Updated August 4, 2021: New entries and download links added

Christmas might be receding into the rear view mirror, but that doesn't mean that you have to pack away those board games. In fact, with most of us practically housebound right now, conditions continue to be ripe for a spot of dice and card action.

The only trouble is, there are only so many physical board games many of us are willing or able to cram into our homes. Thanks goodness for the advent of digital board games.

With this sub-genre of video games, you can play recognisable (and often totally original) board games from the comfort of your smartphone. And while it's true that you miss out on the tactile joy of the real thing, there are benefits to this way of playing.

Digital board games tend to simplify and streamline often very complex or fiddly games, with automated UIs and spruced up graphics. They also make online multiplayer a tantalising possibility, which is especially useful in these socially isolated times.

This is a wide and varied field, so we've included digital board games of all shapes and sizes in the following top 25 list. Don't see your own personal favourite? Let us all know your recommendations in the comments below.

Original list by Jon Mundy, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.