Every week dozens of new games come out for mobile phones, and every week the team here at Pocket Gamer do their best to highlight the best of those through our news, reviews, videos and more. You might remember our old Best Games of the Week series, well, we've refined that same list into this one; the best new mobile game of the week. 

We'll be adding a new page to this article every week, creating a rolling archive of the cream of the crop. Not only that, but we'll make sure to link out to any reviews of the game that we've made, as well as collate any other important information about the games that come to be after the launch.

We've thrown out the restrictions we previously had. These games can be from subscription services like Google Play Pass, Apple Arcade or GameClub, although we are going to keep the list specifically to phone-native games, steering clear of including Steam, Playstation or Xbox game launches into the list - even though many of those games are available through streaming or subscription services.

Nope, these are fresh new mobile games, one new one added each week - updated each Friday. 

Game of the Week: Valor Legends: Eternity

It's been a while since we had an immersive idle RPG enchant us with its presence on our best game of the week list, but Valor Legends: Eternity is here to change that. This visually appealing mention is not just about simple and mindless idle grinding though - you've also got plenty of content to shift through in real-time PvP arenas, exploration quests and more.

Valor Legends: Eternity looks great and plays exceptionally smooth, without costing a dime to play. There is even a feature that lets players get all of their materials back from upgrading a hero (the Soul Altar), which is great when you want to try out a number of different heroes and teams! 

Valor Legends: Eternity is available for free, so you can grab it on Google Play or AppStore right now! 

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