Updated on: October 11th, 2021 - Added Mario (Tanooki) and Rosalina (Tanooki)

There are so many characters in Mario Kart Tour, so choosing the best is very important for better performance and easier victories. To help you out we have made this Mario Kart Tour characters tier list that categorizes them according to their viability and popularity.

Nintendo’s game is a popular action racer where you compete against seven players in kart racing. Your competitors can be in-game, nearby friends or even randoms from across the globe.

Mario Kart Tour features an easy learning curve as the mechanics are pretty simple. It allows you to control your kart and the character by just tapping and pressing the buttons with your fingertips.

Additionally, you can customize the races according to your preferences. This means it allows you to set rules on your own and change the configurations of tracks, cars and lots more. On top of that, you can even feature your name in the global leaderboards

After we are done with the tier list, we will discuss some important facts about Mario Kart Tour reroll. Also, we will explain the steps for how you can easily reroll the characters in-game, so when you are done with the list feel free to take a look at how it works.

Original list by Suchit Mohanty, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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