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Another Eden tier list: All heroes ranked [July 2024]

Another Eden tier list: All heroes ranked [July 2024]

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Updated on July 8th, 2024 - Version: 3.8.15 - Added: Feinne (Another Style), Minalca (Another Style)

First things first: this is not your average Another Eden tier list, as units in the game aren’t really categorized. For another, it’s not your typical gacha game where you roll for the best units and others fall by the wayside since the game is more of a classic JRPG than a mobile gacha game, anyway.

That said, this guide is to show which characters serve the best roles, but the bottom line is that you should essentially choose the unit that you like best and whoever looks cool to you. Aesthetics are gorgeous in Another Eden, so character design is a major appeal for the units.

Besides, you can actually get by pretty well with just the free units you gain throughout the main story, but just in case you want to figure out which banners to pull from, this Another Eden tier list has you covered.

The following tier list features all the characters that have currently been released (to date). Their tiers are mainly based on how well they perform in the instances we've tried, so it's an ever-changing list - we'll do our best to keep you updated regularly!

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S Tier Heroes

Another Eden Hismena character

Below are some of Another Eden's best characters. Use them however you want, and don't be afraid to invest in them and make them powerful - they've got the ability to carry you through pretty much any content of the game.

Tier S

Aisha 5* Fire, Water
Minalda (Another Style) 5* Fire
Jillfunny 5* Water
Velette 5* Thunder
Feinne (Another Style) 5* Shadow
Yakumo 5* Shade
Kuchinawa 4-5* Earth
Mazrika 4-5* Water
Iphi 4* Fire, Shade
Tsukiha (Alter) 5* Fire
Necoco (AS) 5* Earth
Azami (AS) 5* Wind
Alma 5* Crystal
Hismena (Alter) 5* Crystal
Shion (Alter) 5* Fire
Otoha (AS) 5* Earth
Mayu 5* Water
Flammelapis (AS) 5* Water
Flammelapis 5* Water
Premaya (Alter) 5* Water, Thunder
Mistrare (AS) 5* Wind, Crystal
Cynthia (AS) 5* Wind
Dewey (Alter) 5* Fire, Crystal
Isuka (Alter) 5* Earth, Shade
Suzette (Extra Style) 5* Fire
Toova (Alter) 5* Earth
Suzette (Alter) 5* Wind
Isuka (Extra Style) 5* Fire, Shade
Daisy 5* Earth
Kikyo (AS) 5* Wind
Melina (Extra Style) 5* Water, Thunder
Nagi (Extra Style) 5* Water, Crystal
Garambarrel 5* Wind
Garambarrel (AS) 5* Wind
Ewella 5* Water, Crystal
Dunarith (AS) 5* Wind
Pizzica 5* Fire
Chiyo (AS) 5* Earth
Nikeh (AS) 5* Water
Cerrine (AS) 5* Earth
Shigure (AS) 5* Water
Nagi (AS) 5* Earth
Mighty (AS) 5* Water
Ciel (AS) 5* Earth
Philo 5* Water
Ewan (AS) 5* Fire
Azami (AS) 5* Wind
Renri (AS) 5* Fire
Akane (AS) 5* Fire
Foran (AS) 5* Water
Yukino (AS) 5* Water
Yukino 5* Water
Lokido (AS) 5* Earth
Laclair (AS) 5* Water
Tsukiha (AS) 5* Fire
Hismena (AS) 5* Water
Tsukiha (Extra Style) 5* Wind
Thillelille (AS) 5* Fire, Shade
Yuna (AS) 5* Water
Miyu (AS) 5* Fire
Miyu (Extra Style) 5* Earth, Thunder
Tiramisu (AS) 5* Earth
Skull 5* Thunder
Shanie (AS) 5* Water
Tsubame (AS) 5* Earth
Hozuki (AS) 5* Fire
Anabel (AS) 5* Water
Rosetta (AS) 5* Fire
Shannon (AS) 5* Wind
Shannon (Alter) 5* Earth
Clarte (AS) 5* Earth, Crystal
Aldo 5* Fire
Myunfa (AS) 5* Earth
Radica (AS) 5* Fire
Myrus (AS) 5* Earth
Nekoko (AS) 5* Earth
Radias (AS) 5* Fire
Kikyo (AS) 5* Wind
Victor (AS) 5* Wind, Thunder
Tiramisu 5* Earth
Sazanca 5* Fire
Thillelille 5* Fire, Shade
Violet 5* Earth
Cynthia 5* Wind
Myunfa 5* Earth
Cyrus 5* Water
Biaka 5* Wind
Mana 5* Null
Deirdre 5* Earth
Hardy 5* Fire
Hardy (AS) 5* Fire
Mariel (Extra Style) 5* Crystal
Mariel 5* Wind
Elga 5* Earth
Gariyu 5* Fire
Myrus 5* Earth
Milsha 5* Earth, Shade
Milsha (AS) 5* Earth, Shade
Yipha 5* Wind
Yipha (AS) 5* Wind
Philo (AS) 5* Water
Orleya 5* Fire, Thunder
Ewan 5* Fire
Yuna 5* Water
Ilulu 5* Wind
Melody 5* Wind
Melissa 5* Wind, Crystal
Claude 5* Wind
Shannon 5* Wind
Melina 5* Water
Dewey 5* Water
Dewey (AS) 5* Water
Felmina 5* Wind
Bertrand 5* Earth

A Tier Heroes

Mariel character in Another Eden The heroes under the A tier are the second-best characters you could possess in the game. They will be as strong as the S-tier ones in some situations, but won't always have such a great impact. It's never a bad idea to invest in them and upgrade them since they can prove quite useful until you gather some better heroes.

Tier A

Parisa (AS) 5* Fire
Wenefica 5* Water/Shade
Heena (AS) 5* Wind
Alphen 5* Fire
Felmina (Extra Style) 5* Water
Soira (AS) 5* Wind
Eva 4* Water, Crystal
Curio 4* Wind, Shade
Serge 4* Null
Starky 5* Crystal
Kid 4* Fire
Harle 4* Fire, Shade
Levia (AS) 5* Water
Zeviro (AS) 5* Water
Hismena 5* Water
Sheila (AS) 5* Water
Veina (AS) 5* Wind
Suzette (AS) 5* Wind
Claude (AS) 5* Wind
Claude (Extra Style) 5* Earth
Melina (AS) 5* Water
Felmina (AS) 5* Wind
Shion (AS) 5* Fire
Ilulu 5* Wind
Pizzica (AS) 5* Fire
Mariel (AS) 5* Wind
Amy (AS) 5* Wind
Cetie (AS) 5* Fire
Zeviro 5* Water
Premaya 5* Earth
Dunarith 5* Wind
Renri 5* Fire
Tsukiha 5* Fire
Shanie 5* Water
Isuka 5* Wind
Guildna 5* Fire
Sophia 5* Water
Lokido 5* Earth
Mighty 5* Water
Bivette 5* Fire
Cetie 5* Fire
Shion 5* Fire
Nagi 5* Earth
Anabel 5* Water
Shigure 5* Water
Tiramisu (AS) 5* Earth
Laclair 5* Water
Morgana 5* Wind
Tsubame 5* Earth
Lovebird 5* Fire
Lovebird (AS) 5* Fire
Gariyu 5* Fire
Rosetta 5* Fire

B Tier Heroes

Elga hero in Another Eden

The heroes that come under the B tier are generally good, and can do their job. You will mostly find here the 5-star heroes that are good, but not as great as one might expect. Nonetheless, they will make for pretty decent picks although they're not as OP as the aforementioned ones.

Tier B

Colette 4* None
Lloyd 5* Fire
Shionne 5* Fire
Isuka (AS) 5* Wind
Saki (AS) 5* Water
Toova (AS) 5* Earth
Elga (AS) 5* Earth
Ruina (AS) 5* Wind
Radica 5* Fire
Altena 5* Null
Philo 5* Water
Cyrus 5* Water
Hozuki 5* Fire
Veina 5* Wind
Ciel 5* Earth
Toova 5* Earth
Joker 5* Fire
Levia 5* Water
Strawboy 5* Null

C Tier Heroes

I wouldn't recommend the following characters in your main party formation, but if you don't have anything better, they'll make for pretty decent replacements. Don't invest too much in them, because you'll get much better ones. Here you'll also find some of the best 4* units, that you could upgrade (a little).

Tier C

Miyu 5* Fire
Riica 5* Earth
Bria 5* Water
Helena 5* Earth
Feinne 4* Null
Nopaew 4* Wind
Krervo 4* Null
Chiyo 4* Earth
Erina 4* Null
Soira 4* Wind
Prai 4* Null
Saki 4* Water
Pom 4* Null
Galliard 4* Earth

D Tier Heroes

Now that we made it to the last tier, you know what's coming. These are the worst possible heroes in the game, and they should definitely be up for replacement whenever possible. Some of them might seem quite good, such as Nikeh, but they aren't. Just don't focus on these heroes, they're not worth it.

Tier D

Minalca 4* Fire
Uquaji 5* Water
Nikeh 4* Water
Parisa 4* Fire
Cerrine 4* Earth
Lele 4* Water
Sheila 4* Water
Foran 4* Water
Akane 4* Fire
Lingli 4* Fire
Zilva 4* Earth
Samora 4* Fire
Rufus 4* Fire
Jade 4* Fire
Amy 4* Wind
Komachi 4* Earth
Cyuca 4* Wind
Good Macky 4* Wind
Otoha 4* Earth
Myron 4* Earth
Benedict 4* Wind
Yazuki 4* Wind
Lovinia 4* Wind
Azami 4* Wind
Raven 4* Earth
Yio 4* Earth
Sevyn 4* Wind
Miranda 4* Fire
Nero 4* Water
Rovella 4* Water
Nomar 4* Water
Denny 4* Water
Nonold 4* Null
Breeno 4* Earth
Ruina 4* Wind
Darunis 4* Wind

BONUS - Another Eden tier list: the fan faves

Another Eden character Mariel

It’s important to keep in mind that for any given Another Eden tier list, units with AS or Another Style are usually fan faves right off the bat. Units with AS have a different character design plus a tweaked skillset, so pulling one from the banners is a good deal by itself.

  • Mariel - a non-elemental support mage that can heal party members and cast regen; has Aurora Force skill that can provide type resistance for all party members
  • Ciel - earth-elemental support unit with very high Power debuff; can cast type resistance for all party members for a whopping 5 turns.
  • Levia - 5-star water-elemental mage; the end goal for the arduous task of fishing for the completionists out there
  • Hozuki (AS) - obsessed with her tail; is the ultimate waifu

Any character that has an elemental attack can properly round out a good Another Eden tier list. Enemies, whether random mobs you encounter in the world map or big bosses you need to gear up for, will almost always have elemental weaknesses and resistances, so swapping your characters in the front line and in the back row for various elements should be based on the enemy you’re currently facing.

Since healers are hard to come by, it’s a good idea to use the back row as a way to restore your party’s HP and MP if you don’t have a support mage with you. This is especially effective if you have someone who can cast Sleep on foes so that you can safely recover your injured units in the back row.

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