Battle of Polytopia adds a new skin to support reforestation

Each sale of the Midnight skin between the 22nd and 28th will plant one tree

Battle of Polytopia adds a new skin to support reforestation
  • The Battle of Polytopia is adding a new skin for the Elyrion faction
  • As part of the Elyrion Tribe Week event between the 22nd and 28th of April each skin bought will plant one tree
  • This is being done in partnership with The Canopy Project

The Battle of Poltyopia, the hit 4x popular with famous faces like Elon Musk and MrBeast, is set to add a brand new skin to the Elyrion faction with Midnight. But this isn't just an ordinary cosmetic, as this skin is debuting as part of developer Midjiwan's work with charity group The Canopy Project.

For the next week, each sale of the Midnight skin will contribute to one tree planted in partnership with The Canopy Project, which supports reforestation efforts around the world. The skin comes as part of the Elyrion Tribe Week event, which has previously helped plant over 12,000 trees in partnership between Midjiwan and The Canopy Project.

Fittingly, the Elyrion tribe themselves are an enigmatic group of elves that fight to protect their woodland home and leverage their connection with nature to use powerful magic.

Forestry reloaded A screenshot of a black-clothed elf riding a large white wolf with 'the battle of polytopia' under it.

While it's not unusual for developers to integrate eco-friendly efforts into their development, it is fun to see that Midjiwan continue to integrate it more seamlessly. By purchasing a cosmetic, players will be actively contributing towards fighting deforestation. But it's not just in-game that the developer is putting their money where their mouth is either, as Midjiwan themselves have also invested over €250,000 in solar power projects across the globe.

If you want to see just how popular ecology has become as a subject in games outside the Battle of Polytopia, you only need to look as far as the environmentalist game Bumi: Next stop, Earth! to see how developers have leveraged an eco-friendly message to make great games.

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Iwan Morris
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