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Idle Heroes codes (December 2022)

Here is the list of all working Idle Heroes codes

Idle Heroes codes (December 2022)
Updated on December 2nd, 2022 - Added a new code

Are you looking for some free in-game gifts in Idle Heroes? In this post, we will share with you a list of all working Idle Heroes codes that you can redeem. Using these redeem codes, you can collect free in-game items in this popular strategy-based RPG game such as Diamonds, Gems, Heroic Summon Scrolls and more.

List of active Idle Heroes Codes

Here is the list of all working Idle Heroes redeem codes:

  • DECXMASIH (New!)
  • NOVEGIFTIH - Rewards: 1000 Gems and 10 Summon Scrolls
  • IH999 - Rewards: 60 Summon Scrolls 
  • IH777 - Rewards: 50 Summon Scrolls (This code is for new players)

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Idle Heroes redeemed code Expired Codes:
  • OCTTCOIH - Rewards: 1000 Gems and 10 Summon Scrolls 
  • SEPLUTZIH - Rewards: 1000 Gems and 10 Summon Scrolls 
  • SUMVIBE2022 
  • DHXI2022 
  • HIJUNE2022 
  • MARZOIH2022 
  • REUNION2022IH 
  • HAPPY2022CNY 
  • NEWYEAR2022 
  • 2022HAPPYCNY- Rewards: 1000 Gems and 10 Scrolls 
  • 2022NEWYEARIH - Rewards: 1000 Gems and 10 Scrolls 
  • XMAS2021IH - Rewards: 1225 Gems, 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls
  • ASPEN2021IH - Rewards: 1000 Gems and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls
  • IHNOV2021 - Rewards:1000 Gems and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls
  • autumn2021 - Rewards: 7 Heroic Summon Scrolls and 700 Gems 
  • IHOCT2021 - Rewards5 Heroic Summon Scrolls and 500 Gems
  • SUMMER - Rewards: Diamonds x500, Heroic Summon Scrolls x5
  • SUMMERPARTY - Rewards: Diamonds x500, Heroic Summon Scrolls x5
  • IHSEPT2021 - Rewards: Diamonds x1000, Heroic Summons Scrolls x10
  • IHAUG2021 - Rewards: 500 Gems, and 5 Heroic Summon Scrolls. 

We will keep updating this post with new Idle Heroes Redeem codes as and when they arrive. So make sure to bookmark this page and visit it regularly to find out the latest working codes and redeem them at the earliest possible time.

To avoid any kind of errors, please make sure you enter the above-mentioned codes as it is, including any special characters, capital letters and the like.

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How to redeem the codes?

The redemption process is pretty straightforward in Idle Heroes. Just follow the steps below to redeem Idle Heroes codes.

  • Open the game and go to the 'Cool Events' menu
  • Go to the exchange gifts tab
  • Enter any of the codes mentioned above and click on the exchange code button
  • Go to your in-game mailbox and collect the reward
  • Once you collect the reward, it will be added to your in-game account

About the game

Idle Heroes is a popular mobile RPG from DHGAMES that puts players in control of heroes who fight against evil forces inside ancient ruins. Your objective is to upgrade your characters and form strategies to lead your team to become the most powerful in the game. It is available to download on both Android and iOS platforms. In case you need help picking the right characters, feel free to check our Idle Heroes tier list.

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