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Revived Witch tier list - Best characters by rarity

Revived Witch tier list - Best characters by rarity

It's easy to pick the best character when they are sorted neatly on our Revived Witch tier list

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Update: The server for Revived Witch will close on May 7th, 2023. Hence we have decided to retire this article.

Do you want to know which characters (Dolls) are the most powerful? Then look no further, because we've created a complete Revived Witch tier list to help you pick the best characters to upgrade and add to your team formation. 

Of course, each character might seem very strong at the beginning, but the more you advance in the game, the more difficult it'll be for the R and SR characters to keep up in terms of power. Therefore, we've got a complete Revived Witch tier list for each rarity, to help you understand which characters are the best and which you shouldn't bother with. However, if you did make some mistakes and got off to a bad start, we recommend you to read our reroll guide.

In our tier list, we've divided all the characters into rarities, starting from UR, quickly followed by SSR, SR and lastly R. As you might expect, the UR characters stand at the top of the ranking, being some of the best in the game overall. The SSRs are also pretty good, in certain situations even better than some URs. When we move lower into the list, however, we have some characters that might only shine in very specific instances. 

We wouldn't suggest investing any resources in the SR and R Dolls, since they will most likely go to waste and you will never use them. 

So without further ado, let's dive right into the Revived Witch tier list! 

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.
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Revived Witch UR Tier List

Tuonel character in Revived Witch

The UR Dolls are the best characters in the game. As a new player, you'll be able to summon one of the four Caledonia, Tuonel, Afallen or Akasha from your very first 100x pull gacha, and if you managed to pull one of the Tuonel or Afallen as well as a decent SSR, you're good until the late game!

We would recommend always upgrading the A tier and S tier URs as soon as you get them. They're characters with a lot of prowess and the ability to carry any battle. After all, that's why these units are the rarest in the game (excluding EX).

S U-Pollyben, Cassis, Goddess Dana, Little Akasha, Suigetsu, Amorai, Kapla, Ella, Amanami, Celanya, Tuonel, Mineer, Afallen, Kamui, Cersivey, Catherine, Eddine, Asherah, Shiroi, Naiad, Amane
A Carol, Nicolis, Evernight Nocturna, Danelim, Curtana, Princess Amanami, Ninsar, Isabel, Tuonel of Night, Parfait, Raphan, Caledonia, Akasha, Goorveig, Nannar, Sher,, Metamorphoses, Matveiffe, Symbriette, Phileanosis, Priestess of Irminsul – Flare, Rabbit of Fairyland – Hauen, Claire
B Bellavita, Angling, Camilyne, Betsy, Ardisia, Flora, Sally, Nasha
C Anemone, Idol Flora

Revived Witch SSR Tier List

Mayahuel character artwork

SSR Dolls are powerful and can really be a great asset to most of the teams in the game. Not all of them are worthy of S tier, but with such a large number of viable characters, you can easily form a legit team with only SSRs without needing to add a UR.

Make sure to always use the Dolls in the S tier as Backup (if your main lineup is full), since they will not disappoint you. It's always safe to invest in the units in A and S rank on our tier list, so if you got any of them, you're set.

S Dorin, Mayahuel, Ushpia, Acheronte, Datheios
A Phrygia, Arcana, Yui, La Crima, Kyphon
B Dark Anemone, Tama, Norn, Inn & Lou, Luan
C Nocturna, Shuffle, Viola

Revived Witch SR Tier List

Pakane character Revived Witch tier list

Some of the SR units (Super Rare) are actually decent. Not a lot of them, but one - Pakane, who is a Mage able to apply stacking Frostbite to enemies which will deal increased damage. She's pretty good against a large number of opponents but doesn't come close to the SSR and SR units. Still, if you don't have any other better Mage with AoE damage, she'll do the job.

S Dana
A -
B Pakane
C Mikoto, Mortimer, Elis, Croche, Yothaya, Miku, Cetess, Octavia, Hilda, Ruda, Yurugu, Czerni, Nemesi

Revived Witch R Tier List

Fey artwork

The R units (Rare) are actually the most common ones from the gacha. You shouldn't bother upgrading them and using them in your team compositions since they are the weakest at the moment. You can Evolve them, but don't waste any resources for them.

S -
A -
B -
C Primula, Cuspidata, Avil, Fey, Eulalia

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