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Cookie Clicker strategy guide

Cookie Clicker strategy guide

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Even though clicker games have already passed the peak of their popularity, many gamers worldwide still enjoy different clickers. These video games are incredibly straightforward, making them the perfect option to help you relax. Cookie Clicker is one of the best clicker games nowadays.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about Cookie Clicker. This Cookie Clicker strategy guide might significantly speed up your progress in the game. 

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While Cookie Clicker doesn’t have an endpoint, a strategy for this game is still essential. First, you must decide if you want to stay AFK and make the game farm cookies automatically, or play actively, clicking to reach the best cookies per second score.

Depending on this, you must invest money properly, purchasing boosts that will suit your strategy and stimulate growth.


Cookies are the foremost thing in Cookie Clicker and the primary currency used to progress in the game. Once you get more experience, you should buy different cookie buildings to get them passively.

Even though you can upgrade old buildings, they get a significant increase in prices every time you invest. At some point, improving your old buildings will not be as profitable, and it would be best to focus on the new ones.

New buildings might be much more expensive, but your investment margin will be much higher if you invest in new technologies.


As you know, cookies in Cookie Clicker are your leading resource. Even though the significant number of cookies on your account might satisfy your ego and make you feel better, accumulating cookies is one of the worst things you can do in the long run.

Different cookie-producing facilities give you profit. Even minor updates such as Cursor or Grandma significantly impacts your effectiveness. And as you progress in the game, cookie-producing facilities will become more and more beneficial, allowing you to earn millions of cookies per second.


Even though this advice refers mainly to experienced players, beginners must know about Prestige and how it works. Each prestige level increases your total cookie production by 1% per second. It might seem like a minor improvement, but it allows you to reach the best result in the long run.

The only issue is getting Prestige levels. You need to Ascend to earn Prestige Points and increase your Prestige level. To do it, just press the Legacy button, which is located in the game’s main menu.

You will lose your progress and start over from scratch if you decide to Ascend. All your cookies will be converted into prestige and heavenly chips. Still, all the achievements will be saved on your account.


Another essential resource in Cookie Clicker is Milk. It becomes handy during the late-game stages when you need to access the Kitten series of upgrades. Still, Milk cannot be obtained as quickly as cookies.

The best way to get Milk is to get new achievements. Even though the game doesn’t have a complete list of achievements that you can use to unlock the new ones, you can check the list of currently unlocked achievements by pressing the button Stats and entering the Statistics tab.


You can find various valuable upgrades that can double the effectiveness of your cookie-producing facilities and increase coin production multiplier, CpS, and other vital stats in the store.

The only issue is that purchasing upgrades at the beginning game’s stages might cost you an arm and a leg. Still, as you increase CpS and get more cookies, getting upgrades becomes much more straightforward.

Consider that the most valuable updates are those that increase the effectiveness of cookie-producing facilities. They are the most beneficial, so investing money in them should be the priority.


Getting the first billion cookies in Cookie Clicker is not only an essential personal achievement in the game but also an opportunity to move to the next stage. Getting one billion cookies unlocks Sugar Lump, a valuable resource that can help you progress.

Sugar Lumps are primarily used for upgrading buildings, which is necessary to progress in the game. Sugar Lump has a maturity period of 24 hours, which means that you should wait a day before using them for the highest effectiveness.


If you get tired of playing Cookie Clicker, there is an excellent way to diversify your in-game experience and try something new in the game - mini-games. There are four different mini-games. Make sure to try each one so that you will never get bored in Cookie Clicker.

That’s it with the Cookie Clicker strategy guide. Just follow the particular tips from this guide, and you will progress in the game much faster. After getting this far, why not check out the Cookie Clicker: Garden guide and learn more about the Heavenly Chips?

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