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Onmyoji strategy guide - Key tips that will improve your gameplay

Onmyoji strategy guide - Key tips that will improve your gameplay
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For the lovers of the RPG genre, a game with stunning graphics and smooth animations like Onmyoji is definitely a breath of fresh air. Today we'll go over some of the most important aspects of the game in our Onmyoji strategy guide, so you can learn exactly how to approach the game, how to play and level up, and everything else that you really should know when starting off.

Onmyoji is the first title in the famous Onmyoji series that now has a total of 3 games: Onmyoji (this one - the RPG), Onmyoji: Arena (an exciting MOBA similar to Wild Rift), and Onmyoji: The Card Game (arguably one of the most interesting and beautiful card games I've ever played).

Kicking things off with the most important aspect of the game, leveling up, we'll cover all the aspects of the game that you should take into consideration, so let's dive right in!

How to level up fast in Onmyoji?

Since we mentioned it, we'll start with one of the most important aspects of the game, leveling, we'll do exactly that. Since you need at least level 15 to be able to take part in most of the "exciting" events and instances, your main goal as soon as you start playing is to reach level 15.

One of the best ways to do so is to farm in the Exploration menu. That will give you plenty of EXP at the beginning, so you can continue doing the story mode, which is level-locked (meaning you need to reach certain levels to continue with the story).

Apart from Exploration, you should also try to buy EXP buffs from the Shop. These cost Jade, but it's definitely worth investing in the EXP buffs because they will make a big difference. In the shop, you can find 1-day 50% EXP buffs, 3-day 50% EXP buffs, and a monthly buff of 15% EXP. Invest in these, because it's definitely worth it.

Onmyoji strategy guide

Exploration is key

When you head to the Explore menu, you will find various stages where you can farm. Challenging one enemy will cost 3 AP, which gradually refills over time. I suggest that you try to challenge the enemies until you find the boss, then go straight to them. Continue doing this until you discover all the Spirits in that chapter, then challenge them as you see fit.

I always like to go for the enemies that grant EXP first, because that's naturally the best way to boost your level.

I should also let you know that you'll spend a lot of time in Exploration. Therefore, you should be prepared (mentally) to farm the same level over and over again. Since there is no other way to gain tons of EXP, this is a place you'll become very familiar with.

Save up Coins

Although you'll get a lot of Coins from the very start, you shouldn't be reckless with them. Don't spend them in the Shop for various Souls, even if you might be tempted to. The Souls in the Shop are super expensive, and you'll need the Coins to level up Souls and star up your Shikigami.

If you really want to spend some Coins on Souls, go for the 3-star Souls. They cost about 600 Coins, and the bonuses they can give you early on can be a welcome boost to your team.

Join a very active Guild

Just like in every other RPG out there, guilds have an equally important role in Onmyoji. Take your time, farm to become strong, and then look for a powerful Guild. Bonus points if you find a guild that's willing to help you get the Shikigami you want and complete various tasks. Thankfully there are some that are heavily dedicated to helping out new players.

Don't worry about joining a guild as soon as you start playing - you won't be able to do a lot of the tasks there yet, so just focus on yourself first. If you do that, you'll find it much easier to join a stronger guild later on.

Keep your Daruma Eggs

All the Darumas that you get are super good, so try to save them for the good SSR units that you will obtain. Don't waste them randomly because it's exactly that, a waste. Instead, put the Darumas on observation (when in Exploration) so they'll passively gain EXP.

  • Level up Red Daruma to level 4.
  • Level up the Blue Daruma to level 12.

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Save up Jades for 11 summons

You will get quite a few Jades by completing quests and achievements. I suggest that you save them all up, especially if you're a f2p player. One of the best uses for them is the 11 summons for 1000 Jades. Basically, by paying 1000 Jades you get 1 summon for free.

Other items you could consider spending your Jades on are the EXP buffs I mentioned earlier. Apart from this, Coins could be another viable option for spending your Jades later on in the game.

Want to spend some money? Here's are the best Onmyoji microtransactions

If you want to spend some money on Onmyoji, there are a few things that you should really consider. Of course, it's all about preference, but the bonuses that you get from some of these packs are definitely worth the cost:

  • Monthly Gift Bag ($4.99) - this will give you a monthly avatar frame (purely decorative), and every day for 30 days you'll get 20 Jade, 1 Base Daruma, 15% EXP Bonus, 15% Coin Bonus. This is a pack that, if you plan on playing the game for a long time, is definitely worth the money.
  • Promo Beginner's Pack ($2.99) - this pack is a one-time-only deal, and it contains an avatar frame, 50k Coins, and every day for 7 days you'll receive the following: 1 Mystery Amulet, 1 3-star Moon Soul, 50 AP, 1-day 50% EXP buff. This is another pack that is super worth it, if not for the Amulet, then for the free AP and EXP buff.

I don't wanna dive too much into the microtransactions, so I'll leave it at these 2. I'll just add that there is also a "frequent spender" option which gives you increasingly better rewards for spending anything between 30 to 7000 S-Jades (Ebisu's Fortune).