A Trendy Charm, Metal Neckguard, Voidwaker Emblem
B Bone Pendant, Army Nameplate
C Emerald Pendant

5 Gloves tier list

Leather Gloves can easily be top-tier if you pair them with the Lightchaser weapon or the Kunai, since at max rank they have a very powerful effect. Otherwise, they will drop to A tier.

S Eternal Gloves, Leather Gloves
A Fingerless Gloves, Army Gloves, Voidwaker Handguards
B Shiny Wristguard
C Protective Gloves

6 Boots tier list

The Eternal Boots are by far the best out of all of them. Make sure to upgrade them the soonest, because they will make quite a difference.

S Eternal Boots, Voidwalker Treads
A Light Runners, Army Boots
B Prosthetic Legs, High Boots
C Layered Snowshoes

That's all of the Survivor. io gear in the game at the moment! The best pieces of gear are obviously in the S tier, while the C tier should be avoided. If you'd like a detailed guide on, follow the link and learn more.

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