When you have a full schedule, but you're a gamer at heart and cannot stand not playing anything, you must figure something out. Idle games on Android are usually the best solution since they let you progress quite effectively even without being active for long periods of time.

You can play several idle games at a time, and it could only take minutes to finish all your dailies. There are plenty of idle type of games out there, and I am sure there is one for you - no matter if you like to play Android RPGs, tycoon games or whatnot.

Idle games usually fall under 1 of 2 categories: one of them is the true idle game, where you can leave your game untouched for hours, and still gain plenty of progress in the meantime (resources, levels, currency, etc.), and pseudo-idle games that label themselves as idle. The latter would be the idle clickers and the like, where you progress significantly more by tapping than you would for just being idle. I'm personally not a tremendous fan of those, even though I've played my fair share of them.

If you're not familiar with either, then all you need to know about idle games is that they can be quite charming (if you find the right ones for you). So, if you're still seeking, then let me give you a hand! Use the list below to learn what are some of the best idle games for Android that you can download and play right now!