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6 Wildfrost tips that will help you get your first win

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6 Wildfrost tips that will help you get your first win

Surviving in the harsh and frozen landscapes is quite a challenge. These tips will help you stay warm and survive hostile entities.

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We often wonder what it would be like for our current society to go through another ice age. How would we stay warm, what would happen to society, would people decide to eat each other before having to eat yet ANOTHER meal of tinned peaches? These are just some of the questions that the developers Gaziter and Deadpan Games were wondering when they set to work on Wildfrost. This is a 2D deckbuilding game about a variety of humans and unexpected creatures banding together to endure the frost and take out its hostile entities, like penguins and evil snowmen.

The story of Wildfrost has a bit more of a fantasy slant to it. It talks of the sun providing light and warmth to the whole world and everyone was happy. One day, darkness befell that land and created a shadowy form that blocked out the sun. This robbed the world of its light and plunged everyone into a dangerous, and frozen, wasteland. Thankfully, life managed to endure with people and other beings banding together to survive and fight to end the curse. The experience can be quite difficult, so there are things you'll need to do so that you'll get far along the path and slay some big baddies along the way.

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Tip #1 - Play A Leader To Your Strengths

Choose your leader Like in certain other card games, which will not be mentioned here, Wildfrost makes you pick a leader to, well, lead the cards in your deck. The Leader essentially represents you and you need to do everything in your power to make sure everyone else is kept safe. If the Leader's health ever drops to zero, they'll be eliminated and you'll lose the battle. This makes them a risk whenever they're in the line of fire, but they can also be strong attackers and have very useful abilities. Pick one that best suits your play style, whether it be offensive or defensive. Hiding away your leader can rob you of a potentially powerful unit.

Tip #2 - Always Be Developing Your Hub

Map showing various locations in Wildfrost When you're not out on the road and trying to save the world, you'll need to return to your hub settlement and build it up. This place is your base and all of it belongs to you, and those who live in it, of course. This means you'll need to dedicate the resources you gather on expeditions to restore, rebuild, and expand your Hub. This will give you way more options in terms of prepping your deck when you decide to head out on another journey. Depending on the kind of deck that you're building, allocate resources to parts of the hub that will help you gain the things that you both want and need.

Tip #3 - Balance Between Champions And Chests

Three warriors trapped in ice Each path you wander will yield a random assortment of events and battles, but there are two you should pay special attention to: The allies and chests. The latter is quite obvious on the map, but the former is indicated by silhouettes frozen in a block of ice. Freeing allies gives you a chance to add another champion to your hand and grow your fighting team. Chests, on the other hand, will only provide items, weapons, and gear cards that can be used by anyone. To ensure a strong deck, you need to have a good number of champions to fight and take hits so that the chest loot can be more effective.

Tip #4 - You Don't Need To Clear The Field

Picking one of your cards in Wildfrost Since you have the play by the rules of having a Leader, it makes sense that the enemy forces also have to. As you go through battles, you'll start eliminating enemies, forcing other foes to come to the field. Eventually, an enemy Leader or Boss card will be brought to the field and pose a heavy threat. However, when this happens, you should strongly consider switching all your focus to taking them out quickly. Just like with your team, eliminating the Leader of the enemy team results in an automatic win and the rest of the enemies will flee the field.

Tip #5 - Keep Your Leader In Good Health

Pick one of three items If it wasn't obvious from that previous tip, keeping your Leader alive is a must for winning each battle. When you start one, the Leader will be called out to the field first and can be in any of the rows. This means that until another champion joins the field, the enemies will only have the Leader to target. This is why it's important to gain extra champions and units as often as possible so that they can protect your Leader alongside drawing enemy fire. Health and armor items should be reserved for the Leader first and you should keep them in the wings until they're ready to attack.

Tip #6 - Take Advantage Of Movement

Wildfrost victory screen A major challenge of this game is the limited number of actions you have. Each of your champion cards will act on their own once their turns count down which means you're left to help them out until then. You can play weapons, gear, and various support cards to aid your allies and hinder enemies. This is where movement comes into play especially as more rows and spaces are introduced. It's a free action to move your champions around your side of the field, so take advantage of that to defend and prepare counterattacks. Many champion abilities only come into effect when attacking, so move them to a row where the most enemies will be affected. Ideally, place your Leader somewhere where they can unleash their power with minimal risk of being targeted.

That's the sixth and last Wildfrost tip that we have for you. For similar articles, take a look at some tips for Fallout Shelter and Sea of Conquest tips for naval domination.

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