Updated January 10, 2020: New entries added

The role playing game, or RPG, has typically been associated with a particularly committed breed of gamer. We're talking about those who think nothing of ploughing hundreds of hours into a single game, absorbing themselves in a labyrinthine plot, and mastering a formidably complex battle system.

These days, such traditional RPG games still exist in plentiful numbers - including on mobile, as we shall discover. But the arrival of smartphones around a decade ago has led to plenty of experimentation within the RPG genre.

Developers have increasingly opted to splice other genres into an RPG framework (or vice-versa), thus opening this most esoteric of genres out to a wider audience.

We've got RPGs with roguelike elements (lots of those), RPGs with card game elements, RPGs with an idle slant, RPGs with survival components, and much more besides.

Alongside that we have plenty of the more traditional RPGs. But even here there's plenty of variety, whether you're talking a JRPG, a Western RPG, a tactical RPG, or a more action-heavy RPG.

Here at PG, we love a good RPG, and we're not too fussed what form it takes. All we ask is that it's fun, rewarding, preferably fairly meaty, and suitable for play on the go.

We think that the following 25 iOS RPGs demonstrate the sheer range and depth of the mobile RPG market right now. We've included some old classics, but we've been sure to include some of the more recent hybrid additions to the genre.

What's that? You don't see your favourite mobile RPG on the list? Sorry about that. But while 25 sounds like a pretty long list, we know for a fact we've left a whole bunch of stone cold RPG greats off. Let us know about your own mobile RPG favourites in the comments below.