Updated December 15, 2020: New entries added

What do we mean when we talk about digital board games? Are we talking about video game versions of Monopoly, or something a little deeper and more nuanced?

Well, both really. But way more of the latter. There's a thriving board game sub-culture out there, with countless fascinating physical games played by groups of enthusiasts. Not the sort of thing that gets whipped out at your average family Christmas, unless you're very lucky.

The kind of board games we're talking about are rich and varied, from solo card-based games to epic multiplayer strategy extravaganzas.

Of course, it can be a little daunting getting into this kind of board game. The logistics of getting the people and equipment together in an appropriately sized place for a fittingly extended length of time are tricky.

Thank goodness for digital board games then. These games tend to port across some of the most highly regarded physical board games into a virtual format, instantly making them more accessible to most people.

In some cases, these digital board games can play better on mobile than they do in real life. In other cases, we get completely original digital-first experiences that couldn't exist in the physical world without a good deal of compromise.

Here, then, are some of the best digital board games for Android owners.